CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Kanawha County man charged in connection with two violent home invasions in Pinch has plead guilty.

Wednesday in front of Kanawha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey, Aaron Chapman pleaded guilty to first degree robbery and malicious wounding in relation to the robberies earlier this year.

“I am absolutely sure that based on the evidence we have we maximized a potential prison sentence with this defendant ,” said Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Plants.

Back in February, detectives said Chapman and Casey Givens broke into the Church Drive home of Ramona Jones, 74, and severely beat her. The pair also attempted to break into the home belonging to Frank Mace, 59, on Mace Street.

Jones was unconscious when police arrived. She suffered a broken collarbone, broken ribs, broken vertebrae, a broken facial bone, as well as two punctured lungs and bleeding in the brain in the incident.

Plants said the guilty plea would not have happened if wasn’t for the work done by the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department in the case.

“At the beginning of the case there wasn’t a whole lot of evidence, but the kept up and kept at it and because of their hard work in their investigation, they returned the evidence that was needed to secure these convictions and get a very dangerous guy off the streets,” he said.

Chapman faces a mandatory minimum of 10 years in jail when sentenced September 20.

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  • AX MAN

    Could get ten years and out in two, what a joke.

  • West Virginian

    Any "punk" that harms an elderly person should go straight to Prison and do not pass go.