MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Continuing to stockpile offensive linemen, West Virginia garnered a commitment from Maryland’s Jamie Herr on Tuesday afternoon. photo

Jamie Herr

The 6-foot-5, 276-pound Herr attends Eastern Christian Academy in Elkton, Md., the same high school that produced WVU’s 2013 signees Daikiel Shorts and Wendell Smallwood.

A three-star prospect according to Rivals, Herr becomes the fifth offensive lineman to commit to the Mountaineers for 2014. The recruiting service rates him the No. 59 offensive tackle prospect nationally and the No. 23 overall player in Maryland.

“Herr caps off an impressive crop of offensive line commitments for WVU,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of “Like his counterparts, Herr is an athletic prospect who could play tackle or guard in college.

“One thing that stands out immediately on film is his mean streak—he plays with attitude.”

Herr was among the Mountaineers’ top five offensive line targets this summer after attending the spring game and he visited the West Virginia campus again last weekend. He also holds offers from Florida State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Pitt, Tennessee and N.C. State.

“I like the program and the coaches like me,” Herr told “The coaches are saying they will lose three tackles next year, which is good for me.”

West Virginia’s previous offensive line commitments include a pair of Ohio prospects—three-star Josh Krok of Niles and two-star Walter Rauterkus of Avon, the latter of whom committed earlier Tuesday. There’s also two-star Amanii Brown of Morgantown and three-star junior college prospect Justin Scott of Pierce (Calif.) Community College.

The Mountaineers now stand at 11 commitments overall.

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  • richard

    unless you are 12-0 every year and means you can't coach.

  • richard

    anyone who speak ill will towards a dead man who loved this state and his school and who didn't have a bad overall record and wasn't as bad a coach as you say......are idiots!!! you sickin me! come back and say what you want to me and call me names like i'm doing you......but you're scum, idiots, low lifes, who don't deserve to be called humans. people like you need the piss knocked out of your eyes and ears. idiots!

  • Old Gold

    I saw Ollie Luck as a freshman quarterback learning the game under Don Nehlen, a great Mountaineer head coach. I'm proud Ollie came back to be Athletic Director and credit him with waking the Mountaineers up to reality as far as the death of the Big East was concerned. Ollie saved us from being left out in the cold again conference wise. I am 100% for Oliver Luck. Football and basketball will be great again. I Believe in the Old Gold and Blue.

  • jim cook

    Men, men, men... Your comments about Bill Stewart are starting to piss me off! He wasn't a great coach, but he guided us through some tough times, won a lot of games after Richie abandoned us (and took most of his staff) and won how many BCS bowls? And, he was a Mountaineer! Let's see if Holgerson can do as well. As a Mountaineer who can remember too many sub-.500 seasons, I look forward to WINNING teams (and and occasional top 5 rating! Go Mountaineers!

    • eliotz

      Ditto Jim!

  • Daniel

    Why does everyone love to hate a winner? Holgerson has proven time and time again that he can win. Blame it on his predecessor, the so beloved Billy Stewart. He wrecked the program and tried, in vain, to sink the ship. Correcting the problems from others' ignorance is time consuming, at best. They are building for the future that we all have hoped would be here today. Unfortunately, after a few years of misguidance by the aforementioned, this is what you get. Stand behind them, be proud and be supportive!

    • tw eagle

      bill Stewart was a good ole boy and a great politician. . .sadly he didn't have a coaching staff that could recruit . . .in the end he fought for his job. . .not an elegant ending . . .

      learning from this , I glean . . .don't hire an older coach to head a team unless he is coming from being a head coach . . .he won't
      have a staff available to jump right in and be able to recruit . . .a young newbie head coach won't have a staff in hand , but they'll be young, hungry ,and better able to connect with the high school kids . . .

  • saltydog

    Chef I was responding to the poster above referring to the 2 & 3 star recruit train as if they have no potential at all.

  • Chef Camille

    Wait he must first get out of high school then get accepted at WVU providing he still has a scholarship and he wants to attend. Then he needs to earn a role on this team before he will be drafted by the NFL.
    I think it's wise to see him play before he becomes a great signee.

  • saltydog

    The #1 overall pick in the most recent NFL draft was a 2 star recruit coming out of high school with no offers from BCS schools.

  • Shawn

    Good pickup for WVU. We need some big nasty's up front.

  • Ricardo

    It's pretty hard for any True Freshman to start on the line. We are in a tough spot if we are expecting anything of the sort. These are some great additions to a nice class that is shaping up. Gotta love a "Mean Streak"!!!

  • WVWho

    Hop on the 2 and 3 star train! Can any of these kids start as true freshmen?

    • hailey

      go away stupid fly

    • Kevin

      5 star Josh Jenkins didn't...........

  • mauldawg

    JimJim,WTF and William,
    Doc is calling you back to MU. Mu lost 3 idiots.

  • JimJim

    One more year and we can "stop build the future". Cutty77 "8th out of a 10 Team league" Can we wait two years for a 3 star OL man to save us. It will be interesting to see how many of the 5 OL will stay, or will it be a Huggie class. They all leave.

    • William

      Don't worry! - Sweatsuit Huggins will FIX IT.

  • cutty77

    This Staff can an has recruited very well,but it takes a couple of years to see it all unfold. We should really some great things coming this year. I looked at CBS College Football ranking for every conference today. The Big 12 every sports writer,and i mean everyone picked WVU 8th out of a 10 Team league. Perfect If i was Dana i would have it blowen up and pasted everywhere in every locker room. at the end of it i would say GIT U SUM.

  • tw eagle

    WOW , i'm really impressed . . .this coaching staff IS selling their "program" and WVU . . .
    it seems to be like a snowball rolling downhill ,
    that each commitment generates another . . .

    Let's GOOooo MOUNtaineeeerrrsss ! ! !

    • Red Dwarf

      "snowball rolling downhill"? More like a "runaway beer truck"!

      • tw eagle

        thinking of Mr Schmitt , where is his bar/restaurant located and how is he doing ? ?

        • MarsB

          "Schmitt's Saloon" is open in Morgantown off the Pierpont Rd. exit (near Triple S Harley Davidson), great place, killer food. He come by from time to time and hangs out.