GHENT, W.Va. — No one was hurt Tuesday when a semi hauling a wide load clipped the toll booth at the Ghent Toll Plaza of the West Virginia Turnpike.

Officials say the truck was traveling northbound and tried to go through the EZ Pass lane.  The trailer was too wide to fit into the narrow gap and hit the toll booth.  A worker was in the booth, but was not injured.

Officials say there is a lane designated for “wide loads” but the trucker chose not to use it.

The lane where the accident happened was closed, but the rest of the toll plaza experienced no traffic backups.

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  • Davy

    Did any of you eggheads notice that the photo is of a military trailer? Hey Shadow, are you implying that the military is full of illiterates? A military license requires far less training than that of a CDL, so you may be on to something.

    • Christina

      The fact that 's a military trailer probably has nothing to do with it. They generally don't move their own freight, they broker it out & even if you are a truck driver in the military you still have to have a state issued cdl to drive on public roads.

    • Shadow

      No disrespect to Truck Drivers. I have driven a 5th wheel RV all over the Country and I have found very few that I could criticize. Now 4-wheelers, they are a different story and that would take pages. My criticism was of the people that place the signs. It is either that they never read the sign they are putting up or don't drive.

  • Davy

    Shadow, get back in the kitchen.

    • Shadow

      You must be one of those that places the signs just after the point the information is needed..

  • Shadow

    I use the Toll Road occasionally and they are badly signed. You don't know what the charge is until you get there. The same thing can be said for the lane to use. I doubt if the driver chose not to use the correct land, I would believe the information was badly signed. Speaking of bad signing, I always appreciate that the sign on a Y interchange is EXACTLY where you have to make the turn. That isn't as bad as the sign that tell you "No RV's or Trailers" 100 feet after you made the turn. That one gets to my heart. But we have to put the high school dropouts someplace.

  • ConservativeRealist

    We all knew that there would be collateral damage in the Guard's invasion of Fayette and Raleigh Counties for the Boy Scout Jamboree. War is ....

  • Joe

    Why don’t you thank Wixcheew for buying that computer that you brought? Truckers continually go on that rant of thank a truck driver. You fail to realize the symbiotic relationship. If Wixcheew wasn’t buying that computer, you would not be hired to deliver it and you would be out of a job. You are as dependent on Wixcheew buying the computer as Wixcheew is on you delivering it.
    By the way, you can take an oral test, you do not have to be able to read only identify the uniform road sign symbols.

    • Christina

      I don't work in general freight. Only ones I need to thank are the oil & gas companies. And truck drivers give their "thanks" as you suggested by being away from home an average of 300 days a year or more. When is the last time you had a soldier "thank" you for allowing them to protect your right's? That's a symbiotic relationship too. Yes you can take the the general knowledge test orally, but you are not going to pass the other tests, including the driving if you are truly illiterate.

  • wvrefugee

    Awesome!! Now just hit the other three and were in business!

  • Wixcheew

    What a dip!!! 39% of truck drivers
    are illiterate. Their are a Lot of
    Mexicans too who read no English
    Check the drivers!!!!!!!!

    • thornton


      But if so, then I blame the snow days.

    • Sherry

      Wixcheew, you are showing your ignorance. Tractor-trailer driver must pass a DSL test before getting DSL license. One can't be illiterate & do that.

      • ConservativeRealist

        I believe it is called a "CDL" the least the one in my wallet is called that...perhaps a DSL License allows you to surf the net faster and get larger downloads...just saying...

      • GregG

        Were does one get "DSL" licenses? Let me guess....."online". Thanks for the laugh.

        • Shadow

          You'll have to pass a drug test.

      • Habib Haddad

        Where can I go to get my "DSL" license? At the DVM?

    • Christina Ball

      Really? Did you mean there? Because THEIR shows possession. THERE means a thing or the existence of something. Before you go pull a number out of your (not you're because that would mean you are) pocket, maybe you should think about just how illiterate you are. Do you even know any truck drivers? Ever stopped to talk with one or think about what WE ( yes I said WE) go through on a daily basis? I am a truck driver & I can guarantee I am not illiterate. You probably can't even ride a bike, let alone drive a car. So the next time you want to jump on your computer to give someone noise when you don't even know the circumstances, thank a truck driver for bringing that computer to you.

  • 2manytolls

    Glad no one was hurt but that's a good start. Are you listening legislators?

    • John

      Don't give them any ideas. They will make it illegal to go through a toll.

  • GregG

    National Guard?