CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A Harrison County circuit judge will decide whether the 2001 rape and robbery conviction of Joseph Buffey will stand.

Attorneys for Buffey said a DNA test does not link Buffey to the rape and robbery of an 83 year old Clarksburg woman.

Instead, they said a check of the national database turned up a match for another man, identified as Adam Bowers, who is serving time for a separate assault.

Because of that, Buffey’s attorneys were arguing that the conviction be overturned in front of Harrison County Circuit Judge Thomas Bedell this week.

A hearing on Buffey’s case started Wednesday in Harrison County Circuit Court.

Buffey was 19 years old at the time of the crime.  He plead guilty to the charges but later said his confession was coerced.

Harrison County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Shaffer has opposed efforts to free Buffey.

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  • Michael

    I find it quite disheartening that not only did Prosecutor oppose DNA submission to the database but is refusing to accept the evidence that the man is more than likely innocent. Of course it boils down to the fact that the Prosecutor like so many other officials cannot admit that they were wrong, better in their eyes for innocent people to suffer! Maybe the prosecutor needs to think about resigning!

    • Big John

      You will never find a prosecutor or a lawyer admit they were wrong. You have cops today who will lie and use any means at their disposal to force you to admit something you did not do. The man should consider a civil rights violation against the prosecutor and cops. This was fraud and there is nom statue on time.

      • Slippery Pete

        You guys need to do a little research instead of jumping to conclusions based on this article.