CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The President of The Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram says the two newspaper carriers, shot to death while on their delivery route early Friday morning, worked hard.

“They were some of the best carriers we every had,” said Brian Jarvis.  “There was no better carrier, for sure.  They made sure everybody got their papers everyday and they never had a complaint on their route.”

Jarvis said Fred and Freddy Swiger, a father and son team who had been delivering newspapers for 30 years on a contract basis, were two of the four victims killed around 4:30 a.m.

Investigators said they were innocent bystanders who were shot and killed when a suspect left a Locust Avenue home after having killed two other people in what was called a “drug deal gone bad.”

Jarvis said drug activity has been making its way into more of Clarksburg’s neighborhoods in recent years.  “They were good neighborhoods and many good people still live there,” he said.

“It just seems that, sometimes, some of these houses and areas, they tend to get overrun with these drug issues and it is a poison that we are having trouble to eliminate.”

Jarvis was a guest on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”  He said the Swigers built a connection with their customers that was evident with the calls that came in after their deaths.

“They delivered that route on foot, rain, snow, sleet, seven days a week, house to house,” he said.  “They were extremely nice, loyal and cared very deeply about their customers.”

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  • RON

    Joe, perhaps you are the one with the head in the sand. Murderers should not be getting out in 7 years. What worked well with alcohol? We do not lock drunk drivers up as I see them in the paper time after time on 2nd and 3rd dui offenses.In your world we would make drugs affordable and having drugged drivers on the road. Perhaps you would like us to give drugs free at the local health clinics? Makes no sense.I say let's build enough prisons to house all the law breakers.

    • Joe

      Prohibition.....duh.... Correction, your head is up you arse. The road is already full of drug user's Ronnie. Legal and illegal. I venture to say 70% of all long haul truck drivers use illegal drugs. Again, you live in fantasy land. And furthermore, there is NO MONEY FOR MORE PRISONS!!!

  • Levelheaded

    I,m with Ron, drop the hammer on these dealers. Throw away the key, and re-instate chain gangs.

  • ron

    Instead of decriminalize how about we institute a real war on drugs.First offense dealers should get 5 years mandatory prison time, second offense 10 years and third offense lifetime. Drug users get first offense mandatory drug rehab, second offense 5 years mandatory lock up and third offense 10 year lock up.We have never had a real war on drugs on this country.Look at the newspapers and see the same drug dealers and users getting placed on probation over and over.Start with real penalties before we give in and decriminalize.

    • Joe

      That worked for alcohol real well too huh Ron?? Murder's can walk in seven years Ronnie, seven and done. Get your head out of the sand and think clearly.

  • Lancaster Eagle Gazette Carrier

    From all the Carriers here in Lancaster Ohio, you have our heart felt condolences. The family will be in our prayers.

  • Joe

    Joe - poster of the first two comments, how stupid can you be? Your fairyland mentality of "follow the law" is just pie in the sky. Do you even remotely begin to understand the amount of US tax dollars being thrown down a hole in Columbia and Bolivia to fight the "un-win-able" war on drugs?? Its enough to build a five story library in all fifty five county's and have plenty left over. Devalue and decriminalize. If one chooses to die from dope, have at it. If it's devalued, innocent people stop dying as well as crime's for dope cash vanishes. One penny pills and ten cent a pound cocaine.

  • Joe

    Bad deal. West Virginia needs to re-institute the death penalty. Hillbilly...8 years Reagen, 4 years Bush 1, and 8 years Bush 2......And drugs didn't go away. The only way "this" goes away is decriminalization. Those pills are a penny a piece and Mr murderer isn't there to collect $10,000.00. Cocaine is ten cents a pound and nobody is getting robbed so an addict gets a fix. Devalue and Decriminalize.

    • Joe

      I completely disagree with that position. People should follow the law. Also, if you see a same username in a comment thread, you should modify yours.

      Joe - poster of the first two comments.

  • Hillbilly

    Sorry for the paper boys family . A tough way to make a living , a tough way to die . As far as the drugies , roast in he!! . The drugs are the scruge of America as long as the liberals are in charge the problem will never go away .

  • Joe

    Why hasn't a mugshot or photo been issued of the accused?!

  • Joe

    These drug dealing animals are a complete waste of blood.

    A hardworking father and son who, along with many others, who work their buyys off with pride only to have a sizeble chunk of their pay confiscated to support this lazy, entitled culture that breeds these animals.

  • ella

    Really, two innocent bystanders shot dead? I doubt that is the real story.

    • mauldawg

      ella Are you dumb or just plain ole stupid. Two men were murdered by a dope head and you post trash about them. Is the dope head your supplier?

    • JS


      I lived in Clarksburg until 2003 and I personally saw these newspaper delivery guys walking on their routes many times. I have no doubt they were innocent bystanders. Why do you doubt it? Do you know something I do not? Please do not speculate on something you do not have information about. This was a tragedy for these two men. As for the drug dealers who could have happened to more deserving scum.

    • Mandi

      Ella, you should be ashamed of yourself for making such a remark. As this story unfolds it is very clear that this father and son was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that is the real story!

  • Robert Whitfield

    It would be nice if you could shoot these drug dealers on sight. Drugs are ruining our towns.


    Sincere condolences to the families of these great ha working citizens. Now arrest the shooter or shooters and burn them at the stake quickly!

  • DWM

    I think Harrison County needs to step up their investment and effort to irradicate the drug vermin from our neighborhoods. If we agree to the additional cost and then hold the officials accountable, we can do this. If we don't it is a battle we will lose and there will be a greater cost to us in the long run.