DAVIS, W.Va. — A groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Monday in Tucker County for work on the next section of Corridor H.

The new section of highway will connect Davis in Tucker County to Scherr in Grant County.

The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Monday.  The event is part of the Corridor H Authority’s meeting at Canaan Valley Institute.

Corridor H will eventually cover 130 miles between Interstate 79 at Weston in Lewis County and Interstate 81 in Front Royal, Va.  It is scheduled to be finished by 2034.

By the end of this year, officials say 75 percent of the road will be finished in West Virginia.

The highway was first proposed in 1964.

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  • leroy jethro gibbs

    yes we do , we need all that money and crime and drugs that go along with it
    wva is that last bastion before we will become like the rest of the east , we will be all speaking spanish before you know it. i say build a wall around the state , keep them city slickers out!

  • Slippery Pete

    Just what we don't need, easier access to Canaan Valley for people from D.C.

  • Brian McCommon

    The portion in VA isn't bad. It's two lanes but it doesn't take long to reach I-81 so VA not completing this isn't a showstopper for anyone's trips.

    The portions of Corridor H which are finished are very nice but 70 years? Think about the push to get to the Moon in the 1960s...puts things into perspective, huh?

  • Brian McCommon

    1964 - 2034 is 70 years!! I drive it every once in a while to check on progress since the website hasn't been terribly helpful. I guess I won't be able to utilize this completed highway. I seriously doubt I'll still need it in 2034

  • Frank

    VA has no plans to start their section.

  • Carmen

    Really? It will ruin the environment ? Is there a snail darter preserve?
    Though there is significant merit in saying individual transportation will be different 20 years from now. If it were to be a toll road it could be completed much faster, but West Virginians with their vision will not tolerate toll roads having been spoiled sucking for so many years from the RCB teat. Let's just continue to curse the progress like this and hire million dollar out of State consultants to tell us how to prosper.

  • The last hillbilly

    This is the highway to hell (D.C.), or from hell. It depends on which direction your traveling. Theres been more mountain top removal as a result of windmills and the highway from hell than 100 years of strip mining! Well the trees are gone and beaver dams, but I can now enjoy counting foreign license plates.
    Is this how to spell treason?

    • Jason

      You do realize that Virginia is not a foreign country yes? If you are actually going to sit and count 'foreign' license plates, you may consider going to Great Britain, Mexico, Canada,etc.

  • CaptainQ

    By the time Corridor H is completed, we'll no longer need it because all of us will be using George Jetson-style flying cars by then!

    Twenty years to finsh a 130 mile road. Sounds like typical WV politics at work again!

    And you wonder why WV ranks close to the bottom in every major economic indicator?

    May I submit the incomplete Corridor H as 'Exhibit A"?

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    i will be dead by then, also agree , ruining our environment

  • Lenny

    it'd be more useful if they weren't projecting it to take ANOTHER TWENTY YEARS to finish.

  • Dan

    Even though we have to wait 20 years, I am glad once this thing is all done and connected to Virginia and 81. Makes going to the beach quicker.

  • Matt Duling

    Corridor H; thank you for destroying the farm I grew up on, ruining my hunting, and taking one of the most beautiful landscapes in WV and trashing it... All for NOTHING! WV politics shows its idiocy again!

    • Vinnie

      I recently drove from Scherr to Wardensville and it is one of the most beautiful drives in the East. Sorry about your land but it happens. I am sure you were paid for it and your chicken house. As for hunting; there is plenty of property to hunt at will. The real sadness is the windmills that truly do ruin our landscape with little or no benefit. Roads are progress without a doubt.

      • Matt Duling

        I'm sure you'd sing a different tune if you had nothing left to show your sons but an empty highway! Hope you enjoyed your scenery. Watch for deer, hate for you to hurt your Prius.

        • Vinnie

          Sorry not a 'tree hugger." No Prius. My family actually lost property when road originally to go different route in 70's. Just the way it happens. Everywhere there is loss at times. But you should never travel that road.

        • Fred

          You sound upset Matt.

      • thornton

        Chicken house?
        Nice, real nice.

        Actually, hunting acreage is decreasing all the time....small amount lost by the road itself but the increase in DCers and the like ilk along with the greater likelihood of increased Leasing by the selfish deer boys says you are ill-informed.
        'Course the mismanagement of the NFs are the real sad news for altogether
        too many species.

        Roads can lead to progress and they can lead to no where good as well.

  • shellie

    A useless road. Congrats

    • Vinnie

      Not useless if you live in this area. Is already wonderful to head east unhibited by curves and mountains. You must be from Charleston. Sorry some of the money has made it to the North. We have needed this road it is only bad that it has taken so long.

  • thornton

    Poor Canaan Valley and environs...this road completion will change her yet again.

    • NorthernWVman

      totally agree!!! Sad if you ask me.

  • Habib Haddad

    2034 is obscene.