Clarksburg, W.Va.– Federal authorities have made a major drug bust in West Virginia.

U.S. Attorney Bill Ihlenfeld says a Federal Grand Jury meeting in Clarksburg has returned a 48-count indictment against 18 individuals on charges relating to the sale of cocaine and heroin in the Morgantown area.

Ihlenfeld says the charges stem from distribution of the drugs from the summer of 2010 to the spring of this year in Monongalia County.   In addition to conspiracy, other charges include selling heroin and cocaine within 1,000 feet of schools, including WVU, Brookhaven Elementary School and two playgrounds—Tot Lot at Marjorie Gardens and the Star City playground.

Each defendant faces multiple years in prison if convicted.  Those charged include:

–Charles E. Jefferson, Jr. aka “LC,” 25, Westover

–Mahmoud Fares Abulaban, aka “Mac,” 24, Morgantown

–Anthony Michael Fata, aka “Hubba,” 24, Morgantown

–Jacob White, 25

–Eric Sneed, 24

–Bartley Jefferson, aka “Bart,” 22, Morgantown

–Christina Shaffer, 27, Morgantown

–Brittany Bower, 26, Morgantown

–Angela Nelson, 33

–Farrah Echard, 24, Reedsville.

–Ben Phares, 26, Kingwood

–Greg Williams, 40

–Wright Bowen, 31

–William Blosser, 29, Morgantown

–Jason Hunt, 31, Core.

–Devon Johnson, aka “Ty, 25, of McKees Rocks, Pa.

–Rayson Brown, aka “Ray Dallaz,” aka “Turtle,” 22, West Homestead, Pa.

–Gregory Morris, aka “KG,” aka “Killers,” 30, West Mifflin, Pa.


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  • long time local

    The truth is barely half of these people actually sold drugs at all. The law enforcement in this are is the problem and just make crime worse. I dont appreciate being lied to however if you believe the news you are likely just as big of a problem. think

  • Jan :)

    Just put them in rehab. F" it. Some people try to get off drugs but...they can't . They "need" it...their body reaches for it because...of's an addiction/a BAD habbit. No, I'm not making excuses for drug users. Just saying.
    I don't think that they should serve jail time...especially if it's like...20 years or some bull s" like that. Pedos and rapists get less time in jail than drug users!!

    • Jan :)

      Sorry about the typo(s).

  • Lol


  • Roberto

    Busting these ppl changes nothing. The real traffickers will just get more pushers while they hide behind their legitimate businesses all of you continue to patronize - you know who they are. Get pissed your gov continues to ignore the ones that are getting rich while all these kids fall victim to addiction.

  • Dean

    Everyone makes mistakes, all the people on here talking trash act like they've never made any bad decisions. These people are human. The news is trying to turn them into something their not, acting like their drug king pins. The US attorney is using this as a way to make his career. I understand, drugs are bad. To make something more than what it is, is also bad, so to the people with the negativity, I pray that your family never has to experience this problem. Bubb & L, I"ll be praying for you, keep your head up homie....

    • friend

      I completely agree i know a lot of those people and they just got caught in the wrong crowd. I have had to live with and understand how addiction affects your life and the lives of others. personally I was able to walk away from it and never look back, while others i know are not so lucky. I will also be praying for bubba and LC, they are good kids and deserve to have the chance to get help. Prison wont solve anything it is just as easily accessed in there as it is on the streets and makes it three times as likely that they will fall right back in to their old lives if they are not given the chance to correct their lives~!~ Been there lived it, got the scares and now am stronger than ever.

  • anonymous

    Party's over boys! i know most of you and ya'll had it coming.

  • WVU82

    Isn't it possible to look at things through the glasses of open mindedness? If you are more liberal leaning, you believe in paying your fair share of taxes for needed services. However, not all liberals would agree with all of the services which are provided by tax dollars. If you are a conservative leaning individual, you generally want less taxes and its related less government intervention which includes less services. Being of the gay persuasion does not cost either side taxes or have associated services any more than straight. Illegal residents actually save money as "no one in America will do the same jobs for the same money".

    Drug dealers come in a variety of species and levels of species. However, they all do the same thing--They provide a product for those who are willing to pay. It seems that if the punishment for buying and using illegal drugs outweighs the desire for buying and using, then, the problem begins to be solved.

    The arguments tend to get complicated when dealing with marijuana dealers versus other types of drugs and dealers. First, they are the same people. Second, just having a new tax coming from dealers only means, for example, more IRS people to collect said taxes--not to mention all of the tax language, lawyers, care workers, etc. Third, putting people in jail for limited marijuana usage does not make sense, and it wastes taxes. (By the way, I do not want to be the one who determines what is limited)

    Lastly, let us stick to one social area at a time. Let us give gays, lesbians, bis, straights, others, illegals, county executives, college students, poor mothers, poor fathers, historical family users a break, and just agree there are many problems that cannot be solved in one day--we always have tomorrow.

    We should all be able to agree that unless and until the elected officials get the majority and collective point when they vote on bills, vote accordingly, and when they are ousted when they do not, nothing will change.

  • Shadow

    I, like a lot of others, do not understand drug use. What are the users looking for? What is absent in their life that being in a coma helps?



  • will thomas

    Not a drug problem for these makin money

  • Steve

    How about that pilot truck stop off of goshen I see a lot of actively there

  • Skeptic

    Wow. We've been locking up citizens for years for this, yet the problem still exists. I guess that didn't work. You want to get rid of the criminal element, then get rid of the crime. People won't deal in illegal drugs if they are legal. Alcohol prohibition proved that, yet none of you know your history. Alcohol destroys more lives than all these other drugs put together, yet we don't lock alcoholics up in jail. Treat drug abusers as a sickness and not as a crime and you'll go a long way to fixing this issue.

  • Brian

    Hubba... smh

    It's Bubba, man. C'mannn.

    • G


  • rae

    Well obviously none of you have had a drug problem,or knew someone or had anyone in your family with a problem.most of you like to work and support them 25 years in the jail or prison.there are state programs that the person has to pay to get the help they need instead of your taxes taking care of the people.glad they got caught so maybe there families won't be making funeral aragement it will be the start of recovery for them.

  • Jim

    But can anyone feel me that legalizing weed might help? Or am I just baked?