Clarksburg, W.Va.– Federal authorities have made a major drug bust in West Virginia.

U.S. Attorney Bill Ihlenfeld says a Federal Grand Jury meeting in Clarksburg has returned a 48-count indictment against 18 individuals on charges relating to the sale of cocaine and heroin in the Morgantown area.

Ihlenfeld says the charges stem from distribution of the drugs from the summer of 2010 to the spring of this year in Monongalia County.   In addition to conspiracy, other charges include selling heroin and cocaine within 1,000 feet of schools, including WVU, Brookhaven Elementary School and two playgrounds—Tot Lot at Marjorie Gardens and the Star City playground.

Each defendant faces multiple years in prison if convicted.  Those charged include:

–Charles E. Jefferson, Jr. aka “LC,” 25, Westover

–Mahmoud Fares Abulaban, aka “Mac,” 24, Morgantown

–Anthony Michael Fata, aka “Hubba,” 24, Morgantown

–Jacob White, 25

–Eric Sneed, 24

–Bartley Jefferson, aka “Bart,” 22, Morgantown

–Christina Shaffer, 27, Morgantown

–Brittany Bower, 26, Morgantown

–Angela Nelson, 33

–Farrah Echard, 24, Reedsville.

–Ben Phares, 26, Kingwood

–Greg Williams, 40

–Wright Bowen, 31

–William Blosser, 29, Morgantown

–Jason Hunt, 31, Core.

–Devon Johnson, aka “Ty, 25, of McKees Rocks, Pa.

–Rayson Brown, aka “Ray Dallaz,” aka “Turtle,” 22, West Homestead, Pa.

–Gregory Morris, aka “KG,” aka “Killers,” 30, West Mifflin, Pa.


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  • Skeptic

    Wow. We've been locking up citizens for years for this, yet the problem still exists. I guess that didn't work. You want to get rid of the criminal element, then get rid of the crime. People won't deal in illegal drugs if they are legal. Alcohol prohibition proved that, yet none of you know your history. Alcohol destroys more lives than all these other drugs put together, yet we don't lock alcoholics up in jail. Treat drug abusers as a sickness and not as a crime and you'll go a long way to fixing this issue.

  • Brian

    Hubba... smh

    It's Bubba, man. C'mannn.

    • G


  • rae

    Well obviously none of you have had a drug problem,or knew someone or had anyone in your family with a problem.most of you like to work and support them 25 years in the jail or prison.there are state programs that the person has to pay to get the help they need instead of your taxes taking care of the people.glad they got caught so maybe there families won't be making funeral aragement it will be the start of recovery for them.

  • Jim

    But can anyone feel me that legalizing weed might help? Or am I just baked?

  • j

    haha sadly i know some of these people and i must say i'm happy. lock their dumbasses up for good

    • c


  • Seriously?

    I think that some of you replying live in a world where you have no clue. Please tell me that you've never made a stupid decision. I personally know one of the individuals on this list and he has changed his life for the better. Also, remember that this took the feds two years to bring forth an indictment!

  • nothedeal itsourfamily

    People thinking if they just incarcerate immediately for long term is the answer is sorely mistaken. Granted not a good situation, the drug sale and damage its causing but it's inevitable. Will Never end. And this just lock them up statement just takes more tax dollars out your (our) pockets. Some don't know any other way and after you catch a charge the system doesn't give any assistance to keep you of the streets and help you gain profitable income to support your family so they go back out and do the same thing-quick drug money, people will always have a firm of addiction-a vice. I agree that it would be wonderful for drugs to not be able to be accessed but let's be realistic.

    • FungoJoe

      It would only cost about $1.50 per person to solve this drug problem. The cost of a bullet for the firing squad.

  • christine

    I agree with Heather, lets not remember about the good people that are in this because I personally know someone with a bad habbit! But no place wants to help without paying an arm and leg for their treatment!! I'm also not justifying bad behavior but the one's that has never had a charge put them in rehab!!

  • Heather

    I understand that drugs are bad but some of the comments can be so hateful. What we forget is that these are someone's children, brothers, sisters. Human beings. You don't know these people personally. We all have our own struggles.

    I'm not justifying behavior, but no need to be so hurtful.

    • Vinnie

      My heart is bleeding.

  • Jim

    Horrible that they chose that route in life... However, look at the buyers: they are just as guilty at a certain point. Legalize marijuana. Maybe it would cut back the major drug use..

    • James

      Jim knows what's up.

  • Joe

    What an absolute collective waste of blood.

  • Medman

    They always think they are smarter than the law and believe that selling is the easiest way to fund their own addiction. Morgantown is a good environment for druggies and dealers because of the number of young folks who are potential customers. This is one of the downsides of having a growing economy and increasing enrollment at WVU. Morgantown and the State Police need to really crackdown on these people now and send the message that this crap will not be tolerated, otherwise we will go down the same road as many other high growth communities. I sure hope we have some police and sheriffs who are tough enough to put the hammer on these dirt bags.

  • Deborah

    The problem isn't the supply, but the demand. Who buys coke, heroin and pot? That's the question you need to start asking if you want to get to the bottom of Motown's drug problem.

  • Dan

    Unfortunately, in about a month the dope will be rolling back into town following the students.

    • W


  • Josh

    I think the penalty for dealing drugs should be automatic 25 to life for the first offense. If you cut off the supply then you don't have to worry as much about addicts and small-time users crowding the prisons. A lot of countries execute drug dealers.

    • John Evans

      Josh your viewpoint is the reason liberal democrats are growing and conservative republicans are shrinking. I do not like welfare bleeding the system, illegal immigration, or gay marriage. However, I will side with them because of people that just want to lock up non-violent pleasure seeking individuals for nothing. The war on drugs is a joke. It will never end. People have to waste their life rotting in a cell. How about decriminalizing them and let people decide on their own. We could tax and regulate them. Suddenly there would be enough money to build America up. There would be thousands of more jobs.

      • mary

        um if you seriously think that legalizing cocaine and heroine is a good are F!@#ing insane. the only thing that this country could completely benefit from legalizing is marijuana and hemp......they DON'T kill ppl and they will provide much more you're research before u humiliate yourself next time.

        • your dumb

          legalzing ALL drugs would make this country a way better place, do you're research before you humiliate yourself next time.

        • your dumb

          For those looking for clues about how the U.S. government can tackle its domestic drug problem, the figures are enticing. Following decriminalization, Portugal eventually found itself with the lowest rates of marijuana usage in people over 15 in the EU: about 10%. Compare this to the 40% of people over 12 who regularly smoke pot in the U.S., a country with some of the most punitive drugs laws in the developed world. Drug use of all kinds has declined in Portugal: Lifetime use among seventh to ninth graders fell from 14.01% to 10.6%. Lifetime heroin use among 16-18 year olds fell from 2.5% to 1.8%. And what about those horrific HIV infection rates that prompted the move in the first place? HIV infection rates among drug users fell by an incredible 17%, while drug related deaths were reduced by more than half.

      • Mac

        Dear God...I can't believe you (John Evans) really understand what you wrote! You call the drug problem "non-violent, pleasure seeking" - - Are you kidding me? Most of the crimes in Morgantown (violent and non-violent) are a result of a drug culture. Those people have only one goal - making $$$. And the lives that are affected rarely or ever turn out well. People SHOULD rot in a jail cell as a result of selling drugs and the addicts should be treated along with jail time. Your liberal thoughts of decriminalizing drugs and letting people decide show a huge lack of moral character. Evidently, you must be one that uses and needs help.

      • mauldawg

        John Evans, Did you read what you posted? Just another stupid liberal comment. Making drugs illegal,what a great idea. Sell it,buy it use it. Pick any one of them. Life in prison is what you should get for killing others.