MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The maximum sentence has been handed down for the man who strangled to death a Fairmont woman.

Kevin Utter, 40, of Morgantown, has been sentenced to 43 years in prison for killing Christina Terry, 33, then torching her car nearly two years ago.

Utter pleaded guilty to second degree murder in May, admitting he strangled Terry then ran over her with a car.  He dumped her body in the woods near University High School.

Investigators say Utter met Terry during a night of drinking at Novichenk’s, a bar along Point Marion Road, in October 2011.  Terry was last seen alive getting into a car with Utter.  He admitted to strangling and running her over.

Monongalia County Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown said the two had no prior relationship and did not know each before their meeting at Novichenk’s.


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  • AX MAN

    This guy should be strangled.

  • MGD

    So glad that taxpayers will provide this scum three hots and a cot, free healthcare and recreation time for 43years! I guess in 43years the woman he murdered will come back to life.
    He used his gift of life to take someone else's... he should have his taken as well.

  • Susie

    He doesn't deserve to breath air for the next 43 years! He has it too easy.