DALLAS, Texas — If only we could fast-forward to the 2014 season opener, when West Virginia meets Alabama in Atlanta. Or more precisely, when spread-offense savant Dana Holgorsen meets defensive mastermind Nick Saban in the pregame news conference.

Saban is among the coaches questioning whether no-huddle attacks increase injury risk, and whether college football’s overseers want the sport to “become a continuous game.” Arkansas coach Bret Bielema last week was even more outspoken about the advantages afforded uptempo offenses.

Holgorsen’s response?

“I’d tell ’em to get over it, because it’s not going to change. It’s going into the NFL, for crying out loud,” Holgorsen said. “There’s people being hired in the NFL that have the background in college football to be able to create a little bit more parity.

“Don’t see it changing any time soon, so you’d better learn to adapt to it.”

Holgorsen got in on the ground floor of the spread phenomenon, when he coached under Mike Leach at Texas Tech. The version Holgorsen developed at Houston, Oklahoma State and now West Virginia features more running emphasis than Leach’s system, though many of the base principles remain the same.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of teams in the Big 12 that were doing that style of offense at that point in time to whereas now, when you look at it, there’s a lot of teams doing that for a reason,” Holgorsen said. “It’s trickled down to the high school ranks for years and years, going back all the way when Coach Briles was at Stephenville High School, which was a couple of decades ago.

“It changed in high school. It’s changing coast to coast. It’s not just limited to be Big 12. You look all the way across the country, there’s a lot of teams that are doing what we’re doing offensively. It’s catching on across the country. I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.”

As the average number of snaps-per-game escalates toward the 200 mark, nothing short of a comprehensive study encompassing years’ worth of data will determine whether uptempo offenses impact player safety.

“I don’t have any evidence whatsoever that it’s increasing the likelihood of guys being injured more,” Holgorsen said. “I don’t see that.”

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  • smarion

    Be true to your team no matter what, and it is all good......./////

  • drwonder

    Pat Dye said about Auburn, "a fan's job is not to get down on our team. It's to love our team." That's what all of us who follow WVU need to do. Every down. Every quarter. Every game!

    • Charleston,WV

      Well stated! You couldn't have stated it better!

  • zero tolerance

    Go Horsewoman!

    • Wemakerain

      Haha thank you sir for that reference

  • cutty77

    As for Nick Saban lets talk about this. 2 years ago he had a 4 TD lead against Auburn at half,and lost in the 2nd half to Cam Newton who ran the spread. Last year A&M and Johnny Football embrassed Bama at home. Nick's no dummy,he knows its coming to the College game. So Nick brings out the injury Card. I like Dana,he doesn't Coach scared,and doesn't talk scared either.So all you SO CALLED WVU Fans,go to the Church of Whats Happening Now. You will feel better about yourself.

    • WVWho

      Cam was a 1 man machine for AU that year, Bama played LSU the week before for the nation title and it physically and emotionally beat them up, so the A&M loss wasn't a complete shock. I don't like uptempo all the time, but I don't think you should be able to stand around for 40 seconds either.

      • cutty77

        @ WVWho,
        Bama wasn't beat up the first half of the game. Uptempo can hurt you one way,if you don't get first downs.Your defense stays on the field all the time.As Coach Nehlen use to say to win it all,you have to do it all. Go fast when you can,and slow when you need too.

  • Habib Haddad

    Obviously, there are too many breaks and too much internet access at the chicken plant. Let us play the games and see how it plays out. I'll be there, cheering Holgy and the boys on.

  • Mike

    All the haters need to crawl back under there rock. I go to a game to see points scored. I dont care about a 10-7 Don N kind of game. I like a game like the OU/WVU game. 50/49 thats what keeps me coming back. Yeah we lost but damn what a game. If you can't believe in your team and there ability then jump ship. No room for WVU part timers here. As for Holgs and a red solo cup whatever works. I'm sure he isn't the only one in the sports world that tilts one back. I think I will have one with him and I'm not sure that some of you negitive people are not typing with a hangover yourself.

    • rdl

      Hey mike, no room for part timers. If you didnt like a 10-7 win what are you?

      • Mac

        Donnie had some 51-30 games too. Major needed to run the wrong way more. :)

    • WVWho

      Seeing the OU game in person was nothing short of a disgrace. Records being set by both teams with no discipline on defense or special teams. I don't want to see a 7-6 game either, but the baylor & OU games are not what football in it's purest form should be about.

  • Little Bill

    WTF you talk abbout reality! The reality is you have no idea how many games we will win this year.

    • Little Bill

      WTF That's better you said " might ". You are starting to understand the reality thing.

      • Ragweed

        Why do all the articles about the Mountaineers devolve into this kind of adolescent, name-calling discussion? It gets really boring. Most of the commentors don't know anything about college ball to start with?

  • Dave R

    it isn't the uptempo we hate,,,,its the NO DEFENSE we hate,, well that and that Dana is a hard core drunk....

  • richard

    no wvrefugee, he is just saying the facts. i don't want a humble coach. i want one that's going to crush the opponent. football talk and real life are 2 different things bud. WTF.....get over a 4 win season? lmao, i bet you may even be able to count as high as 10. i'm not saying WVU will win 9, 10 or more games, but 4? give me a f-break!

    • wvrefugee

      Not sure what you mean, 4??? I say 6-6! If I'm getting embarrassed on National TV for weeks in a row, you bet your sweet hind end I'd be humbled!!!
      Not sure if it is arrogance OR stupidity!!!

      • cutty77

        I see why your a wvrefugee. LOL

        • wvrefugee

          Actually, I'm not anymore but wishing I was again!!

          • David

            There's plenty of roads that lead out of WV!!!!

  • wvrefugee

    “Don’t see it changing any time soon, so you’d better learn to adapt to it.”

    Humble, ain't he!!!

  • Big John

    Would ou belive a 8-5 or 93 record this year. Better coaches and more on defese players. We il have a winnnseso this ea.

    • Kevin


  • CaptainQ

    We shall see this season if Coach's offense delivers on it's potential or not. Even the sports press isn't expecting much from the Mountaineers this coming season, one poll having WVU finishing in eighth place (in a 10 team league). He better prove'm wrong, or else he might be looking for another job next year.....

    • Tom78

      He is a good coach but the quality of players on offense at the major skill positions is lacking to put it mildly. The media is picking us to have a bad year because of this fact and not because of coaching. If the team is not improving by 2014-2015, then I would be concerned. I expect 3-9 at best. Really says something about the recruits that were in place before he arrived though.

      • CaptainQ

        If the Mountaineers can't defeat their three Non-conference 'cupcake' opponents, then it'll be a VERY long season indeed.

        • Mike

          Boy howdy!

    • Wemakerain

      Hey even 8th place should be bowl eligible as balanced as this league is, I expect better than that 7-5 or 8-4 I don't think is out of the question.

      • CaptainQ

        But will a 7-5 record & Bowl appearance be enough to satisfy Mountaineer Nation this season?

        THAT is the bigger question.

        • Mac

          7-5 this season would be a miracle. I'd be impressed with that performance from THIS team.

        • William

          Answer - PINSTRIPE BOWL

          • David

            You're an idiot!!!

  • Holgy's red Solo Cup

    I am hoping coach doesn't pass out at the podium from last nights escapades......

    • cutty77

      America Hates Snitches. Get a Life you Jock Sniff.

      • Mac

        Leave Jock alone! He was CFL's special teams player of the week!

  • Bismarck was a herring

    What Shawn said! No room for Sunshine Mountaineers any more.

  • Shawn

    I wonder if you can get behind your team and cheer them on no matter what.

    • William

      Dana "YOU KNOW" Holgerson is a perfect fit for WVU. It is very sad that WVU must schedule teams like WILLIAM & MARY, Georgia State, next they will be playing CLAY BATTELLE. This is the only way they can get to 6 wins, but that is the way its been for 20 years. Schedule cup cake non conf. games so you can pad the wins and then call yourself great team. FANS GO BUY YOUR PINSTRIP BOWL TICKETS, because that the only place WVU will go!

      • MountainMover

        Wasn't it WVU that recently scheduled home and home series with three SEC schools including cupcakes like LSU and Auburn? What a clueless comment.

      • Big Larry


        Love your Work!

      • Mike

        And your Herd plays who?

        • Jason

          I didnt see any comment about The Herd in his post at all? He was just stating the facts.

    • Jephre

      Negativity contributes nothing.

      • Mac

        Being realistic has no bearing on cheering on your team. Realistically, logically, I don't see 6 wins this year. I'll be more than happy to eat crow if they can pull it off though. And I will cheer on the Mountaineers every time they hit the field.

      • NorthernWVman

        Maybe he is being very optimistic or realistic in his saying 4 wins. LOL

        I don't care I will support them even if they win none. Good luck and have fun.