RIDGELEY, W.Va. — Ridgeley Mayor Lynn Carr says when it comes to video lottery parlors, his town has reached capacity.

“We want to limit it because presently we have four businesses on the main drag that have lottery and another one moving in,” he told MetroNews Wednesday. “We’d like for it to be more of a small town than a gambling strip.”

The Ridgeley City Council is preparing to pass an ordinance which would limit the number of video lottery machines in the town to 35. Once the last business is up and running they’ll be at that level. Mayor Carr said the public seems to also be in support of the limit.

“The citizens and most of the council think we have enough,” he said. “We already have five establishments and we’re a town that’s less than a mile long.”

The establishments offering limited video lottery are the American Legion, VFW, a private club, and two normal business owners.

Operators may be hoping to draw gamblers from Maryland to play the local machines, but Carr said that plan will be short-lived since the nearby Rocky Gap Casino is now operational and lined with video lottery machines. Carr said the last permit approved for a gaming establishment in town received the license from the West Virginia Lottery over the objection of more than 250 who signed a petition to protest the establishment.

Carr said the council has delayed third reading of the ordinance to double check and make sure they can enact the ordinance legally.


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  • Glad to be in Texas

    Who wants to even visit that corrupt speed trap town. Glad I no longer live on the border with Ridgeley. Glad to be far away from West Virginia the same ones who voted for their own demise.

  • Observant

    Video poker machines are just another tax on the poor and disenfranchised..... No different than State Lotteries.
    Organized crime involvement should also be considered present any time you have "machines" companies and "machines" in any establishment. "Retired" "Law Enforcement Officer" used to come in to our place and survey operations for "the gaming company" when the former owner had "machines" in the business. Very obvious mafioso! What an arrogant, sleazy turd!
    Prior to my purchase of the operation, I called "the gaming co." and requested the "machines" be removed from the premises upon my proprietorship. They didn't seem too psyched with the prospect of lost revenue from list souls, but begrudgingly complied with my request.
    I witnessed the zombie stream of slack-jawed numb nuts moving in and out of the business prior to my takeover. Still have folks come in the front door, ask about the machines, and get pissed off that they are no longer here. Like drug addicts denied their next fix.
    Sad and disgusting way to make your money as a business owner, taking advantage of the stupidity of others.

    • Larry

      True, so true.

  • Larry

    I forgot, there is also an unwritten rule that you must be a smoker to enter one of these establishments.

  • Larry

    I have to agree, the video parlors are definitely a scourge on this state. Poor, usually uneducated people, most on disability, or SSI, are the primary customers, it's really quite sad.

  • Dan

    Watch Ridgeley get sued if they pass it. The town is the night hangout for many Cumberland citizens.

  • Habib Haddad

    It is nice to see that good ole' Ridgeley, hard by the banks of the Potomac and a short bridge ride from Cumberland, MD is being recognized for more than being a nefarious speed trap and for being a haven for political corruption. Go Ridgeley!

  • wvman75

    "These people" and the business owners that cater to them are just trying to eke out a living like everybody else. Most of the patrons are hardworking folks who drop an extra few dollars in to try and hit a jackpot. Everyone who is of legal age is supposed to know the odds and whether they can afford it or not. It's called being a grown up.

  • CaptainQ

    Well, I wish Ridgeley good luck with that!

    The town of Belington tried to pass city ordinances to keep 'video gaming parlors' from coming into the city in the late 2000's, but was told by their 'legal council' that any attempts to do so could result in legal action from those trying to get one set up in the city limits. I watched some of the city council debates, and as is the case with most politicians, there was a LOT of arguing, but in the end, little decided.

    So, good luck, Ridgeley, you're going to NEED IT!

  • cutty77

    @ WTF,
    There no different than The Polictial Hacks That Voted for all this. They just dress a Little Better. But They have The Morals a Stray Dog.