CHARLESTON, W.Va. — After a few months of mainly just organizational meetings, the state legislature looks to begin substantive discussions on its interim study issues at meetings that begin Monday at the state capitol.

July interims will stretch for three days with 48 meetings scheduled. There were only three meetings held in May and a few more last month during a visit to Wheeling held in conjunction with the state’s 150th birthday.

A Finance subcommittee is scheduled to discuss magistrate court personnel and pay during a Monday meeting. An education committee will look at college tuition and fees while another committee considers a proposal to allocate some toll revenue on the West Virginia Turnpike to the Turnpike counties.

Other meetings this week will focus on the education reform bill and outcomes-based funding for higher education.


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  • Gary Karstens

    Can we please have gay marriage for West Virginia?!?!?! YEESH!!!! How long can this state continue to deny taxpaying, law-abiding homosexuals the right to marry? YEESH! It is time that WV follow the same step as some of the progressive minds have done in other states. Come on lawmakers......YEESH!

  • Conchop

    Hopefully, they will finally get Delegate Mike Manypenny's Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Legislation through all the hurdles. It will bring back mankind's original medicine and tens of thousands of new industrial jobs.

  • Joe

    Many teachers, as they will tell you, have master degrees. They work more than 40 hours a week and weekends sometimes. They even bring work home with them. What other state or private professions do that?! I have no idea, as I see no other tan teachers and their union reps saying it every chance they get.'s all for the kids.

  • Mike

    I agree with WV worker. Surprising that the finance committee isn't addressing state employee salaries. It's been 6-7 years since the last raise. I think at minimal a 2% annual cost of living raise would be fair to consider each year to keep up with inflation and the increases passed on by utilities etc. If no raises soon there will be no workforce. Huge turnovers... Sadly, WV is losing highly trained, well-educated people. Have the elected officials forgotten them?

  • Big John

    All they can do is have meetings for their pay increases to increase their $25000 pay for 60 day session- they get additional pay for this type of work as well as mileage lodinging and meals.

  • WV Worker

    In all 48 meetings, mentioned magistrate pay,
    tolls, education reform (which means money) and not one mention of the STATE WORKERS. Where do they fit into the state program, the welfare line, give the state workers at least a mention of something.