DALLAS, Texas — Big 12 coordinator of football officials Walt Anderson met with MetroNews to break down video from several 2012 West Virginia games, explaining “the fine line” between legal hits and illegal targeting.

Beginning this season that fine line becomes paramount, with targeting carrying an automatic ejection in college football. If a player is flagged in the first half, he must sit out the remainder of that game. Any second-half disqualification means the offending player also is barred the first half of his team’s ensuing game.

“It’s not going to be an easy rule for us to work on the field—and off the field in replay—but we’re forced with enforcing the rule,” Anderson said. “We want to work at being as consistent as we can.”

Using the strike zone example from baseball, Anderson showed that at times there’s only a “six-inch difference between a foul and a player being out of the game and no foul at all.”

As he illustrates in the video above, sometimes the difference is much less than six inches.


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  • Daniel

    Football is becoming a joke, you take risks in everything you do, football is no different.

  • couchburner

    just give them flags already

  • Helen5844

    All I can say is please be careful Joseph. But don't miss tackles with the fear. Practice getting lower. It would be horrible if he were to be sitting on the bench. LETS GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS.

  • Mike

    Texas will benefit from this rule change, watch and see, Texas wins the Big 12 take it to Vegas.

    I don't like it but the rule will be good for the game in the long run. The game needs to cut down on head injures for the kids, I am for it.

    Let's Gooooooo! Mountaineeeeers!!!!

  • Ronnie

    If they are so dead set in opposing this new rule, that I am against, at least let them be able to reverse the call on the illegal tackle (Hit)

  • Habib Haddad

    Karl Joseph. Come on down! Johnnie tell him what he's won. "Lawn furniture."

  • Shawn

    This rule is going to be a joke in football this year. It's going to slow the game down and will more than likely cause a swing in some games throughout the year.

  • Justin

    So does the officials get kicked out for blowing multiple easy calls?