RIVERTON, W.Va. — A search spanning several counties in West Virginia and parts of Maryland ended tragically.

West Virginia State Police in Pendleton County were called to the scene of a crash on U.S. Route 33 between Riverton and Macksville near Seneca Rocks. A pickup truck driven by Dana Nicole Davis left the roadway and rolled over a 30 foot embankment. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Troopers say Davis’ 11 month old child survived the crash and was taken to Grant Memorial Hospital in Petersburg.

The search for Davis was fueled by social media posts Monday night through the morning Tuesday. Her husband Clint Davis posted online for help finding her after she had traveled to LaVale, Md. and Keyser, W.Va. but failed to return home. Davis found the wreckage.

State Police say the baby’s cries lead him to the accident scene.

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  • Beth Stokes

    This was posted on my fb News Feed from Ohio friends all the way to Jacksonville Fl., my thoughts, prayers & hugs go out to Nicole, Clint, & all the beautiful children family & friends.. ive lost à child, i pray for you all, the loss of family is precious as they are Always à part of us.. i hope the baby recovered wéll as you all have def been through enough! Def à miracle..

  • Skeptic

    Yes, yes, prayers all around. Not that the sky wizard did anything to protect this woman. Perhaps she deserved it?

    • eric

      A year after this girls death I just read your comment "skeptic" I knew this lady and her husband both very good people, it's people like you that leave me to question why some people are born.

      • Monica

        Amen Eric! Someday that 'Sky wizard' may just place his rude, unempathic butt in a similar situation, then we'll see if he believes in a sky wizard

  • Laura Tarter

    My heart goes out to you and your children. May God Bless and carry you through this terrible time. Thoughts and Prayers!!!

  • Melissa H.

    This is so sad. Glad that the baby survived at least. Prayers to the family!

  • Tracy

    Very tragic. May this family find peace and comfort.

  • lee arthur

    May God bless the family thru their trying times.

  • Trina W.

    Praying that God will wrap His Loving Arms around this family and give them the strength they need to continue their journeys ahead...

  • Barbara

    Sorry for the lost of this family. May God give the husband and this baby comfort thru their time of need.

  • joey lemasters

    May God bless this family in this tragic time..i am extremely sorry for your loss

  • brenda payne

    so sorry ,our thoughts and prayers for the family.

  • Lisa Dwire

    Heartbreaking,,, prayers for the family!

  • Lisa Metcalf

    Im so sorry for your loss.I will be praying that God blesses your family and gives comfort during this difficult time.

  • juliet sawyer

    So sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and give you peace.



  • Mary Rembold

    My heart goes out to the family, as I had a very similar thing happen to me, resulting in the death of my husband. Praying God gives you the strenght to go through this difficult time