MOUNT HOPE, W.Va. — The high-flying adventure and excitement is just about to begin with the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree in Fayette County.

Boy Scouts and their leaders from across the nation Monday will make their way to one place, the Summit Bechtel Reserve in the New River Gorge area, just in time for the start of the Jamboree on Tuesday.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve, which becomes the permanent location for the Jamboree, sits on 10,600 acres of forested mountains adjacent to more than 70,000 acres of the New River Gorge National River area.

The site features 36 miles of mountain biking courses, 13 acres of sport shooting, more than five miles of  zip lines and nearly ten miles of canopy tour zip lines, in addition to the whitewater rafting and world class climbing offered by the region’s natural landscape.

Since the West Virginia location was first chosen by the Boy Scouts of America back in 2009, BSA and camp officials have been hard at work constructing the Summit and planning for the Jamboree.

Jack Furst with the Boy Scouts of America says they’ve built this entire event with what the Scouts want to do in mind.

“We understand that our customer wants to be hanging upside down on a zip line, going 60 mph, with their hair on fire, while texting and it’s that picture of our customer is how we have programmed this Summit, and they are going to have a blast,” said Furst.

In addition, the Jamboree will have Boy Scouts engaged in more than 350 projects reaching nine West Virginia counties, the largest community service effort of its kind in the country and the first in the Jamboree’s history. 

Jamboree Director Mike Patrick expects it to be yet another great experience for Scouts.

“These Scouts from all over the country are willing to give up their labor and time to help beautify or help improve a community,” he said. “I think the interaction between the Scouts and the local residents will be another lasting legacy.”

With around 40,000 Boy Scouts and their leaders expected to arrive Monday, the West Virginia Department of Transportation and West Virginia State Police are reminding the traveling public they can expect significant congestion along West Virginia Highways.

The heaviest traffic is expected to be on the West Virginia Turnpike, US 19 and WV 16.

Bus traffic is expected to be the biggest concern as around 800 buses are set to bring the Scouts in Monday.

Congestion is expected to be at its peak on Monday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. as Scouts arrive, Saturday, July 20 from 5 p.m to midnight with the Jamboree concert and on Wednesday, July 24 as Scouts and staff leave.

Bus traffic is likely to be encountered daily between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. as Scouts travel for service projects within the nine surrounding counties and whitewater rafting activities.

Greg Duckworth with West Virginia State Police says the goal is to keep traffic moving throughout the ten day event.

“We are going to have four or five troopers at about every intersection,” he said. “If a lane closure makes sense or a block at an exit makes sense, then we will do that on the cuff as we go through.”

The State Police also plan to have increase patrols in the area of the Jamboree to make sure everyone is being safe.

DOH officials recommend travelers use the state’s 511 Traveler Information System to find out the latest information regarding construction, lane closures, crashes, congestion and severe weather affecting traffic.

The free service is available by dialing 5-1-1 from a land line or cell phone or by visiting

The 2013 National Boy Scouts Jamboree will run through July 24.

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  • george

    its pathetic when they will admit gays and not allow overweight kids---this is what they need , a little exercise-.No longer a Boy Scout supporter..................

  • wvtd

    The Boy Scouts are not allowing “obese” scouts to attend their national Jamboree.
    so much for everyone welcome. if anything it might get the fat kids off of their butts and motivate them to shed the pounds after seeing all the fun and activities that are going on.

    • That guy over there

      I'll say this again...I am not a fan of the boyscout camp being there...not one bit...But i thought the obese clause for scouts/leaders was a great motivation for leaders and kids alike. I am against the entire operation because of repeated clean water violations, poor construction methods, poor design, poor stormwater design, etc.

  • ConservativeRealist

    What is the cost of this? Why does the media dodge this issue? How much of our tax payer monies have been used to support this event? Hello? I thought this was Metro NEWS?-?-?

    Bob P - Are you saying this is a recruiting event? that involves Engineer companies, Security Forces, air assets, and a plethora of other recources? AGAIN, what has been the cost(s) of the Guard's involvement in this event - since the beginning. The BSA is a private, non-profit organization - is it legal for the Guard to provide the support to the level that it has for this event? What if a private non-profit church wanted to build a sub-division...would the Guard be up there laying water and sewer lines, building roads, etc.?

    • WVU86

      Hey ConserUnrealist - According to an economic study, "The construction of a permanent home for the national Boy Scout Jamboree has pumped nearly $170 million in income into the southern West Virginia economy over the past four years.
      Also, report says "about $121 million went directly into the community, while another $48 million was an indirect result of construction spending moving through the community."
      Futher more, report also says "the Summit Bechtel Reserve near Oak Hill has supported an average of 848 jobs between 2010 and 2013, mostly in the construction industry. Those jobs helped boost local employment indirectly, mainly affecting the utility, restaurant and health care industries. ...... for every dollar spent at the site caused an increase of $1.54 in local economic output."
      It estimates the project already has generated $45.1 million in tax revenues in the four-year construction period, $29.3 million of that for the federal government and some $15.8 million for state and local governments.
      Still not satisified with what the State police and National Guard are doing to support the project??

      • ConservativeRealist

        Hey WVU86 - the study, of which I am familiar, didn't have any figures on how much was being spent on the event.

        Again, I am asking how much taxpayer money went into this event? Why doesn't someone answer the question? You can try and spin it any way you want - economic impact, return on investment, whatever, BUT, answer the base question.

        Then answer the second question as to how the Guard can be used to help out a private non-profit.

        I commend you on you use of rhetoric but you still didn't answer the question(s).

        • Shadow

          Your outlook represents why WV is 50th of 50, myopic. Thank God some others are trying to help this State.

          • Matt

            Shadow. You nailed it!

        • mamasita

          CR, I do not have a specific study answering the taxpayer funds question, but the Boy Scouts of America is a private organization. Religion is part of their curriculum, so I do not think receive any federal or state funds directly. The land for the SBR was a private donation ( or perhaps the $$ to purchase the land, sorry can't recall the details). The BSA and local councils receive funds from dues and donations. In our area, a donation to United Way will end up supporting Scouts.
          - My son left this morning to attend his first and likely only Jamboree. There are age and rank requirements for the scouts. The national Jamboree occurs approx. every 4 years. I'm psyched for him.

          • ConservativeRealist

            But, as has been pointed out, over 1300 National Guard soldiers (to varying degrees) have been working on the site since 2009 doing major infrastructure projects.

            My son is a Boy Scout as well but he is not going to the jamboree due to other commitments. I am quite familiar with how the BSA operates, that is why I am asking the questions. I am just asking how much taxpayer money went into this project.

            Any credible study or article touting the economic benefits should have included what it cost(s) to reap those benefits - simple business - return on investment, net gain(s), etc.

            From a public relations perspective, it will be a polictical boon doggle if it later comes out that way more was spent on the Jamboree than it returned. There is also the issue of what if another church wanted the same level of "assistance" from the State or the National Guard. Keeping a wing of Blackhawks on standby for two (2) weeks, including their support personnel, is not cheap. I would remind everyone that our state just had to use Medicaid funds to balance the budget...

        • WVU86

          You are going to file FOIAs to determine how much taxpayer money went into this event, correct? I didn't answer your question because I have no interest in it. I support how ever much tax-payer money went into this. Why? Sound economic results. Too bad you can't grasp that. Want an example of government waste? Ask your legislator why the Appalachian Children Chorus receives budget digest money. I just read the other day that group is going to Hawaii. Now that is waste.

  • Matt

    Cat- Even though the world jamboree isn't until 2019, lots of international contingents attend the national jamborees.

  • Cat

    Was checking out some things on Facebook related to the Jamboree yesterday. There are staff members in here from Germany and Scotland....also scouts coming in here from the Netherlands! I live in the area and am very excited for the scouts to be here! Can't wait for the world jamboree to happen!

  • Matt

    This article is about the jamboree and its impact on WV. Not the BSA eligibility requirements. Why does this keep coming up on every article about the jamboree? Lets welcome them to WV with open arms instead of hate. The boys attending didn't create the policy or change it? Don't belittle their experiences because of the decisions of executives.

    • CaptainQ

      Good point, Matt.

      Anyone have any REAL dollar figures on how much all of the extra State Police security and the 1,300 Armed Forces personnel assigned to the Jamboree are costing us taxpayers?

      There, NOW we're talking about impact on WV, satisfied?

      • That guy over there

        If i were a betting man, i'd say that of those guard/reserve troops, a good majority of them are on their annual training orders to help with this event. Giving back to the community is what the guard and reserve do you know?? I do not like the whole boyscout camp thing for my own reasons, but our troops were going to be doing their two weeks anyway, why not do it to help out a huge event happening in our state.

      • ConservativeRealist

        Been asking the same question but the media has been avoiding that like asking it would incite the plague...

        • WVU86

          Hey Conservative and Captain LowIQ. Want to know the cost? File a Freedom on Information Act request to the various governing bodies associated with the events. Would take just a few minutes. Don't be so lazy if it is of such great concern to you.

          • CaptainQ

            So WVU86, I have a 'LowIQ' for merely asking the question?

            Wow. Socrates once said that "questions are the beginning of wisdom." Did he have a 'LowIQ' also?

            In the future, try using better insults on your foes, WVU86. I've heard better insults on a grade school playground. Oh well, have fun!

          • ConservativeRealist

            Thank you for pointing out that you cannot make a "sound point", e.g. your attempts at insult...SEE: "Hey Conservative and Captain LowIQ..."

          • WVU86

            To the comment below. "Good" I say, ... file a FOIA and please report back. Until then, quit your belly-aching. Please keep the insults coming. The last refuge for those who cannot make a sound point.

          • ConservativeRealist

            To WVU86 - not sure if that is your IQ or when you went there - definitely not sure whether or not you graduated...

            I intend on filing a FOIA on this matter.

      • WVU86

        Whatever the cost CaptainQ, it is well worth it. The first impression is a lasting impression. Do you want 40,000 scouts leaving our state thinking we, as a whole, don't care about their presence? Step off your high horse and get outside of your small, insular shell for a moment. Whatever the cost to you as a taxpayer will be very nominal. What 40,000 guests are bringing into the state economy will be 100-fold, if not more, in return.

        • Shadow


  • CaptainQ

    Well, one good thing about the George Zimmerman verdict hype is that it will (hopefully) diminish any negative publicity the two main branches of news media (Main Stream Media, Right Wing Media) could generate/create/exploit about this BSA Jamboree.

    Let the Scouts have their celebration. Those who are bothered by the BSA's new eligibility requirements will stop supporting them, those who aren't bothered by it are going to continue their involvement in the Boy Scouts. Nothing new here.