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WVU coach Bob Huggins and transfer center Aaric Murray didn’t always see eye to eye last season.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University basketball coach Bob Huggins announced Monday that center Aaric Murray is no longer with the program.

The 6-foot-10 Murray, a transfer from LaSalle, spent time in Huggins’ doghouse early last season. He averaged 8.8 points and 5.9 rebounds per game but was relegated to a reserve role late in the season and frequently found his playing time limited by foul trouble.

“We came to a mutual agreement that it would be in his best interest to finish his collegiate career somewhere else,” said Huggins.

Murray drew Huggins’ ire for failing to play with max effort at times. He was left on campus when the Mountaineers lost 81-66 to Michigan in Brooklyn.

“I mean, honestly, did we miss him? I don’t think we did,” Huggins said after that game at Barclays Center. “And if he doesn’t do right in the future, we’re not going to miss him then either.

“I’ve left guys home who were way, way, way better than Aaric Murray. I’ve sent a couple guys home after we got (to road games) that are way, way, way better than Aaric Murray.

After Murray sat out the 2011-12 season as a transfer, he was pitched by Huggins as a one-and-done player who would turn pro—whether in the NBA or overseas—after a single season at WVU. But Murray stated his desire to return last spring and subsequently tweeted throughout April and May his plans to play next season for the Mountaineers.

Because Murray graduated in May, he is eligible to transfer again and play his final season at another Division I program.

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  • Daniel

    Maybe the people on here would like a shot at coaching and recruiting? Oh, that's right, YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED. Finding "blue chip" recruits that actually want to come to WVU is hard enough, whether that be basketball or football or any sport. When the University is recognized as more of a "party school" than it's academics, therein lies the problem! Not the coaches! It's only taken more than 50+ years to finally clean up Sunnyside! Dilapidated housing, slum-lords and nepotism runs rampant in this state! I don't agree with the hiring of Ollie, but I do agree with the hiring of Coach Huggins and Holgerson. They are doing the best with what they have! If you're not dedicated to the University and programs, stay at home, turn the station when they play and STFU!!! I am an alum and dam proud Mountaineer, not a hater! I love the state of WV and WVU. I seriously question some of you on here as being such.

  • wvtd

    wonder who will be leaving next?

    • Big Larry


      Let's hope its Huggins...

  • pghmountaineer

    What in the world is happening to this once proud program! I'm not sure there is another Division 1 program in such dissaray as this one. How in the world can you get anyone to play here unless you're desparate.
    The whole situation appears to be out of control.
    Very sad.

  • DonaldH

    Look, until many of you finally admit that the West Virginia football and basketball programs are waning then they will continue to decline—Look around, other than those posting on here,, no one is talking about them around the state—at least not like they use to and that's a sure sign of their decline.. Facts are facts

  • big tom

    first of all, i am a true wvu fan, love that school ,went there for six yrs.. two degrees.
    but if you people can't see the decline , shame on you
    just look at the recruits the past three yrs...look how many have been t hrown off the team or just left.
    if you can't see the collapse of the program, than again, shame on you. and who cares if we beat marsha ,they are nobodies in a nobody conf. the entire bb program needs an attitude adjustment,, and huggins is the man in charge,,, surely ollie has talked to him about the caliber of recruits we are getting and the falloff.. we need beilein type players, smart players who can pass their courses and get admitted to wvu.. not the borderline, the type who will quit on you at the drop of a hat,,, we need noreen type guys,,, is that so hard to do.

  • Steve

    You guys are crazy. Huggs has one bad year and it is the end of the world. It is funny how WVU is so bad and they still whip The thundering nerds. One season ago WVU was the deal. WVU and Huggins will rebound. If you watched any games last year you could see players were not playing with the attitude they played with the past few saesons. I guess because Kentucky had a bad "year" last year you can flush them also. We can't recruit like them but were supposed to be like them. We move into a new conference and we have to adjust to the travel, style, officiating, and schemes of all those teams. We won some games but it showed that we need a diiferent type of player than we recruited. I guess the idea of dropping the program sounds good, then Marshall would have one less loss.

  • big tom

    at some point, future recruits will only select wvu out of necessity cause so many of hiige's recrutis don't last two seasons.. now who's fault is this,,,
    well if we would recruit more stable recruits with intelligence and character, well that might just work out,,, but no , we recruit JC's and criminals who either can't make their grades or are trouble makers.
    this is real..... we are bascially recruiting what no one else wants or wants to take a chance on... really ,, be realistic,,, these are beilein recruits who stay four yrs, they're higgie recruits who he runs off after one or two seasons...
    absolutely no stability to our team ,, none.

  • Imgrill

    Wow. Reading articles here used to be enjoyable. Now after all the 5th grade girls comment I can't take it. Please stop the bs bickering and go back to playing in your room. People, grow up. It's fine to have opinions but this is worse than middle school day after day
    Article after article.

    • Big Larry


      In case you have forgotten, this is the State of West Virginia...not New York City. We are hillbillies here. We do not have a decent football or basketball team to root for and never will. There is never anything positive reported on about WVU to get excited about...

      Like this article, The 5th player to leave the team...The program is sinking faster than the Titanic...Its in the ABYSS...Its not going to improve or change until they kick Huggins out...

      So yes we bicker and complain...its what we do...its all we have...

      So get over it!

  • Big Larry Wantabee

    I am so confused......Huggs did not have the best team last year, actually was one of his worst. But still beats Marshall????????

    • Big Larry

      Not one of the WAS the worst...

      and nobody cares whether or not if they beat Marshall but you and mauldawg...I certainly don't...

      I know there are many here who want to be me or be like me...but it takes brains for that...something that you do no have...

      So quit trying!

  • tw eagle

    WOW . . .football better start soon , this crowd is getting very edgy . . .on murray , he'll be perfect for the nba : lazy , disrespectful with a limited skill set . . .

  • Bob

    Maybe the today's athletes have surpassed Huggins four letter word vocabulary and don't want to be cussed out every day for 4 years. How about all of you?

  • leroy j gibbs

    Huggs and many other coaches have a difficult problem. Unfortunately the youth of these days are lazy spoiled entitled little brats that say what have you done forme lately and NOT what can I do for you. I see it constantly where the talent is lacking in sports and the work ethic is nil. So good luck to anyone that coaches college athletics these days

  • c. harrison

    I'm disappointed in myself that i just scrolled through all the sewage that you losers took the time to put up on this website. I live in Buckeye country. Had to to earn a very good living. I love WV but seeing the garbage you all put out is just sad! It doesn't happen when people have any sense of class. It is obvious that some West Virginians, whether Marshall, or WVU fans have sunk to acting like petulent children. No wonder the great state of West Virginia has sunk to last in most rankings concerning places to want to live and work. The generations before you that had any class had to leave to find an environment where they could live and florish. The losers seem to have gravitated to name calling and this blog. Your comments are not worth reading and your banter surely can't make any educated college graduate proud to think you represent any part of the West Virginia we used to be proud to be from or wanted desperately to come back to. How pitiful you seem to be all that is left from a great heritage! Your parents must be so sad.

    • Big Larry

      c. Harrison,

      That's a lot of effort for a point few will read and even fewer will get. For that… kudos.

  • Big Amanda

    I've got Big in my name too.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    Paves the way for some leaders to step up - Harris, Henderson, and Noreen in particular. Got tickets through reseating today - all good there. Let's Go Mountaineers!