WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. —  It’s been a busy month for the state Department of Homeland Security. The agency was already occupied with work to insure security at the Greenbrier Classic and operations move next weekend to Fayette County for the Boy Scout Jamboree. Mixed in with those major events have been pesky thunderstorms causing scattered flooding problems.

“It’s kept us busy,” said Homeland Security Secretary Jimmy Gianto. “But we had planned for all these things.  We’ve been planning for the Boy Scout Jamboree for two years.  We were ready for it and the site’s ready.”

Rain and storm activity delayed the final day of the Greenbrier Classic Sunday, but eventually the tournament finished with no major problems.

Gianto said the state has endured such a volume of rain, even the slightest downpour has now caused problems to crop up, but it’s not been anything they cannot handle.

“When you’re looking at federal resources like FEMA, you have to have significant damage before they’ll come in and assist,” Gianto said. “But the power companies and department of highways have been able to come in and get everything that happened this weekend taken care of relatively quickly.”

Gianto said none of the recent weather has caused catastrophic damage, but it’s been more “nuisance flooding” causing widescale minor damage in low lying areas. Weather service officials say the pattern which brought such a wet period to West Virginia should soon start to change and bring more seasonal conditions.


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  • blugldmn

    Wasn't WVDHS setup and funded to deal with terrorist threats, not flooding? what a ruse..

  • Vito

    West Va Voting Citizens, please take note that past WV. governor Bob Wise and Nick Rahall promised flood control in all counties that had flooding problems in 1991.. Did They Do That ??

    NO ! and here it is !!!!


  • john

    Security and emergency management? Sounds like a ploy to violate rights under the guise of disaster relief.

  • George

    Though I appreciate the work they do, the last time I checked neither Homeland Security nor Highways were there own Departments. I think they are both Divisions.

    • Lowlander

      While DOH may be a Division, Homeland Security is a Department...the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, or DHSEM.

      • George

        I just checked the organization chart on the state government's website and the DHSEM stands for the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management which is one af the agencies in the Department of Military Affairs & Public Safety.

  • blugldmn

    Maybe they can put some Cisco routers up there to block the floodwater...

    • Jeremy