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Tow truck drivers prepare to haul away a car where police confronted an armed suspect Thursday morning at a est area along Interstate 79 in Harrison County

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — Bridgeport police shot and wounded an armed suspect early Thursday morning at a rest stop along Interstate 79 in Harrison County.

Officers were called to the southbound rest area in Bridgeport at 3:23 a.m. Thursday. They arrived to find a man and a woman in a vehicle. The man was armed with a handgun.

Police managed to safely remove the woman from the car and get bystanders to safety. Police said officers repeatedly ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. However, when he raised the gun in a threatening manner, an officer fired one shot, hitting the suspect in the chest.

The man was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital where he was in critical condition.

The name of the suspect hasn’t been released. Authorities are unsure what caused the disturbance and the shooting remains under investigation.

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  • Becky

    Why are they withholding the names in this case?

  • Local mom

    I pray for him daily, I really do. I wouldn't want anyone to die over this type of situation. He needs to get well and serve his time for the crimes he committed. I am very thankful to live in the same area and know that the police are trained and willing to do what it takes to protect and serve.
    I say THANK YOU to the officers who responded to the call.

  • SF

    It has been almost a week and they haven't released the names of anyone involved. If the guy had been accused of abuse his name and picture would be everywhere. It would be nice to hear the woman's comments.

  • puddinpop

    I was at the scene as it all unfolded. The man was about to shoot himself as well as a woman. He was warned numerous times to drop the weapon.

    All of the details are not in the story above.

  • Dee

    You all are dumb. If you knew him you would know something was going on in his life that he wasn't happy with and he was not himself. He wasn't in the right state of mind. I promise you I know all about him. He's a great father to his baby and didn't deserve to get shot.
    Point blank period. No body is perfect. Get better soon !

  • Melvonia Thomoson

    First of all this boy never raised his gun to any police officer , the police were wrong and they know that what I am saying here is true. If I'm wrong let that officer answer here y he fired his weapon. We'll wait!

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    suicide by cop.. its all the rage right now...

  • June

    Should have gave him the double tap.. Saved a lot of time and money. Always shoot to kill...

  • Jim

    I Pray the suspect lives to regret his poor judgement and makes amends for his crime, but moves forward to have a productive life and become a good citizen.

    Good job police officers for standing your ground as you are trained to do and especially for using your training and good judgement that prevented others from being hurt or killed. You are true heroes.

  • Jim

    I think Donald was joking and referring to the stand your ground issue from George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Some big differences in this case however.

    1. The suspect had a real weapon.

    2. The police shot him after multiple warnings.

    3. They were actual trained policemen and not wanna be cops packing heat in a residential neighborhood.

    4. They actually had a crime in progress.

    5. They rescued the woman and cleared the area before shooting.

    6. Witnesses and plenty of them to confirm they did the right thing.

    7. They stood their ground because that's what we expect of trained and real police officers.

    8. The police made sure the suspect was given plenty of time to decide on his own fate.

    9. The suspect lived which makes you wonder if Zimmerman just lucky or good enough to make sure he put the round directly into Martin's heart?

    10. I'm sure the suspect was over 17 and out of High School,

  • lee arthur

    Man is the dumbest creature God created.

  • June

    Don it's simple. Put down the gun, or get shot..Two choices like my mother used to say... Take it or leave it..

  • Greg

    They do not get paid to retreat.

  • DonaldH

    The police had everyone in a safe-zone-- they should of retreated after that-- How dare they "stand their ground" and shoot this poor, poor wretched soul..

    • JS

      How can you call this man with a hand gun a "poor, poor wretched soul"? We do not know the details of what he was doing there at that time of the night with a gun. Also, if the police tell you to put down your weapon and you do not...then you get what you get!