WHEELING, W.Va. — Visitors to Wheeling Island Casino and Resort in Ohio County will soon have a new way to play.

The West Virginia Lottery Commission has approved the use of two types of electronic table games at the casino and they’re already on order.  The Commission has also paved the way for the approval of two more electronic games in the near future.

Wheeling Island is looking at new ways to generate revenue, as competition becomes more fierce, from surrounding states.  Lottery Director John Musgrave said adding electronic table games is one way to attract new players.

“For those that are just starting or those that are intimidated to go sit at a table and have to know what’s going on, this gives them an opportunity to play,” explained Musgrave.

It’s also a money saver that can be put to use during non-peak hours.

“It’s in the down hours, the soft hours, that these can be made available, which we think will help. It reduces cost,” said Musgrave.

He stressed this, in no way, means the casino is moving toward all non-dealer tables.  It’s just an option for off hours when there aren’t that many people playing.

“When you have these games, it doesn’t require dealers. So let’s say, from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. the next morning, if somebody wants to come in and play, these will be available to them.”

Musgrave said they’ll monitor how the new games work over the next few months and go from there.

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