DALLAS, Texas — Aaron Colvin may rank among the best cornerbacks ever to play for Oklahoma, but his highlight tape won’t include many plays from the 2012 shootout at West Virginia.

While WVU’s Tavon Austin delivered a transcendent performance, Colvin is more likely to remember Stedman Bailey’s 13 catches for 205 yards and four touchdowns, most of which came in man coverage.

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Oklahoma cornerback Aaron Colvin summoned up painful memories about last year’s matchup against Stedman Bailey.

“Stedman Bailey is a great receiver—he dominated the whole league,” said Colvin, who bypassed the NFL draft last spring. “It was just one-on-one the whole game, and that’s what you look forward to as a cornerback. There were some plays I didn’t have help over the top.”

Though the Sooners edged West Virginia 50-49, Colvin said the Oklahoma defense “almost treated that as a loss” after allowing a school-worst 778 yards.

“It’s embarrassing to have an offense put up those kind of numbers on you,” said Colvin, who repeatedly watched defensive coordinator Mike Stoops lose his mind on the sideline. “I understood his pain.

“We definitely weren’t happy about that. We felt like we put too much pressure on the offense to come away with that win. We should never feel like that as a team.”

With only four starters returning, the Sooners defense—which ranked a disappointing 50th in points allowed last year—once again is viewed as a question mark this season.

“It’s a little insulting because we are Oklahoma,” Colvin said. “We have the talent to step up every year and fill those holes. We’re going to step up this year and shock a lot of people.”

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  • rekterx

    This year we take 'em in Norman.

  • Jay

    Umm...we DIDN'T lose the TCU game. It was stolen, but, that's no excuse for defensive woes of last season. Oklahoma definitely should've been a win, as well as TCU. Hope the "D" is ready this year.

  • richard

    that was a tough lose to swallow. we should have won. Tavon and Stedman went crazy. it was just that damn defense!!! they have to get better this year or it will be a loooong season!

  • Rah

    Tavon had such a monster game I almost forgot Steadman went BERZERK too. He torched that dude.

  • chris

    It's a game WVU should not have lost.

    • Shawn

      Along with the TCU game. Even with our defense, we should've won 9 or 10 games last year. I still think we should've won the OSU game.

      • JS

        That TCU game was a killer. When they lined up to go for 2, we should have called a time-out. If we do call a time-out, may have a different outcome. I was there and could not believe my eyes.