Jaylon Myers sported a Mountaineers jersey during this week’s visit to West Virginia.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia obtained its seventh commitment for the class of 2014, and its first on the defensive side, when junior college cornerback Jaylon Myers pledged Wednesday.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound Myers—currently preparing for his sophomore season at Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College—played as a freshman at Georgia Military College in 2011 before being dismissed and sitting out last season.

A native of North Augusta, S.C., Myers previously visited Oklahoma State, Florida and Georgia and also claims an offer from LSU.

“He is a big cornerback who will have three years to play two once he graduates from junior college,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of WVSports.com. “He plans to enroll at WVU in December. Ultimately he said his comfort level on campus was the biggest difference-maker between West Virginia and his other options.”

WVU’s previous six commitments include three receivers (Rocky Rogers, Lamar Parker and Jacob McCrary), two offensive linemen (Josh Krok and Amanii Brown) and quarterback William Crest.

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  • CoachJaeger

    Jaylon is a beast. Watched him play against us in Joco. Hes one of the talker CB-play makers. Definitely D1 material. Glad to see this! Please Big XII qb's loft that ball near this young stud. He'll reel them in. Lightning fast too if he keeps up with it in the weight room and stays healthy. Touchdown West Virginia Defense. We need some taller / smarter DBs. Show them what you're made of kid. We believe all in you here in Mountaineer land !!!

  • Magic Mike

    The first defensive player. We are doomed. What happened to the great defenses of WVU. They used be feared now they are laughing at us.

    Way to go Holgerson getting rid of Jeff Casteel.

    • hailey

      What happened to the great defenses?... they quit playing Uconn, RU, Spitt and USF and substituted them with OU, OSU, KSU,TX, Baylor.

  • Shan

    I believe he's an awesone basketball player as well per articles...

  • wvrefugee

    Can he play basketball too????

  • JS

    My last post is "awaiting moderation" because I have his Youtube video link in it. Check him out on Youtube. There are 2 videos.

  • Ramblin'Man

    That sure is an ugly, and I mean fugly, looking uniform jersey. What's the next change coming? The Mountaineer mascot dressing in business casual work clothes??

  • Shawn

    I'll take a JUCO with grades over a cocky High Schooler any day! These High School kids come in thinking they are gonna run the place. Kudos for Holgs going after the kids that want to play for the right reasons.

  • John

    Looks like I will be making the 45 minute drive from Wichita to Hutch to see this future Mountaineer in action this fall. Starting to see increased activity from the Mountaineers in the fertile JUCO schools in Kansas

    • Zo

      Check out what Myers did last Saturday game. 3 int

  • Big Larry

    Finally....They got a defensive player to commit....


  • Jimi Johnston

    Welcome to WV looking forward to watching you play. Keep your nose clean, work and study hard and the sky is the limit. Take advantage of your opportunity a lot of guys don't have the chance you have

  • Scooter

    Great job on this one. He will turns some heads.

  • Bob

    Welcome aboard, Jaylon. Mountaineer nation is excited to have you as a student-athlete who will help us to the Big XII championship and the NC.
    Good luck and see you in December.

  • Allan

    Seems to be more and more JUCO players landing chance to move up to the D1 schools, they are becoming the farm teams for D1. I guess Jaylon couldn't take all that following orders and going to bed at 10:00pm stuff at the military school. Good luck Jaylon and welcome to Morgantown.

    • Hop'sHip

      WVU needs its own instate junior college where it could stash players until they are ready for the big time. I was thinking maybe Marshall.

      • Lucas

        Marshall is a d1 school

    • tw eagle

      the juco kids are coming from either no offers out of high school or didn't qualify academically to accept their D1 offer . . .
      getting an associates degree qualifies these kids to accept a D1 scholarship . . .they
      have to graduate from the prep or junior
      college to be qualified . . .
      Lsu , auburn, and Alabama don't have the
      problem of having their prospects not qualify . . .they move their 'marginal' prospects to schools close to the university to make sure they can qualify academically . . .
      not something I consider kosher , but the ncaa hasn't made anything of it , so it must pass the sniff test . . .

      • Wemakerain

        They also over sign and have kids "gray shirt" until a scholarship is actually open. Basically give them a spot on the team, like a walk on with promise of a scholarship, I've always hated that for the kids

  • Wemakerain

    Has a great offer list, and a world of potential. Plus he has height which I like in a corner. Good luck young man

  • tw eagle

    sounds good , as long as he follows through and completes his academics . . .sounds a
    bit like the D-lineman in Arizona juco a few years ago . . .waiting, waiting , waiting , GONE . . .
    other than the mountains , I 'd think the pace to living and the easy going manner
    of West Virginians should remind him of
    South Carolina . . .