SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Teachers from across the state are learning the a-b-c’s of their iPads. One hundred educators are taking part in the West Virginia Center for Professional Development’s Infusing Technology program.

The three-day event, which wraps up on Thursday, is being held in South Charleston. The goal is to bring teachers up to date on the latest in technology and make them feel comfortable enough to use an iPad, in the classroom.

“Technology! Everything is going towards technology,” stressed Jorge Romero, a teacher at Lincoln County High School. “If you’re not implementing technology in the schools then you are really not doing what [education experts] recommend to do with helping people learn in the best possible way.”

Romero, who’s leading one of the iPad sessions, said students are so much more advanced when it comes to technology like iPads and that’s what they want to use, in class, rather than a clunky text book. He said by giving students what they want they hope to keep their interest.

“We’re hoping we’ll actually be able to integrate the iPads into their daily lessons in such a way that maintains student attention, keep students engaged,” Romero said.

The teachers are getting a lot of practical advice and instruction on how to use their iPads. From sessions on math and science apps to digital storytelling the program is just a starting point for educators to learn the basics and then go home and discover more on their own.

Michelle Tharp, with the Center for Professional Development, said the sessions the teachers are taking part in, “can have a powerful impact on instruction.”

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  • stophating


    Teachers shouldn't get paid for anything... they are without value in WV

  • Gary Karstens

    YEESH! Nothing wrong with getting paid to learn tools that will help young minds develop.

  • Minco

    sessions for other teachers. That is usually how those things work. Again, I am not sure about a stipend . If I were to guess I would say no based on the condition of the economy. Sorry about the broken comment. I am typing from my Android.

  • Minco

    Teachers from across the state are attending this program. It wasn't specified whether or not they received a stipend or not. Local boards probably approved a few of their teachers to go and paid for their accommodations and travel out of local county budget allocations towards staff development. Those teachers will in turn establish staff development s

  • Joe

    I'm assuming that teachers will be extra-compensated to "then go home and learn on their own".