WEST UNION, W.Va. — Antero Resources was ordered to halt operations at a Doddridge County drilling site after an explosion last week injured eight workers, five critically.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection on Friday issued a cease operations order to the company over activity at the Ruddy Alt well pad. An explosion and fire July 7 left five workers hospitalized with serious burns. A cause for the explosion remains under investigation.

Under the order, Antero must halt all work to develop the site. Additionally, the company must submit an incident report to the Office of Oil and Gas by the end of July demonstrations a knowledge and understanding of what caused the incident and changes that would keep it from happening again.

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  • thornton

    What a bunch of low shelf individuals.

  • Fubar

    Did someone say "Tea Party"?

  • AX MAN

    Who would be surprised, if we were drilling for gas and had an explosion?????? that is like being surprised when it rains, thing get wet.

  • jason

    terrible accident, but it was not related to the fracking operation

  • RHytonen

    Because this is only one of a MYRIAD of different, terminal problems for fracking.

    • Randy

      There are no "terminal problems" with Fracking except with un-informed people like you who ignore the truth so they can continue to propagate the lie.

    • Joe

      Fracking has been utilized for over 30 years. That is a long time for a process with a myriad of terminal problems. I think the worst problem we have here is ignorance of what fracking really is.

  • Darren

    I certainly undestand mandating a stoppage of operations until incident is understood. But how does this fall under the DEP and not OSHA?

    • thornton

      I would imagine both agencies have involvement....both should.

      As with methane explosions in a coal mine, there must be a way to concentrate the gas sufficient for explosion and some manner of an ignition source....possibly a bad grounding.
      Regardless, fracturing operations were unlikely to be ongoing at the time.
      Would not surprise me to find that training and maintenance were the culprits.

      The greatest tragedy is that folks are critically hurt...the lesser shame is that there will always be those individuals who seek to find profit for their agendas in the misfortunes of others.
      Lot of that going 'round these days and one would be hard-pressed to find a smaller individual.

    • Joe

      Just my guess. Since the blast damaged production water tanks the DEP is probably shutting it down to insure that no production water is leaving the site. Anytime there is an injury OSHA will investigate but they may not require a shutdown.