CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Democratic Party chairman Larry Puccio said he looks forward to clearing the air with state Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis, who criticized the party’s leadership for lacking vision.

Puccio, during an appearance on MetroNews “Talkline” Thursday, pledged to seek clarification regarding the comments Davis made on Hoppy Kercheval’s news program the previous day.

“Is she unhappy with our governor or unhappy with our two U.S. Senators?” Puccio asked. “Maybe she’s unhappy with me and my background in small business.”

Davis predicted Republicans would continue to chip away at longtime Democratic advantages unless something is done. Puccio said Democrats won 67 percent of all races in last year’s election. He said a much of the credit goes to an active “Get out the Vote” effort—something Justice Davis wasn’t a part of.

“Tomblin and Manchin and even Rockefeller, who wasn’t running, and Rahall and Perdue, Gainer and Tish Chafin—they all raised money and helped this effort to help Democrats, whether you’re running for county commissioner or House,” Puccio said. “She did not participate.”

The party chairman said he doesn’t understand Davis’ “old guard” comment. He said the Democrats in West Virginia have spoken out strongly against some of President Barack Obama’s policies.

Puccio said he aims to discuss the situation with Davis soon.

“I say, ‘Don’t criticize doggone, get on board.’ Let’s work together and help Democrats,” Puccio said.


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  • Luke

    I think Puccio did Justice Davis a favor by naming some of the Democrats who lack vision and who have served as a road block to those Democrats who do have energy and vision but find the Olde Guard firmly entrenched in every available public office at every level of government.

    At least Davis had the courage to say what was on her mind without sticking her finger in the wind to see which way the political winds are blowing. I find that refreshing myself.

  • blugldmn


    Your history of the civil war and the democratic parties role in and afterwards is lacking...

  • blugldmn

    Puccio is nothing but and has always been and will be Manchins little toad......The whole MOB of them should be voted out of office if Marion county residents had any sense. The whole state would benefit..........

  • Jim

    As. Democrat i think its Sad how far the Democrat party has swayed from the party of FDR and JFK. Like it or not the current party chair is not pushing for the party of the people anymore, he has become a mouthpiece for hypocrisy that goes against the reason why the Democrats made the great change to the party for the common man that raised up after the Civil War, it's about principles and America's value of fairness and an equal opportunity for anyone to prosper. This is why we vote for the candidate and not the party because truly neither party represents the common and average person today, all have an agenda be it a far left decline or a far right push to fascism. Use your brains and vote for the person who best represents you and if your a Democrat or Republican tell your parties to truly embrace the values that made America the land of the free and home of the brave and not the land of anything goes or dictatorships.

    • Conchop

      Excellent observation. IMHO, much of the D's have slid too far to the right and the vision of FDR's second Bill of Rights needs to be dusted off and reexamined.

      Conservatism has a 30+ year record that's been generated by their dreadful conservative revolution. Whether a D or R, conservatism has driven down every measure that defines our performance and quality of life.

    • C. F. T.

      Jim, extremely well said, thank you.

  • Carmen

    Justice's Davis' Democratic Party vision is the same as Obama's and that is not West Virginia's. The overwhelming number of West Virginians are DINOs. Manchin/Puccio are spot on. The lack of leadership charge should be made to the WV Republicans who are too ignorant to bring the majority of the State that follows their philosophy into their tent

  • Rich

    Puccio is out of touch or crazy. How can Dems almost lose control of the House of Delegates, and are poised to lose it in 2014, and that's a success? How can a southern county like Raleigh go almost totally red for all offices from the state to the county level?
    There was no coordinated campaign in 2012, no get out the vote effort. That lies at the feet of the Chairman. Larry: you ARE the old guard. Step aside.

  • wvtd

    good to see the liberals at each others throats but I doubt they have anything to worry about in this backwater state.

    • js

      You're right, how dumb are the state voters? Dems have run this state forever and look at the results. Fewer jobs and even fewer people living here. This Dem Party that we have now isn't like the old party. The new Dems have no vision and no morals.

  • C. F. T.

    Puccio is attacking the messenger rather than respecting the valid point Justice Davis is attempting to make, and that is Dem.s have and will contine to loose seats in various Offices, additionally Dem. registered voters are declining. Puccio and Dem.s cannot escape from the national party denial of God? I encourage all Christians to abandon the Demcrat Party and NO I am not an Repub., but do vote.

    • WV Citizen

      As a believer in Christ for my salvation the Democratic Party represents more of my princples than any other. My moral values should not be force upon someone else as many tea partiers believe. The churches or assemblies of any faith/reilgion should be respected and not be force upon by the government.
      We need more common sense voters who can distingush between the crap and the truth. Universal healthcare should be a right instead of a benefit. The Democrat party have been fighting for this since 1933. Taking care of the sick and homeless, the elderly are rooted in the Democratic party.
      What has the Republican Party done for the working man, middle class or the elderly!
      The answer is quite simple, NOTHING.

    • GregG

      Ok Oral Roberts, if we don't vote republican is God going to call them all home?

  • Gary

    Read The Price of Justice by Lawrence Leamer and learn what an evil person Robin Davis truly is.

  • thornton

    "doggone"....that's quite downhome, quite believable.

    If it qwacks like a duck then it is a Democrat Chairman trying to keep the corral fence upright.

  • Joe

    Good job chairman! But you are way to nice. Davis cares only about her-self and her- wealth. That's it, tell it like it is.

    She should be an "R". If it walks like a duck.....,,,,,,,,,it's a duck.

    • GregG

      I agree Joe. I'm not happy with Puccio and the direction of the democrat party, but Robin bow to Blankenship Davis doesn't give a damn about the working middle class. If Davis was running, I swear I would've had to vote for Shelley...........and that right there says a lot, because I can't stand her either.