MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia is considering playing two or three Big 12 baseball series at Hawley Field in 2014 after shifting all its home conference games to Charleston and Beckley last spring.

West Virginia likely would play one or two home series in Charleston next spring, but while WVU’s new $16 million stadium is being constructed at University Town Centre, coach Randy Mazey rightly wants to bring Big 12 baseball to Morgantown—thereby easing some of his team’s exhausting travel.

The news excited Big 12 pitcher of the year Harrison Musgrave, who tweeted he “heard from a very reliable source” that series against Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Texas will be played on campus while WVU would face Baylor in Charleston.

While 42-year-old Hawley Field lacks locker rooms and adequate grandstands, there’s no Big 12 facilities guideline prohibiting the Mountaineers from staging league games at their campus park. WVU’s home-away-from-home scheduling for its Big 12 debut season was done with the belief a new park would be available by 2014. But several months’ worth of legislative hangups delayed passage of the tax-increment financing plan necessary to fund the ballpark, which likely won’t be operational until the 2015 college season.

The Mountaineers went 5-4 during three series at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston and swept a three-game set from Kansas at Epling Stadium in Beckley—part of Mazey’s expectation-busting first season as head coach. Appalachian Power Park is a splendid downtown ballpark, and staging games in the state’s capital city lured impressive crowds, but the travel requirements of college baseball players are demanding enough without adding a three-hour bus ride to home games.

Despite Hawley’s Field’s inadequacies, a park-record crowd of 2,535 attended the April 30 matchup against Pitt. Before that game, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed the TIF bill into law.

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  • Shadow

    Baseball was another sport that OL forgot when he went to the Big 12. At least, this Coach admits the exhaustive travel. I think Mr. Ol's reward, or ist it punishment, should be to accompany the team and attend ALL AWAY games, football, basketball, and baseball.

    • wvrefugee

      "Admits exhaustive travel???" WTH? This coach, Coach Mazey, is the ONLY coach that did not complain about the travel anywhere!!! All he did this spring was go out and WIN games! That's a lot more than I can say about FB & MBB!!!!

  • hivoltage

    I think a game at Bluefield(Bowen Field) or Princeton(Hunnicutt Stadium) both should be considered for one or two WVU games. It might be surprising at the number of WVU fans and minor league baseball fans that would welcome the opportunity to watch a WVU game.

  • Alum

    Guess this news will make Mickey happy.

  • Phil M.

    Pruntytown's an idiot. We need all the Alumni support and dollars we can get. If we are not playing in Morgantown then guess what, a WV road show is what pays the bills and gets your product in front of more people.

    Otherwise bag the summer caravans while you're at it.

    • Pruntytown

      Stupid is as stupid does.
      P.S. "Pruntytown is an idiot". Not the possessive, “Pruntytown's an idiot". That would imply that I own an idiot, like you. If you’re going to call people names at least get the tense right.

  • wvrefugee

    Wow! Bait and switch!!!

  • Bob

    Why not Consol Park home of The Wild Things 40 miles away in Washington PA?

  • Phil M.

    Hey Allan how about Bowen Field in Bluefield.

    Great facility and home of the Bluefield Blue Jays. It was the home of the Bluefield Orioles for 40 years.

    • Pruntytown

      How about PNC Park or RFK Stadium, they are closer than Bluefield? While we're at it, why not the Moon, or I heard Mars has a nice park.

      • derek

        Idiot there are quite a few fans in our area plus Bowen Field is a great ballpark.

        • Cheat Lake

          People from Bluefield would prefer to play on the planet Ur-anus.

          • Derek

            Your home, I see, bet you could get great seats.

        • Pruntytown

          I guess Mr. Luck is an idiot for scheduling a football game at FEDEX Field as well. Because there are no alumni in the Washington DC area, right? I am a bigger supporter of WVU baseball and Coach Mazey. With all the travel they already have in the Big XII the last thing they need is a caravan tour of the state.