DALLAS, Texas — If only we could fast-forward to the 2014 season opener, when West Virginia meets Alabama in Atlanta. Or more precisely, when spread-offense savant Dana Holgorsen meets defensive mastermind Nick Saban in the pregame news conference.

Saban is among the coaches questioning whether no-huddle attacks increase injury risk, and whether college football’s overseers want the sport to “become a continuous game.” Arkansas coach Bret Bielema last week was even more outspoken about the advantages afforded uptempo offenses.

Holgorsen’s response?

“I’d tell ’em to get over it, because it’s not going to change. It’s going into the NFL, for crying out loud,” Holgorsen said. “There’s people being hired in the NFL that have the background in college football to be able to create a little bit more parity.

“Don’t see it changing any time soon, so you’d better learn to adapt to it.”

Holgorsen got in on the ground floor of the spread phenomenon, when he coached under Mike Leach at Texas Tech. The version Holgorsen developed at Houston, Oklahoma State and now West Virginia features more running emphasis than Leach’s system, though many of the base principles remain the same.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of teams in the Big 12 that were doing that style of offense at that point in time to whereas now, when you look at it, there’s a lot of teams doing that for a reason,” Holgorsen said. “It’s trickled down to the high school ranks for years and years, going back all the way when Coach Briles was at Stephenville High School, which was a couple of decades ago.

“It changed in high school. It’s changing coast to coast. It’s not just limited to be Big 12. You look all the way across the country, there’s a lot of teams that are doing what we’re doing offensively. It’s catching on across the country. I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.”

As the average number of snaps-per-game escalates toward the 200 mark, nothing short of a comprehensive study encompassing years’ worth of data will determine whether uptempo offenses impact player safety.

“I don’t have any evidence whatsoever that it’s increasing the likelihood of guys being injured more,” Holgorsen said. “I don’t see that.”

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    Holgorsen is a really good offensive coach, but I am not sold on his head coaching ability. As to the schedule, WVU has played as tough an OOC schedule as anyone else, there are SEC, ACC, B11 teams on the schedule recently and in the future. My biggest beef was that Luck bought out of the FSU games to keep Marshall and hunt for a SECOND 1AA team this year.

  • Mike Furfari

    Dana couldn't shine Nick Saban's shoes. When Holgorsen wins something he'll have a voice that people listen to, not before.

  • Magic Mike

    Holgerson reminds me of Norv Turner. Great offensive coordinator but not a great head coach.

  • Magic Mike

    All I know is this. If the defense is not fixed it will be a very long season.

  • Bamafire

    Win something then u can talk.

  • cutty77

    I notice i didn't see or hear a peep about IMG/WVU New Deal on here.Thats Kinda funny. I printed off 113 pages to read. LOL

  • john

    O line and qb play will determine the season. Defense is better, running backs are very good, wide receivers should be pretty good. If O line is good and qb is good we win 8 or so. If o line and qb is bad it maybe a 3 or 4 win team.

  • Gob

    Wait. Do you work for ESPN? Or just watch it a lot? Because I can see the lunacy of that network has rubbed off....why even bother with a season when we know what's gonna happen?

  • Ramblin'Man

    "Get over it." Ok, Holgorsen I will. But first I have to get over having the worst defense in all of Div. 1 football. I have to get over the fact that that horrible defense returns and the offense has nothing to brag about. I have to get over that embarrassing Pinstripe Bowl loss. I have to get over having 2 last minute losses to OK and TCU. I have to get over the Kansas State blowout on National TV. I have to get over the Texas Tech and OK St. humiliations.

    Dana Holgorsen==underachieving teams. More of the same in 2013.

  • Jason

    Spread up-temp offenses DO tend to score alot of points (look at WVU and MU, and any other team that uses the spread). The problem with the spread-quick score offense is, it doesnt give your D any rest, they are on the field all game and they get wore out, so they tend to give up a lot of points as well, so games end up in a shoot out..you will win some and lose some. The REALITY is, look at teams that win national championships, they have a balanced attack on offense that controls the clock and the game and a shut down defense. The old addage does hold some water, Defense wins championships! And the spread, if you look across the country, more often than not, they will win alot of games against teams with less talent that cannot keep up, but when faced with a balanced team with a good offense that drives down the field and keeps your spread O on the sideline and your tired D on the field, they tend to win the big games/championships. That is how I have seen it the last few years.

  • Daniel

    I'm beginning to think all you haters of Coach Holgerson & Huggins would rather have Catlett & Stewart back at the helm? Get a grip people. It even took "Rod the Fraud" more time than Holgerson has been allowed. Pick another team to hark on if you don't, or wont, support the team like a true Mountaineer.

  • Over Dana

    I am over Dana Holgerson and I am moving on.

  • Birdlegs

    The negative WVU fans amaze me. They think we are still in the Big East or what ever that new conference is called. We are in the one major conference that accepted us and we fans need to see how it eventually works out. We still do not get the elite players because we are not the elite of the sporting world. If we had gotten selected by the SEC or ACC, we have no idea what are record would be or if we would get more quality recruits. I am believing that with in the Big 12 conference we will eventually improve in all areas; talent, ranking, and coaching if needed. If not, I am still a WVU supporter. They are my team.

  • Luke

    Can we get some grammar lessons for this guy for $2.5 million a year?

  • lee arthur

    West Virginia cannot get enough quality players to be a dominate football team. They have little if no quality players in the state to build a program with. They are stuck in limbo as football recruiting is concerned.