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Putnam County police are seeking information on this man who robbed the Huntington Bank in Teays Valley Tuesday.

TEAYS VALLEY, W.Va. Police in Putnam County were looking for a man who robbed a Huntington Bank branch on Tuesday afternoon.

Deputies said he walked into the bank—located at the Teays Valley exit on Interstate 64 near Route 34—and demanded money via a note he handed the teller.

The man left the bank and was last seen behind a nearby truck stop.


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  • Wixcheew

    I don't see any evidence of a gun in
    the picture. He probably said he had one in the note. Crooks lie
    a lot you know.

  • Wixcheew

    He robbed it with a note??? I would have held out for hardware Then hit the silent alarm or take out the last bill in a certain place to trip the alarm and take a longer time to get the money and drop a few bills on the floor like all of them and claim you are afraid. These are all tricks
    to pull on a crook and still survive.
    After all most crooks are stupid.
    The bank probably told them to not
    wait for hardware. If he is not armed you can tell him to stick it.
    He probably would not risk a
    murder rap. They probably did
    not have a security guard. That guy
    would be allowed to shoot him
    armed or not because you assume
    they are armed that is how you
    rob with a note. That crook was
    lucky no guard.

  • BK

    I love this bank and the staff have always been so friendly. Glad none of them were hurt. The Robber could have chosen from several others within a block range, so obviously he must have chosen this one because it was closest to truck stop, which now proves to be the bank's "weakest link". Hopefully Security will erect fences or other precautions to prevent the likeihood of this ever happening again.

    • AX MAN

      A fence will only stop honest people.

  • Brian

    Couldn't happen to a nicer bank.