DAVIS, W.Va. — A groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Monday in Tucker County for work on the next section of Corridor H.

The new section of highway will connect Davis in Tucker County to Scherr in Grant County.

The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Monday.  The event is part of the Corridor H Authority’s meeting at Canaan Valley Institute.

Corridor H will eventually cover 130 miles between Interstate 79 at Weston in Lewis County and Interstate 81 in Front Royal, Va.  It is scheduled to be finished by 2034.

By the end of this year, officials say 75 percent of the road will be finished in West Virginia.

The highway was first proposed in 1964.

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  • Kermit

    I wonder if there will still be cars using wheels on the pavement in 2034. :)

  • Jonathan

    And people wonder why we have no money and lag behind the rest of the nation. It takes roads like Corridor H to attract people and business. Deer and nature do not bring in money or people. WV, please get educated and enter the 21st century.

  • Matt G

    I am from manassas va. I guess I am a "city slicker". I have owned a log cabin for twenty years in canaan valley. The road will improve safety and movement of goods and services to and from WV from east coasts ports. I plan on "retiring" to canaan valley when I can. The road will help me personally to visit my family and any clients I have in the DC area.

  • Tom

    The road is actually an escape route for government officials from DC. It also has multiple sections of straight stretches to land planes on in case of a national emergency. The road has destroyed several habitats, however it has provided a quicker route to and from several areas. Every road ever created has destroyed habitats though and has engulfed farm\hunting land. I'm only disappointed that they keep backing up the completion date.

  • Tom Neil

    A true waste. All so the politicians from Washington can get to their Canaan playground. Thanks folks. Look around at the rest of our state. Roads don't make jobs. The wealthy will have new property to buy at cheap prices. Let's put some mansions on the hill and watch the stupid hillbillies grub for a living. Look in Deep Creek, MD...Snowshoe...and other tourist areas. Bye Bye Bye. Everyone looses....the outdoors men, the tree huggers, the industrialists..You're going to get a bunch of fast food stops, Wal-Marts, and trust fund babies setting up shop to come see what a coal miner used to look like on Friday and ski on Saturday. Better learn how to zip line. We've been snowed again.

  • Bruce A Williams

    $ wasted in Randolph county going from Elkins to Baldon. Worked 24/7, and for nothing. This road should have been done 20 years ago. I hope it gets done way before 2034. This date is completely stupid. Now what part of the road is done, is being tour all to heck and back wasting more of our tax dollars. Get the dumb road done. " NOW "

  • Bob Whitworth

    The fact is, Corridor H is an essential link in the nation's interstate highway system and feeder routes. Limited access roads allow faster travel and dramatically increased road safety. It is opening up West Virginia to increased tourism, one of the major drivers in any economy. The fact Corridor H is being built today is actually better than had it been constructed to relatively inferior 1960s construction and environmental standards. It's a win. Virginia needs to do its part. Now.

  • Brian Lee

    Well since the world revolves around me, I like it cuz Corridor H cuts off an hour & 15 minutes from my drive to Canaan Valley for vacation. Have to admit though, since I plan on retiring there wouldn't mind them saying never mind to the section from Bismarck to Parsons. Except for the road obviously they didn't do too much harm to the surrounding area, actually they preserved much of the landscape.

  • Sims

    Just what we need easy access to the non working noncontributing crusty granolas so they can come up and pollute the mountains with their minds and the sight of them.

    • Brian Lee

      Granolas ha learn something new everyday, I remember them being called hippies. We have been vacationing in BWF area twice a year for 20 some years now & you are too late, lack of road didn't keep them away, they have been there for quite sometime now.

  • traveler

    Corridor H will be the preferred route from Kentucky, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, Missouri and points west to Washington DC when it is finished. Right now you either have to go too far to the north and take I-68,or too far to the south and take I-64. If you're coming from St. Louis and take I-70, you deal with the substandard section in western PA and then the tolls on the PA turnpike, and during heavy traffic periods the mess that is Breezewood. Corridor H will make it a breeze to take US 48 to connect to I-66. It should also open this isolated area up to economic development. I love this road and hope it gets completed soon.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    yes we do , we need all that money and crime and drugs that go along with it
    wva is that last bastion before we will become like the rest of the east , we will be all speaking spanish before you know it. i say build a wall around the state , keep them city slickers out!

  • Slippery Pete

    Just what we don't need, easier access to Canaan Valley for people from D.C.

  • Brian McCommon

    The portion in VA isn't bad. It's two lanes but it doesn't take long to reach I-81 so VA not completing this isn't a showstopper for anyone's trips.

    The portions of Corridor H which are finished are very nice but 70 years? Think about the push to get to the Moon in the 1960s...puts things into perspective, huh?

  • Brian McCommon

    1964 - 2034 is 70 years!! I drive it every once in a while to check on progress since the website hasn't been terribly helpful. I guess I won't be able to utilize this completed highway. I seriously doubt I'll still need it in 2034

  • Frank

    VA has no plans to start their section.