MARLINTON, W.Va. — A former Pocahontas County sheriff’s deputy has pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse in connection with having sex with approximately two dozen women and girls over a 15-year period.

Bradley Totten, 41, of Hillsboro, entered the plea last Friday to one count of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian. He had originally been indicted on 66 separate counts stretching from 1995 to 2010.

Special Prosecutor Brian Parsons told MetroNews he decided to offer a plea bargain for a number of reasons including an opportunity to keep the victims from having to take the stand during a trial.

“There’s what you would like to do as a prosecutor in terms of securing a lot of potential jail time but you have to balance that with the interest of the victims and the interest of the public,” Parsons said.

The evidence indicated Totten would sexually abuse women after he had arrested them. Parsons said Totten also had sex with women on home confinement and on community corrections.

“Sometimes it was just underage girls he found while he was on duty,” Parsons said.

As part of the plea bargain, Totten will be required to register as a sex offender for life.

“With the potential penalty and the nature of the crime–his days in law enforcement are over,” Parsons said.

Totten faces 10 to 20 years in prison when he’s sentenced by Pocahontas County Circuit Judge Jim Rowe in Marlinton on Sept. 20. Special Prosecutor Parsons said Monday he will not stand silent at sentencing.

“If he sentences him to the penitentiary then the defendant would have to serve 10 years and would not be eligible for parole until the conclusion of those 10 years,” according to Parsons. “There’s obviously a long period of time between now and then for the court’s probation office to speak to victims and get their input.”

Last August a Pocahontas County grand jury indicted former Assistant Pocahontas County Prosecuting Attorney Jarrell Lee Clifton, II, on sex-related charges.

Parsons said Monday that investigation is ongoing.


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  • Georgiann

    3single dot com is a great site. It has live chat so you can talk to other people online. Good luck.

  • P1

    The entire Pocahontas County Sheriff's Department and legal system needs to be investigated by the FBI. Corruption and cover-ups are a daily way of life in this county. If you read the court file, some local State Police were also present and involved in Totten's misadventures. Like many other deputies charged with felonies (Alkire, Wilfong, etc), Totten will also get a backroom deal and no real justice will ever be seen by the victims and community. These families need to step up and file a litany of civil suits against Totten and the county.

  • Justice

    This Plea does not reflect the pain that this Deputy (and his Depratment) put the community through. DHHR informed Sherriff Jonese what was happening in detail. West Virginia State Police refused to investigate a "fellow officer". The Sherriff covered up Totten's crimes with help of WVSP!! I can prove it!!!

    • john

      Prove it or quit talking about it

  • john

    When he goes to prison, if he ever does, as deals are quite common in the area, and one of those big prisoners says "You is Mine", then this guy will realize what it means to be taken advantage of. I would not like to be in his position at that point, if you catch my drift....

  • Jonus Grumby

    A slap in the face to those who serve with integrity. Totten needs to go away until he's an old man.

  • Grant

    While I would love to see him spend the rest of his life in prison, if the victims don't want to testify, then you have to respect that. The prosecuting attorney has to balance his ability to win the case and protecting the victims and the public. Not a position that I would want to be in.

  • leroy j gibbs

    He won't last long in jail

  • Tammy c.

    Typical county politics. The Cass thieves will get a deal also, watch and see. I wonder if the brothers in Charleston will skate like Totten?

  • Big Jim he plead down to 1 count after being indicted of 66 counts. Sounds like typical justice in WV. Wonder how many more women were afraid to come froward?

    • JohnWV

      Take heart, if he had killed them, he would only be looking at six months or time served. The WV judicial system is a joke.