DAVIS, W.Va. — Dignitaries dodged heavy equipment just to get to the ceremony Monday to break ground on another stretch of the Corridor H highway. The construction delay normally would be frustrating, but to Steve Foster, chairman of the Corridor H Authority, the delay was sweet music.

“In order to get here you had to cross construction of Corridor H right outside the gates here at the Canaan Valley Institute,” he said. “You can actually see the heavy equipment moving dirt.”

The most recent contract on the long sought highway is a stretch to connect Davis in Tucker County to Scherr in Grant County. Foster said Marvin Murphy with the state Division of Highways indicated during the ceremony three more projects are ready for bidding on the road.

“Once those three are constructed, we’re down to 16 miles to be constructed in West Virginia,” Foster said.

The projected completion date for the highway is 2034. The highway was first discussed in 1962. Foster said that’s long enough and the time-line for completion needs to be moved up. His organization will hire a professional economist to study the impact of completing the road by 2020 instead of 2034.

“We’re going to do an economic impact study,” he said.”I’ve got to believe the numbers are going to be staggering.”

Foster said already the impact of the road in areas where it is finished is begin enjoyed and traffic numbers increase every year as more and more motorists discover a new route across the mountains in West Virginia’s highlands.  But the discussion ultimately comes down to funding.

“The ARC (Appalachian Regional Commission), which is the people who monitor this highway fund, is absolutely behind us,” he said. “This is one of the last corridors to be completed in the whole Appalachian Corridor system.”

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  • RNP

    WV native of Tucker County and AF retiree. Love the to Wardensville to Scherr portion. It has cut our trip home down by over 1 hour. Build the portion from Davis to Parsons as a super 2.

  • Tag

    Beautiful road, but it should have been a super 2 lane. The cost could have been cut significantly.

  • Dan

    WV should've just kept adding on parts from Kerens instead of first building sections in Hardy County.

    • Roy Lester Shears II

      In order to keep the highway alive they had no choice but to start building the road in Hardy and Grant counties. There was to many enviromental issues from Kerens to Davis.

  • Chris

    Build remaining sections a toll road. Use the EZ pass or other electronic system. That's how they fund certain highways in Texas, and how they get them built quickly.

    An advantage of a toll road is that those who wish to use it pay for it, and those who don't want it and don't use it, don't have to pay for it.

  • Cynthia Berg

    Three cheers for Corridor H! I travel it quite often...I live in Grant County and Corridor H has been an opening for safer travel in our area.

  • GF

    Road over mountain at Scherr is nearly done, Cheat Mt. and Parsons section will be the expensive section yet to be built.

  • Tim

    The last 16 miles over Scherr mountain is going to be Xpensive to build. I hope VA decides to get on board and build their portion of the highway.

  • Bruce A Williams

    $ wasted in Randolph county going from Elkins to Baldon. Worked 24/7, and for nothing. This road should have been done 20 years ago. I hope it gets done way before 2034. This date is completely stupid. Now what part of the road is done, is being tour all to heck and back wasting more of our tax dollars. Get the dumb road done. " NOW "

    • Vinnie

      I lived along this stretch to Bowden. they should have finished it through the mountains many years ago but was held up by environmentalists due to trout habitat and/or some kind of bat. Should have been done long ago and was a better; more direct route

    • TC

      Baldon?? Are you talking about Bowden WV because, I've never heard of Baldon?

  • Billy

    I live in southern WV and down here we think if we could just get some pothole patching done. I was returning home yesterday and smoke was coming out of that great big one, i thought they may have named a new Pope.

  • Funding?

    The DOH speaks of new ways of funding for current projects and finishing the one's they have. How about not paving roads that do not need to be paved (ex: Rt 33 in Upshur County) and putting up new road signs (Rt. 50 from Harrison to Wood Counties).........Seriously?!

  • Dad2two

    The last part of route 35 would either be finished or nearly completed if those baffoons in the two counties in question hadn't fought the tolls for that small stretch of road. They should consider the same thing to finish corridor H.

    • Roy Lester Shears II

      They can't put tolls on Corridor H, because it is federal funded project. Traffic issues was not the reason for building Corridor H in the first place. The real reason was economic development.

    • Larry

      I think people in this state look at the WV Turnpike, unquestionably the worst 4 lane road in the state, and are dead set against more toll roads.

      • Dad2two

        The bad stretches of the turnpike were built as a two lane road through mountainous terrain using 1940's and 1950's technology...the two projects cannot be compared

  • Magic Mike

    just finish it in four more years.

  • Larry

    Finish the remaining 13 miles of US 35 first, way more traffic on this road than Corridor H ever dreamed of.

    • Cassie

      I lived in Grant County throughout my childhood and as a teen and now live in Charleston I saw a ton of traffic through there and there continues to be as I go visit my parents that live at the foot of Dolly Sods and this has helped them with their traveling to get groceries and other forms of shopping since they live 45 min from Walmart 2 hours from a mall. Also would help keep the trucks off the small back roads and provide everyone with safer travels.

      • Larry

        Have you ever been on Rt 35, again, far more traffic than corridor H, not even close.

  • Beach

    Having heard the arguments for the last 4 years this does not come as any surprise...I'm they're ready to support anything that comes out of the Blue Ribbon Commission in order to fund the project?

  • Barry Bledsoe

    Build it!

    • jfk

      ...and they will come!