PRINCETON, W.Va. — A Mercer County circuit judge has placed an accused murderer on home confinement as a condition of bond.

Judy Kowaleski, 42, of Brushfork,┬áhas been in jail since March 28 when she shot and killed the mother of her daughter’s best friend during an argument.

Judy Kowaleski

Kowaleski and Elizabeth Slagle had gotten into a fight after their daughters did earlier in the day on a school bus.

Kowaleski is charged with first degree murder but has yet to be indicted. The next grand jury is set for Oct.

The judge put several restrictions on Kowaleski as part of her home confinement.


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  • AX MAN

    Maybe she could teach Sunday School until they decide to charge her for first degree murder.

  • ConservativeRealist

    I wonder if she is allowed to have sleepovers with her daughter's friends...that way their mothers can come to her house so she won't have to go far to shoot them...

  • chasmo

    Levelheaded : I so greatly agree w/ you ; however , lets do " away " w/ all those that are LIFERS before we build another prison . Then , lets build the prison identical to the prisons in Peru

  • Levelheaded

    Home confinement is a joke. The governor had better build another prison and reinstate the "death penalty". We are going to need both.

  • chasmo

    OMG... Good Grief !!! Is there a " blood relationship " here ??? what a joke-

  • mauldawg

    Can you believe this. Charged with 1st degree murder and gets bond and home confinement. What are the restrictions, in bed by 8,no tv before 6am and no snacks before supper. What a joke. Only in my home state of WV. This is one sad day for the justice system. What happens to the judge if she kills someone else while she watches TV. Damn shame.

    • Paul

      Oh my goodness no. That would be too harsh.

      It is the normal restrictions. No drugs or alcohol. No leaving the home except for doctor appointments, church and work. Anything else? Have have at it, dear.

      You know, really strict restrictions that you'd expect for one charged with first degree murder.


  • lee arthur

    Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!