HUGHESTON, W.Va. —  A night of drinking turned deadly for a group of Kanawha County teenagers.

State Police said Collin Qualls, 16, was pronounced dead at the scene of a car wreck early Friday morning on Hughes Creek in Kanawha County. Troopers identify the driver of the car as Dustin Burkhardt, 18. Burkhardt and three other teens in the car, ages 16, 17, and 18, are all hospitalized.

Troopers say Burkhardt was drinking and driving and lost control about 12:10 am. The car left the roadway and rolled several times. It finally came to rest in the front yard of a home at 5211 Huges Creek Road.

State Police say Burkhardt will likely face charges of DUI resulting in death and DUI resulting in injury.


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  • Cindy

    I will say a special prayer the families do not read these comments. This is not my business, I was reading about another tragedy of a friend and continued reading the news when I came upon 15 comments in which 14 were either ruthless in some fashion of content or simply unnecessary on this page, you are not commenting on an article meant for slang opinion & personal pet peeves.

  • Larry

    Another thing that seems lost in this is that the use of a seatbelt would likely have saved his life.

  • Rich

    A very sad story and may God comfort the family of the child killed. I am ashamed to admit that some of your messages cracked me up. Let me know if I have any grammar errors.

  • Wixcheew

    Back to the accident, the parents
    who let this happen at the house
    should also be dealt with. The legal
    drinking age is 21 and none of the
    victims where legal. It is very sad
    but nature is a cruel teacher and
    humans are also bound by the law
    of natural selection. It envolves
    survival of the fitest which means
    if you tempt fate you may not survive. Please protect your
    children They are a gift and you
    must guide them not allow them to do whatever they want That is why
    there are age limits so that ten year
    olds can't drive etc.

    • WVMom

      Please do not correct other people when you are not smart enough to do it yourself. What does respect have to do with someone's ability to use correct grammar and spelling? Do yourself a favor and proofread your own paragraph if you want to call it that. The correct words are involves not envolves, fittest not fitest, and were not where. You also capitalized they and that when they are not suppose to be unless you forgot to put a period or comma in that run on sentence of yours. I am only pointing out that you made mistakes because you like to do that to other people.

      • Larry

        supposed, not suppose

        • Renee

          Suppose, meaning I suppose...I cannot believe people are grieving and someone had to correct grammar. Someone obviously not qualified. WVMom called it right. I seriously am shocked someone posted that on here in the first place, especially someone deciding who deserves respect. Wake up people, save your stupid remarks for another subject matter! By the way if you're the fittest we're in big trouble. God Bless this young man's family and loved ones, may other teens learn from this tragedy.

          • Renee

            Oh no, I forgot a comma!

  • Wixcheew

    You need to use correct grammar
    and spelling if you want respect!
    It is their not there also they're
    not there. There is an adverb telling
    where. If you are going to write
    where people will see it use their,
    there, and they're correctly.

  • Jordan

    I agree with David. Coming from experience when teens want to drink and party there going to drink and party. They'll find a way to do, trust me. Once they have there mind set there's pretty much nothing you can do to change it. That's what they want to do and there going to stick to it. If parents would let there kids drink and party at there house things like this would happen a lot less. Break a law to save a life? I don't know about you. It sounds pretty good to me though.

  • Renee

    Suppose there are alot of idiots these days, but I'm quite sure you are one of them. No pity? A life was lost and many were hurt..the driver will face charges and have to live with this the rest of his life. I do not agree with teens drinking, and especially being in a vehicle. But I'm quite sure we all have lived and learned and were blessed to have lived at times. This is tragic. My God, keep your insults to Yourself

  • Dave R

    no pity.. idiots need to learn a lesson

  • David

    This is why parents SHOULD allow their children to to drink and have parties at the house. Make everybody that has consumed alcohol stay the night. This is so sad. Countless lives ruined.

    • Paul

      They are teenagers. If I let them drink at my house then I'm committing a crime. You are a idiot.

    • BigDave

      You are a total idiot.

      • Martinsburg Resident

        AGREE! The response to a tragic event like this is to better educate and raise your children to obey rules and laws and to get serious about DUI offenders. Parents are not friends, they are called to raise thier children... that seems to be the answer these days, just throw in the towel and allow children to do what they please. My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this sad situation.