WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — The president and managing director for the Greenbrier Resort is seeing year round effects on the resort from the Greenbrier Classic.

“We are seeing a definite halo effect of hosting a PGA Tour event,” said Jeff Kmiec.

But that wasn’t always the case. The PGA Tour FedEx Cup Event, which wrapped up Sunday, had a little less impact its first two years.

Kmiec said that was mainly due to the fact the event was taking place so late in the summer.

“What we noticed in the first two years was that the broadcast—while great and did a lot of wonderful things for promoting the state of West Virginia and the Greenbrier—was so late in the season that many people that watched it didn’t think about booking at the Greenbrier,” Kmiec said. “It’s already too late in the summer time and kids are already going back to school.”

So last year, the event moved to early July, which made a tremendous difference.

“Last year with the tournament moving to the early July date, the phones exploded and it filled the resort for the balance of July and August and into September,” said Kmiec.

“What really helps is just getting a more national presence for families to come and vacation here during the summertime.”

Sunday’s Greenbrier Classic conclusion marked the fourth year of the event at the Greenbrier Resort.

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  • jfk

    The depth of the article may have been missed by some. Divots are part of the game of golf, the only bad part about a divot is not fixing them ;-)

  • cutty77

    The Press did this for all of us the read the article. Ha,ha. I have went the last 3 years of this event. The Greenbrier always amazies me How Beautiful the Hotel and Grounds are. It is a True Treasure in West Virginia. I know of non other place like it in the World.I know Mr Justic gets alot of Flack for alot of things,but what he has done for this State thru The Greenbrier is unbeliveable.

  • Greg

    This title was misleading but it got me to thinking of several conversations I heard about the tournament. All the conversations centered around the idea that if the field of this event is not strengthened people are gonna lose interest, quit attending and quit watching. It's like watching the Web.com tour with a few bigger names sprinkled in.

    • Vinnie

      I have been the last 3 years and the field has been very good. It does not get a lot of Europeans because they had an Open Championship on European tour. A real golf fan would find this field compelling. Find something else to complain about and don't go.

  • cmoney123

    I feel that this article was title terribly. Divots are bad on a golf course. Pros definately do not want to play on a course with a lasting divot. Should have been titled "The Greenbrier Classic Birdie Appeal Soars".

  • thornton

    Actually, "divot" is not a bad word as it implies tradeoffs to actions.

    I expect the golf is indeed a plus for the Greenbrier and the state both...but, I know the course itself would be better developed as Scolopax Minor cover.

    As a note to Hoppy, ditch the interviews with Curtis Fleming playing up the big-eyed hick act and talking about the stocked trout fishing amongst the greens.
    May sound good to a non-fisherman but the Preserve aspect is little more than a trip to Kroger....trout or the Justice Preserve birds, for that matter.

  • Matt


  • Curly Joe

    Bad choice of headline terminology....divots do need to be repaired. "The Greenbrier is basking in the glow of a perfect round of golf" or something similar is more appropriate for a positive message.

  • polarbear

    A diviot is a positive thing in golf.The first thing you learn is not to be scared to take a diviot. You cannot be a accomplished golfer without taking diviots. Diviots good for golf bad for lawns

  • CaptainQ

    I agree with ShinnstonGuy. From the title of the article, I was expecting to read about how the event was BAD for the Greenbrier, which would've been shocking to me. Although I still think this is a 'lower tier' PGA event (without Tiger Woods in it) I have to confess it does have a positive economic effect on the region.

    You had me scared for a moment, I was wondering if Mr. Justice lost money overall on the event after expenses, especially the mega-millions it must've took to book Aerosmith for that concert. Good to see that the TITLE of this article was misleading.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    No offense, but I think of divots with a negative connotation, so this article's title made me believe I was going to read something bad.