DALLAS, Texas — Kansas and West Virginia were the only two schools that failed to land a player on the All-Big 12 preseason team released Wednesday.

The 26-player team, selected by media members who cover the league, features five players from Texas and Kansas State, along with four each from TCU and Texas Tech.

Though WVU failed to place a player on the offensive, defensive or special-teams units, recently enrolled transfer Charles Sims was predicted as the league’s Newcomer of the Year.

Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk—a 1,012-yard rusher last season—was selected Offensive Player of the Year and TCU defensive end Devonte Fields was selected the top defensive player.

The preseason poll will be released Thursday.

Pos Name School Ht Wt Cl Hometown
WR Josh Stewart Okla State 5-10 185 Jr Denton, Texas
TE Jace Amaro Texas Tech 6-5 257 Jr San Antonio, Texas
OL Cyril Richardson Baylor 6-5 335 Sr Fort Worth, Texas
OL Cornelius Lucas K-State 6-9 328 Sr New Orleans, La.
C Gabe Ikard Oklahoma 6-4 295 Sr Oklahoma City, Okla.
OL Trey Hopkins Texas 6-4 300 Sr Galena Park, Texas
OL Le’Raven Clark Texas Tech 6-5 303 So Rockdale, Texas
WR Eric Ward Texas Tech 6-0 204 Sr Wichita Falls, Texas
QB Casey Pachall TCU 6-5 230 Sr Brownwood, Texas
RB Lache Seastrunk Baylor 5-10 210 Jr Temple, Texas
RB John Hubert K-State 5-7 191 Sr Waco, Texas
PK Jaden Oberkrom TCU 6-3 187 So Arlington, Texas
KR Tyler Lockett K-State 5-11 175 Jr Tulsa, Okla.
Pos Name School Ht Wt Cl Hometown
DL Devonte Fields TCU 6-4 240 So Arlington, Texas
DL Calvin Barnett Okla. State 6-2 300 Sr Tulsa, Okla.
DL Jackson Jeffcoat Texas 6-5 245 Sr Plano, Texas
DL Kerry Hyder Texas Tech 6-2 281 Sr Austin, Texas
LB Bryce Hager Baylor 6-2 235 Jr Austin, Texas
LB Jordan Hicks Texas 6-2 235 Jr Cincinnati, Ohio
LB Shaun Lewis Okla. State 5-11 225 Sr Missouri City, Texas
DB Ty Zimmerman K-State 6-1 204 Sr Junction City, Kan.
DB Jason Verrett TCU 5-10 176 Sr Fairfield, Calif.
DB Aaron Colvin Oklahoma 6-0 181 Sr Tulsa, Okla.
DB Quandre Diggs Texas 5-10 200 Jr Angleton, Texas
P Kirby Van Der Kamp Iowa State 6-4 211 Sr West Des Moines, Iowa
PR Tramaine Thompson K-State 5-8 167 Sr Jenks, Okla.
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  • Helen5844

    Now that Big Larry has told everyone everything he ever thought he knew, maybe we can let him know how most of us feel.
    We are Mountaineers, win lose or draw. However, no one knows how this years team will do in 2013. I for one am looking forward to seeing them beat Oklahoma and a lot of the others in the Big 12. LETS GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS Lets take one game at a time and play at 100% of the teams ability every week for all four quarters.

    • big tom

      i will bet big dollars that wvu will be luck to score 21 pts on okla. and they will score many man y more,,,, please bet me

    • wvman75

      Go Mountaineers!!!

  • wvman75

    Let's GO Mountaineers! Do your best. You'll always have my support.

  • BH

    Is it me , or are the "3 star" players from west of the Mississippi better than the "3 star" players from the East. Especially Texas recruits. Just a thought.

  • BH

    The Big 12 proved to be way better than the Big East. I'm hoping for an improved defense. At least a secondary that prevents fewer 40 yard scoring strikes on the last play of the first half.

  • Bob Melphis

    The paradigm has changed. It's not if you should win or lose it's how much money you make as a Big 12 conference member. If your respective sport is a winner that's good too!

  • richard

    um, we mention marshall because people on here are marshall fans. they are the one who......well, you know what they do.

  • Matt

    As always Larry is wrong and really exposes his ignorance. This is now a 9-4 team with a bowl win. I might have given Larry a chance at an Oklahoma blowout at the beginning of the season but not now. Sorry Larry bad job as always.

    • Michael Walker

      Matt, you're very intuitive. I am not going to engage Larry because he does not bother with facts. I do hours of research for each article I write and I stand behind what I say.

      Larry, on the other hand is simply a WVU hater trying to get attention. Larry, you say Marshall has nothing to do with it. But they do, big time. Marshall gave WVU JaJuan Seiders, an incredible coach and recruiter. Just as WVU gave Marshall the good doctor.

      Everyone has a right to their opinion, and yours being different doesn't make it wrong.
      Nothing any of us say will alter the number of wins and losses or even change a score by a single point.

      There are two primary differences between Larry and me when it comes prognosticating about the upcoming season.

      I do extensive research and run articles. He does no research and runs his mouth. I report on and am openly a WVU fan. I extol the virtues of my favorite team without disparaging someone else's.

      Larry appears to believe that bad mouthing another team will somehow elevate the reputation of his favorite. It doesn't.

      • FungoJoe

        Who do you write articles for?? I've never heard of you. You need to do some more research. Seiders was a Grad Asst. coach at WVU before he went to MU. Don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

      • Big Larry

        Oh Please,

        Your extensive research don't amount to "Jack Squatt"...and you basically said nothing useful while I gave you hard truthful facts.

        What an enormous time drain! I'm speaking of your attempt to become an internet blogger and my attempt to read it.

        For future reference Michael, leave the comments to the adults....

        • Alum

          Lil' Larry says, "For future reference Michael, leave the comments to the adults...."

          So Lil' Larry why don't you follow your own advice and do leave posting to the adults?

    • big tom

      i will put big money on this bet, you name it, i calling for something a lot less the 9-4

    • WVWho

      Please pass along whatever you are on...you have had plenty!

  • big tom

    keep in mind , he lost his job at FSU to a true freshman

  • Michael Walker

    "With the nation’s worst defense returning intact, no experienced QB, no receivers to speak of, no offensive line, no kicker or punter and a special teams unit that finished near the bottom statistically, there is not much room for optimism."

    The facts should never get in the way of the truth. Try a little research. I'll give one example: No experienced QB? Clint Trickett - 66 of 106 passing for 947 yards with 7 TDs, 4 INTs and a QB Rating of 146.4.

  • FungoJoe

    Look at the list of players on the preseason All Big 12 team and where there hometowns are? 26 players in all, 21 from Texas, 5 from Oklahoma, and one each from CA,LA,OH, Kan, Iowa.
    None from Florida. None.
    Holgorsen is going to have to put down the beers and get a recruiting foothold in Texas. Didn't those assistant coaches Holgorsen hired come with some recruiting connections in Texas. Thats not working out very well yet is it??

    • Wemakerain

      Why would a team in Texas or Oklahoma recruit Florida? Getting recruits to change time zones is harder than getting them to experience seasons. The SEC pre season teams are essentially devoid of players from Texas (excluding A and M) so obviously the 6 time national champion conferences are inferior

      • FungoJoe

        What gibberish. Come back when you can put two complete sentences together. Were you taught english from a WV union teacher??

  • big tom

    i don't think anyone in their right mind would expect much out of wvu,,, this yr or next either.
    if we learn to play defense, it would help but last yr showed dana had no idea what kind of defensive coaches to hire... let's hope this new bunch knows how to teach.
    i don't think wvu will ever be more than a midpack team in the big 12, we just can't recruit on the same level as the big boys

    • mauldawg

      You and Little Larry need to go back to your MU boards. MU football is about all you can handle. C-USA is a great place for pee-wee football.

  • Big Larry

    Pay attention, class is in session...

    This voting should come to no surprise to anyone. It should also not come as a surprise when WVU is selected last or next to last in the Big 12 poll.

    Unlike last year, there is no teenage-girlish drama surrounding this year’s WVU football prospects for a winning season. There will be no warm and fuzzy Kumbaya feel good moments.

    With the nation’s worst defense returning intact, no experienced QB, no receivers to speak of, no offensive line, no kicker or punter and a special teams unit that finished near the bottom statistically, there is not much room for optimism.

    It also should not come as a surprise when WVU loses their Big 12 opener to Oklahoma 52-14.

    And please... no “sugar-coated” comments about how good WVU is going to be...if they finish 5-7 they will be doing good.

    And please...no comments about Marshall. If you want to comment on Marshall University...there are Marshall Articles for you to do so. No one here is interested in talking about Marshall. Why is it that everyone who does not “kissup” to the Holgorsen or Huggins trolls is a Marshal fan? Enough already with that foolishness!

    I know that the truth hurts but it is what it is...and if it helps you to know this, it is perfectly OK to cry in front of your wife and kids...

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion and I think everyone is entitled to hear it.

    • mauldawg

      As you stated "worst defense" still kicked the crap out of your herdies 12-0 go back to MU land.

    • Charleston,WV

      Raising my Hand: But Mr. Larry: Didn't we learn from inaugural BXII season that preseason prognostications don't mean didily squat?

    • rtdeco

      big larry = kardashian wannabe....accuracy and relevancy are irrelevant....being in the spotlight. ..now we're talking.

    • WV07

      Big Larry, you make some excellent and valid points.However, you ARE entitled to an opinion.....everyone being entitled to HEARING it? That statement makes absolutely zero sense.

      • Spot On

        Amen brother. No one is entitled to hear some blowhard's opinion.

  • Richard

    And that my friend is why you are a refugee (wvrefugee)

    • wvrefugee

      Actually, back in Morgantown! All my buddies, however, are in Tuscon!

  • wvrefugee

    That's because we suck!

  • Charleston,WV

    WVU is under the radar and this IMHO is a very good thing. I can't wait for opening season! Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO