CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Family Policy Council of West Virginia wants to shine a light on state’s abortion industry. Monday, the FPC held a news conference at the state capitol along with some members of the state Legislature to talk about the importance of regulating abortions.

Jeremy Dys, with the FPC, says currently the state’s two abortion clinic, both in Charleston, do not have to meet any sort of state medical requirements.

“Since it opened in 1976, no state regulator has stepped foot into the largest abortion clinic in the state of West Virginia,” according to Dys.

He said that needs to change. That’s why the FPC along with other pro-life groups are calling on the public to let their opinions be known and to convince the governor and state Legislature to mandate requirements for abortion clinics.

“I’m surprised that we even have to talk about this or this would even be controversial,” John Carey with West Virginians for Life said. “Beauty parlors are inspected. Private Christian schools are inspected. Certainly we would want these [abortion] facilities inspected.”

Recently West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has gotten involved in the issue, asking the state’s abortion clinics to answer some questions. They answered Morrisey’s letter but didn’t say much.

West Virginia Free Executive Director Margaret Chapman-Pomponio recently said, “The Attorney General must know that women’s health providers are regulated like any other health care provider in the state of West Virginia. The doctors are regulated by the Board of Medicine. The nurses are regulated by the Board of Nursing.”

Dys says when it comes to the health of West Virginia women safety shouldn’t even be in question.

“Where there ought to be no debate is that so long as abortionists are permitted to ply their trade, they must do so in a manner that does as little harm as possible.”

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  • WVMatters

    For those interested.

  • Betty DeHaven

    It's truly amazing how the posted comments freely use the right wing to trash those who believe in life - life that God should have the right to give and take away. May God help you in your right to think you can kill at will whenever it is inconvenient for you. Why shouldn't these clinics have health regulations? The butchers who work there don't care about the women or their babies. They kill at will. One day, everyone will have to stand before our Maker and count for these murders.

  • Ramona

    I'm constantly amazed at those who claim to be "pro-women" yet have no concern that there are zero inspections done at these clinics. I have little doubt there would be protests if there were no inspections at your local Starbucks or favorite lunch spot. Women are being subjected to substandard care. That is what triggered the need for these questions to be asked and updates in care to be made.

    If you care, prove it. Stop biting the hand that feeds you. Emotional rants are no substitute for rational thinking.

  • Shawn

    It's amazing how these left wing nut jobs want to regulate everything except abortion.

    • Cynara

      It's amazing how these right wing nut jobs want less government regulation except abortion.

  • Habib Haddad

    to God, guns and gays we can add abortion. Politicians of both stripes play a shell game so as to take our eyes off the real crimes being committed.
    "It is a time when men work silently in the fields and women weep quietly in the kitchen, for Congress is in session and no man's property is safe. -Will Rogers

  • Meep

    Look at all the white men in their suits.

    • AX MAN

      Meep, You need to settle down and take your pills.

  • Meep

    Abortion "industry"??? Biased much are we Jenn???? I mean, I know metronews is a shameless right wing mouthpiece but that was a bit much.

    If you knew your facts dear, you would know that West Virginia's abortion "industry" amounted to a total of two clinics, both right here in Charleston.

    And no one is getting rich of of the abortion "industry."

    You might pull a dictionary miss and check out the words you use.

    As far as these right wing nut jobs suddenly having an interest in women's health. Folks, you aren't fooling anybody. You'd send women back to the dry cleaners if you had your way and you know it. You figure any woman who has an abortion deserves to be butchered and you care only about "regulation" as a means to limit access to abortion services.

    Liars and hypocrites all of you.

    • jfk

      I guess CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC etc. aren't biased. 70% of the media today is liberal and will continue to grow liberal because we live in a society were it is ok to kill unborn children and call it pro-choice. I for one hope the folks who can make a difference slows down these clinics country wide.If one mother changes her mind it is worth it.
      PS if metro news is against the deaths of unborn children more power to them!

      • Meep

        Oh, cheer up. Can you imagine how many homo -s and liberals and thugs are aborted?

        Most aborted children were most likely future liberals since their mothers were pro-choice, so abortion is good for the right.

        Look at it that way.

        • 2XLPatriot

          Someone said it best in a previous article on here about abortion; "Too bad we can't make abortion retroactive to say, 30-40 years." "Then we could let the supporters choose to be aborted." Ad-libbing of course. He is a very wise man.

        • jfk

          I'll look at this way! lets be glad Mothers of folk like "George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Lebron James etc. and even Joe Blow". decided to have them.

        • mntrbob

          Hope you thanked your Mom.