MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — With left tackle Quinton Spain on a trajectory to enter the NFL draft after his upcoming junior season, West Virginia received a commitment from his potential replacement Thursday. photo

Justin Scott, a three-star prospect, spent his freshman season at Pierce Community College in Los Angeles.

Justin Scott, a three-star prospect at Pierce (Calif.) Community College in Los Angeles, pledged to WVU one day after visiting campus. The 6-foot-6, 290-pounder became the third offensive line commitment for the Mountaineers’ 2014 class and the second junior college recruit in two days to pick WVU.

“Scott said he was around 90-percent sure he was going to commit to West Virginia following his visit Wednesday, but it took a little more than 24 hours to give lead recruiter cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell and head coach Dana Holgorsen the good news,” said writer Keenan Cummings of

“Scott is a former tight end that has developed into an athletic offensive tackle that should come in and compete immediately for the Mountaineers given the overall need at the position in this recruiting class. This is a big coup for the Mountaineers as many schools had started to take notice of Scott and were monitoring him closely. But after getting him on campus, West Virginia was able to seal the deal.”

While Scott had yet to receive any major-college offers other than Cincinnati, Washington State and Wyoming, other programs seemed to be gaining interest. Michigan State, Kansas and Tennessee also has expressed interest in the player who spent a year at a post-graduate prep school and sat out the 2011 season after returning home to his native Detroit.

You can watch Scott’s 2012 highlight video here—though it comes with the standard disclaimer about potentially offensive background music.

Scott becomes West Virginia’s eighth commitment for 2014. On Wednesday, the Mountaineers received a pledge from cornerback Jaylon Myers of Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College.

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  • clair thompson

    On our way back.

  • Hillboy wv

    JUCO U. I will take it if they play like the kids k-state get.

  • Gary Karstens

    JUCO U


    • Gary Karstens


  • Mike

    Our coaching staff is doing a great job! I trust what our staff is doing and I don't have to second guess our staff. Recruiting is always a work in progress.


    we have a nice left tackle with this kid!!!!!!!

    • Ricardo

      Nice comment Mike! I agree!
      I truly beleive we'll sneak in a couple games that we were predicted to lose.

      Also, this kid seems like a good addition to what could shape up to be a strong class.

      Let's Go Mountaineers!

  • Jeff Jmaes

    West Virginia Football Pos Ranking Rating Name
    QB 33 William Crest
    WR 47 Ricky Rogers
    OT 95 Josh Krok
    WR 97 Jacob McCrary
    WR 128 Lamar Parker
    OT JC Justin Scott
    C NR Amanii Brown
    CB JC Jaylon Myers
    That's eight no matter how you count them!

  • big tom

    i really think dana has learned his lesson after last yr. and realizes even with three pro draftees from his off. we still can't win many games without a def...
    i think he's getting good coaches in, and after this yr. we can fire deforest and get rid of that huge waste of salary he gets, and spend it on someone who knows something about the def.

    • Wemakerain

      Deforest is not involved with the defense anymore, he is a major recruiter and special teams coordinator (albeit an overpaid one). I am afraid to say it, but I doubt he will get fired

  • tw eagle

    so soon RR's proclivity for only recruiting kids who played qb in high school is forgotten . . .ergo the 3-3-5 D , those kids that couldn't throw or catch were still suitable for this D that had 2 D-backs and 3 safeties . . .
    and he'd chase away those that wouldn't fit. . .
    i'd say holgersons eye is on 2014 , Alabama to open the season . . .he needs success to attract top high school prospects . . .
    how about a teaser question. . .ncaa goes from 3 to 4 divisions . . .instead of 124 schools playing D1 football , there are only 65 left in D1 . . .if , in this transition the limit
    on scholarships is removed or raised to , say , 120 . . .WILL WVU be at a better position to recruit . . .or will there be less
    talented athletes available to recruit at WVU ? ? I say less . . .

  • wvrefugee

    Although Big Larry seems to be a pudd......he is correct! Just like his mentor, Hal Mumme, Holgerson will spend all of his recruits on the offensive side of the ball and very few on the defensive side of the ball. A great offensive coordinator....maybe; a head coach.......NOT!

  • WVWho

    This class will be at least half Juco players, true sign of short term bandaids to a long term problem.

  • Big Larry

    The folks down in Huntington taught me to read just fine...The article that preceded this one reads as follows...

    By Allan Taylor in WVU Sports | July 24, 2013 at 7:06PM

    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia obtained its seventh commitment for the class of 2014, and its first on the defensive side, when junior college cornerback Jaylon Myers pledged Wednesday.

    So......7 + 1 =8 7 + Justin Scott = 8 offensive players

    Jaylon Meyers is the one defensive player.

    As a side note... my reading skills were 7th grade and my math skills were only 3rd grade...but that is all they require to be a WVU fan.....So get over it!

    • Mannon

      Yes 7+1 = 8. Yet, CB Jaylon Meyers is one of those 8. So that is 7 offensive players. I can recommend a tutor to help with your basic skills since the school system in Huntington clearly isn't up to par

  • j

    Good thing you can count Larry. Marshall has taught you so much. Just like the sky is blue and your ABC's. That being said theirs only 8 commits. Not 9. 7 are offensive. But of course your too busy Figuring out A comes before Z to realize that. Oh and 1 + 1 doesn't equal 11.

    • Ramblin'Man

      Your spelling/grammar skills must have come from the WV education system.
      1. "theirs" should be=there are
      2. 7 should be=Seven. Never begin a sentence with a numeral.
      3. "Figuring" should be=figuring. lower case "f" in the middle of a sentence. Is "Figuring" a proper noun? Must be the capital city of your homeland, Idiotland.
      4. You should learn what a comma is. You omitted several.
      It isn't your fault, though. Because of the WV education system, idiots in WV are a dime a dozen.

      • j

        Sport bud, (notice the comma) I was typing while working. Most Marshall graduates don't have jobs so I can't blame you for having so much time on your hands

      • David

        Proud that the grammar/spelling police are out. Sarcasm! Don't you love it?



  • Big Larry

    That makes 8 offensive players and 1 defensive player thus far to sign...But not to worry. If they don't pan out we just switch them over to defense...

    • Rugger

      I get 7 and 1 but I'm from Salem so double check.

    • Wemakerain

      There's a bunch of big time defensive prospects visiting this weekend, so there will probably be some additions. Plus the offense is what took major losses last year, you have to keep the numbers equal to some extent