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West Virginia defensive lineman Korey Harris (96) is apparently off the team after his arrest on first-degree armed robbery charges.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Suspended defensive lineman Korey Harris, arrested Friday on charges of first-degree armed robbery, is no longer with the West Virginia football team.

While the university had not publicly confirmed Harris’ dismissal from the team, WVU football sports information director Mike Montoro informed MetroNews, “We have no comment on individuals who aren’t with the West Virginia football program.”

By Friday evening the sophomore’s bio had been removed from the roster on the WVU website.

The armed robbery allegedly occurred in Morgantown during the early morning hours of July 12, when police said Harris and two others entered a Sturgis Street home and held two residents at gunpoint.

A relative said one of the victims recognized Harris, who was wearing his WVU-issued sweatpants with the No. 96 on them. That victim reportedly told police all three intruders were armed.

WBOY-TV reported Harris was being held on $75,000 bail at the North Central Regional Jail on Friday afternoon, but a booking officer told MetroNews the jail had no record of Harris being in custody there.

In April, head coach Dana Holgorsen announced Harris was suspended from the team for spring semester. A three-star prospect out of St. Augustine, Fla., Harris played in 11 games as a freshman, making four tackles.

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  • The Wisetalker

    Please... no more comments about some respect. He is our President. He is a wonderful man who only cares about the well being of the citizens of America.

    He loves each and every one of us. He loves this country. That is why he created "Obama Care" to help provide us all with quality health care". He is desperately trying to get gas prices down so that we can afford to come to the football games.

    He was deeply moved over the death of Travon Martin. He feels the pain and hurt of the family's loss. That could have been him 35 years ago.

    This Nobel Peace Prize recipient will go down as one of our greatest ejected officials...

    So again...Please show some respect to this great American and Patriarch.

    • jmr012

      I don't know if this guy is being honest or not, but every kind thing that he wrote about President Obama is actually TRUE. Of course my racist fellow West Virginians could never see it. They can't see much of anything, spare foolishness, of course.

    • Joe

      Lol....possibly one of the funniest comments I have read ever on the internet.

    • j

      Start talking wise wisetalker, or change your handle. This is no place to find support for Obama

      • Chris T

        I thought it was a place to discuss a WVU football player being kicked off the team. Did Obama kick him off or something?

      • jmr012

        You're right. It's more of a place to find baseless slurs and obnoxious comments meant to be passed off as "humor."

    • Habib Haddad

      Well then. I thought you were talking about the Messiah. Silly me.

    • big tom

      why doesn't he care about the 3 yr old white child who was killed by two blacks... WHY

    • big tom

      obama cares about one race of people, his,,, he hates whites, hispanics and anyone else who doesn't agree with al sharpton.
      hussein is the most deviseive president we have ever had.. he , with holder , have split the nation... class war is next. he simply wants to take from the workers and give to the non workers. sad, he's really sad.

      • tony

        ..and you wonder why others outside the state think of us the way they do..hey uh...tom...could it be that..uh...oh..never mind, ..........

        • RLS

          You idiot. Who cares what LIBS from outta state think. Take care of our own. OBAMA isn't one of us and neither is MANCHIN

          • jmr012

            You are horrible and disgusting.

          • Neal

            It's attitude like this that makes us near the bottom of almost every economic category. Companies don't want to locate here because of this kind of mentality. I lived out of state for a few years when i was younger and heard way too many WV jokes. Enough to make me sick. However we keep giving them the material with some of the posts on this page today. I'm no Obama fan, as a matter of fact I disagree with almost all of his policies, but I at least give him the respect that he deserves for being president.

    • WVWho

      This is either the most delusional post in the world, or the funniest. Either way i got a kick out of it!

      • tw eagle

        you think that was filled with mirth ? ? wait and see how OObbbbaaa mmmaaa
        fixes the overcrowding in prisons . . .he's gonna pardon every black felon . . .since they're all innocent anyway . . . they have all been misused by the white police and judicial systems . . .and he will have the treasury award each of them $150 for each day spent behind bars . . .to save them the time and expense of suing the government . . .of course half of that will be "donated" to oobbbaaammmaaa 's retirement fund . . .

  • Sledge

    If Obama had a son he would look like Harris. This player is clearly a victim. Leave him alone. It's all your faults that he did this anyhow. Shame on you not him.

    • jmr012

      You are an unbelievable idiot. Your comment serves no purpose other than to demonstrate your pure stupidity.

    • Frank Lincoln

      What nonsense.

    • tw eagle

      amen , brother . . .now grab your gun , we goin shoppin. . .

  • Otis Campbell

    Coach Dana ought to address this and not hide behind a screen of "no comments". This thug rat had many issues and clearly wasn't able to handle a life of good. Classic piece of trash.

    • Rugger

      Sounds like you know it all and have reported same thus saving Dana the trouble. Good work.

  • Carmen

    Consider, this could have been Obama

  • Jason

    MU and WVU recruit thugs because the talent rich states keep the majority of the blue chip players in state, the kids grow up gator fans, etc...the state of WV has maybe one or two players in the state that are legit D1 prospects each year, so MU and WVU must go to where the talent is, like everybody else. But it is a tough sell to get a top prospect to come to WV unless they think they can come right in and get pt...they would rather stay close to home where their heart is and where their family can come watch them play in the SEC. MU and WVU have to sometimes roll the dice on good athletes with baggage that the big boys don't want to take a chance on. That's just the reality of it. If it makes you feel any better, many schools have athletes that get in trouble, happens all the time. It is what it is, some work out, some don't.

    • Greg

      Not sure I'd use the Florida Gators as an example of quality character recruits in this scenario. Forty-one arrests in the last couple of seasons. Not to mention that Hernandez may have been involved in yet another murder while he was in Gainesville.

    • jb

      Good comment , with exception. There is no comparison between MU and WVU. Its apples and oranges. WVU does not have to take chances on most of their recruits. I agree we do sometimes on the 4 star up guys, but mostly that's not true. On the other hand MU has a much tougher road to go than WVU by far. Most all of Marshall's 4star up recruits came with baggage, and most will not come or if they do don't last because of their troubles. Marshall cannot compete with WVU in recruiting, just like WVU cannot compete with the likes of Oklahoma etc

      • Jason

        Recruiting has a lot to do with relationships, don't forget most of WVUs best recruits in recent memory were recruited by Doc....having Seider back on the staff is a plus for WVU though...I said this last year and I still stick by it. WVU will hover around middle of the pack in the big 12, then maybe once every 10 years or so, they may make a run....but fans that expect conf championships like the recent big east ones, will only be disappointed for the most part. WVU will still make good $ just being in the Conf though with profit sharing, and that is really the bottom line with the WVU brass.

    • Pudge

      Exactly. Even the likes of Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Owen Schmitt were castaways. I love WVU, but nobody turns down the big dogs to come here. We are still in the position of taking what we can get.

  • Ryan

    I'm not sure if NCAA is any similar to the NFL but the NFL crime rate is far lower than the national average. It just seems more because all of it is publicized.

  • DWL

    A perfect candidate for National Felons League! New England has an open slot.

  • big tom

    my guess , marsha has already contacted him and offered a full ride scholarship

  • derek

    It seems that Marshal and WVU can only recruit thugs. Why is that?

    • Tony B. Ratliff

      It is not just Marshall & WVU; most every program recruits from that same culture. Fix the black family & you fix the problem.

      • Larro

        Amen. Family values make a difference.

      • Chris T

        Fix the black family? Right. That's the problem. See: Branko Busick. People can be so closed minded and racist. Tony, being black or white has nothing to do with any of this.

    • JOEL

      not a fair statement to paint a broad brush over the entire program because a few make mistakes.

      And it happens in all programs, so leave WV alone on this issue.

      We did the right thing. We dumped him.

      • cutty77

        You can't sign an win with all Boy Scouts. Nowadays it happens with all Teams. Morgantown is a SLOW PLACE IN THE SUMMER BROTHER.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    Phew....not to make light but I thought this was Eron on the basketball team when I read the headline.

    • Concerned

      Seriously. Don't want to make light of it either. But it's exactly what I thought. Dam metronews. Give me a heart attack.

    • Grant

      I thought the same thing. If this is true, then I hope the kid is removed from school permanently.

  • Rich

    Poor guy. I wonder who made him do it.

    • marty

      If he'd been smart like Zimmerman, he would have murdered his witnesses and no one would know what sweatpants he wore. Harris obviously needed more NRA handgun training.

      • WVU MA82

        Wow! You guys complain about anything and everything. Do you really want to stop recruiting outside of West Virginia? Do you really believe that Zimmerman was smart? Do you think Harris was a thug when he was recruited to play football for West Virginia? Do you really believe that only castaways arrive at West Virginia University? Do you really believe President Obama thinks violence is funny? Do you really think Rev. Sharpton only prays for and works for blacks? Which would offend you more--a black person saying a person who spews hatred, ignorance, and outdated racist views is a racist or a white person who would say the same thing.

        It is time that all West Virginians pull together to stop the stupid talk regarding athletics, athletes, coaches, scores, records, politics, and hatred. It is time to work toward the goal of one person all people, all people, one state.

        If you would think back, you will have to admit (if only to yourself) that many many fine people chose to attend West Virginia University over other D1 programs--in sport and academics.

        When WVU--or any other school--grants a scholarship, there is no guarantee that the student will stay out of trouble. However, in looking at the many colleges who sign athletes who do not get into trouble versus those who do, the records are overwhelming--most athletes do behave themselves.

        Ask yourselves a question--would my comments on a page such as this get me a scholarship to play college sports? How would my comments be viewed by a person looking to hire someone who is respectful of others?

        Lastly, look up the true definition of at risk students.

        Y'all have a great day.

        • adubyavufan


    • Curious

      So very, very funny. At least Obama thinks so.

      • trayvon

        Did he get out in time to join one of the 100 city demonstrations?

    • Joe

      Uh....and I,m just spitballing here....poerhaps he was responsible for his own actions?!

      • tw eagle

        no ,he's not responsible , he 's an "at risk" student-athlete . . .he comes from a background and culture that doesn't know right from wrong . . .apparently the coaching staff didn't get to the teaching part where they instructed him that a handgun wasn't part of the shopping experience . . .

        • maceverly

          everyone is responsible for their actions. He's a grown man.

          • Skeetatweet

            I agree 150%...all too often this student-athletes catch a break b/c ohh he doesn't knw right from wrong, heck my 4 y/o understands te difference

  • Otis Campbell

    It's a SHAME this happened. A black eye to the Coach and Players. This thug ruined his life. Disappointed this happened. Prayers to the victims.

  • tw eagle

    even a hapless dupe is still guilty . . .especially of picking the wrong crowd to hang with . . .out riding , hey let's stop here and score some corn syrup . . .
    and then one of the idiots pulls a gun . . .

    • AW

      "Score some corn syrup?"

  • mauldawg

    Non football story he was no longer on the team. If he is found guilty,hope he goes away for a long time. If not guilty then its up to Dana to let him back on the team or not. I don't remember why he was suspended for the spring,anyone?

    • odb

      Non football story because you can't remember why he was suspended? Suspended means not on the team? If he is indeed guilty and "goes away or a long time", he will certainly come out reformed, right? WVU fanboy?

    • Wemakerain

      I'm with you, he was kicked off the team before the incident is what I heard, so not a student athlete, just a student at that point

      • DonaldH

        Really? not a student athlete? OK, who was paying his tuition? I ask because I don't know...

        • Kent Stamm

          That's probably why he was trying to rob someone - to get tuition money. Not too bright.

      • Hello

        He was kicked off the morning if the arrest

  • AnotherFloridaFelon

    So he's from Florida huh? Figures. Surprised he's not a Gator. On a serious note, what a shame if he's indeed guilty.

    • Leroy Brown

      Where is Al Sharpton when he is needed to go the bond for Harris. When a man wears his sweat pants with his number on them to an armed robbery, he has great potential to become a SENATOR or CONGRESSMAN.

      • Skeetatweet

        Hmmm...not sure what Rev Al Sharpton has to do with this young man's situation, "oh wait" there both black...smh