MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Center Aaric Murray has left the WVU men’s basketball team.

“We came to a mutual agreement that it would be in his best interest to finish his collegiate career somewhere else,” said WVU coach Bob Huggins in a statement released today.  .

The 6-foot-10 Murray played one season at WVU.  He averaged 8.8 points and a team high 5.9 rebounds per game for the Mountaineers.

Murray had transferred from LaSalle after he averaged 15.2 points and 7.7 rebounds per game during his final season there.

Murray played some of his best games late in the season for WVU including an 11 point, eight rebound performance in a season ending loss to Texas Tech in the Big 12 Tournament at Kansas City.   Murray scored in double figures in each of the final three games of the season as he found a role coming off the bench.

It’s believed Murray could transfer to another school and play immediately after graduating in the spring.

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  • Mike

    You people kill me. If these babies can't cut it send them packing. Murry was a joke. I couldn't wait to see him play after all the hype. Then after watching him I do believe I have seen high school kids in WV that had more talent. I know they had more heart. Huggs is a great coach and much like the coaches I have had in the past. You either do it his way or the highway. Stop catering to these none respectful kids. Kids in todays society are week non respecing pos. Huggs will not tolerate it nor would I.

  • Bill

    Duane--a WVU alum should be able to spell "allowed".

    • Twig 76


  • WVU Alum Duane

    Are we not aloud to speak un-pleasantries about Coach Huggins? The numbers don't lie about his inability to develop and retain “his” recruits. I don’t understand why someone can’t speak their opinion without being called a troll. Being narrow minded is just another form of ignorance.

    • Wemakerain

      I think everyone is allowed to speak their mind...unless they speak ill of the big J. R. lots of comments got pulled down on the IMG article

  • Buster

    Not to worry. Huggy has a couple of good recruits lined up and they will be in Mo'town the minute Earl Ray signs their pardon.

    • wvtd

      Life goes on at the huggin's half way house. he will fix it with some big time recruits from mount olive.

    • Guardian

      Is Earl Ray able to read and write? Just asking . . .

  • Luke

    Some schools are able by virtue of their reputation to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue but WVU is stuck with Wal-Mart.

  • Gary Karstens

    Just replace one transfer with a troubled past....with another transfer with a troubled past. The Huggins philosophy: goes round and round and round and round and round.....

    • wvrefugee

      The wheels on the bus go round and round! What a cluster here in Motown!

    • Vinnie

      Nice comment Einstein. That happens and it happens everywhere. He has also had a lot of class individuals who represent themselves and our university well.

      • xploradman

        Agree with Vinnie.

  • jr

    We need a new Coach instead of getting rid of Players..!

    • Vinnie

      Yes that is what we need. Always the coach; Huggins has a great track record and is a fine coach. He is tough and his methods sometimes rub us wrong; but he did not forget how to coach in a couple of years. He hopefully has learned that thugs and attitude problems propagate and maybe he will do a better job selecting potential athletes.

    • hailey

      I must agree, has anyone ever done less with recruiting after a final four appearance?... If huggins was running a company or a line of business he would have been the one canned.

      He picked all these guys, he should be wholly accountable instead of being given 700k raises.

  • no worries

    "Mutual agreement" means he got kicks off the team but Huggy didn't want to send a red flag to future recruits that that's what he does to underachievers.

  • rtdeco

    is the basketball program wvu's version of groundhog day?

  • Charleston,WV

    Like I have said before with past transferees: "Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!"

  • RamblingMan

    Another Huggins recruit doesn't make it. Par for the course. Football and mens basketball in year 2 of the Big 12 gonna find themselves in the cellar much of the season. No longer the big fish in a small pond. Now they are a guppy in the big pond.

    • js

      he wasn't really a Huggins recruit, he transferred to wvu. I realize Huggins recruited him before, but he wasn't part of a recruiting class.

    • Ricardo

      Every "Big Fish" started out small. Makes me no less of a fan, and I'm still proud to be a Mountaineer!

    • xploradman

      Wonder where this guy went to school? Obviously not WVU.

    • tom

      Wow, another hater.

  • Joe

    Big Tom, Big Larry and WILLIAM:

    Love your work.

    • hailey

      Are those the 2013 version of the 3 stooges?

  • Shawn

    Plus he got pushed all over the court last year!

  • Shawn

    Yea i'm glad he's gone. His attitude sucked like the rest of the guys who left. Huggs got rid of those who didn't want to embrace what it meant to be a Mountaineer. Adios Jack!

  • Wemakerain

    "that is surprising he left"
    - no one ever

    He was a poor fit from day 1. He had a bad attitude and worse work ethic, plus Huggins didn't like him. No big loss