MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen glimpsed the 102 players on Mountaineer Field and saw the benefits from a summer’s worth of conditioning.

“I think our guys are in phenomenal shape,” he said after WVU’s football team opened practice Thursday. “I like the way our team ‘looks.’

“I give (strength and conditioning coach) Mike Joseph and his staff a lot of credit. They have done a great job over the last nine weeks.”

Watch Holgorsen’s complete Thursday night news conference above.

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  • Shawn

    You can already tell who the starting QB is going to be. It's obvious Clint is alot further along than the other two.

  • Mitch

    @tw eagle,

    We're only allowed 105 for the first 3 weeks of camp (per NCAA rules), so I'm not sure where you're coming from.

    • tw eagle

      didn't realize there was a limit on bodies . . .once the ncaa goes to 4 divisions and eliminates the 85 scholarship limit . we'll get back to 150 kids fighting for spots on championship teams . . . I guess the three week hold is to let the out of state kids start to feel secure in their tenuous hold on a roster spot . . .hard work beats tenuous talent
      every time . . .Gooo Moouuunnntaineeeerrrrsss .. . . . .

      • tw eagle

        i'd assume you are the vingle from the fairmont area . . .BOTBOTMR . . .may you and your family prosper always .. .
        please correct me when I speak out of ignorance . . .

  • Art in Ohio

    Allen------What happen to Darian Howard the LB from Dayton,Ohio. He attended our tailgate and I was very impressed with him.

    • Art in Ohio

      sorry .. Darrien Howard. SP first name. Per some ranking he was a top LB in Ohio.

  • Joe

    No not everyone. Devonte Henry has some personal issues and two other players are trying to work through clearing house issues. He mentions their names in the video

  • tw eagle

    102 is nice , but with a little success their
    should be 140-150 kids out on Mountaineer Field trying to earn a spot on the WVU football team . . .more Mountain state kids
    mean more and better competition for playing time .. . . .a lot will be cut , but those that
    make the cut will help ensure that WVU
    will stay near the top of the XII . . .

    Let's Gooo Mooouuunnntaineeerrrss ! ! !

  • WVU06

    Holgs seems more relaxed. Thank God football is here! Six maybe seven wins in my opinion. Optimistic outlook and wishful thinking. Crow doesn't taste very good, but if we win nine or ten games.... I'll eat it!
    Lets gooooo!!!

    • Hillboy wv

      Wvu 06. I think thats crow we all would be glad to eat. I hope the three defensive guys get here.

  • Hillboy wv

    Never mind i watched the video.

  • Hillboy wv

    Does anyone know if all the recruits of 2013 make it to the opening of camp.