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'Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning' was scheduled to premiere on Thursday night on The History Channel.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The newest reality show on The History Channel is set in parts of West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

“Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning” follows real life descendants of Randall McCoy and Devil Anse Hatfield as they try to put aside their historic differences and enter into a new business venture.

During the 14 episode series, the characters will attempt to open a moonshine distillery in Williamson.

Even though more than 100 years have passed since the feud started, Series Producer Bill Richardson said there is still some conflict between the present day Hatfields and McCoys who are now spread out across the United States.

“When we first started interviewing these folks, they’d say, ‘No, I don’t have any problem with those people,’ and after we started putting them together, it really started coming out,” Richardson said.

“There are people who really held grudges about these things.”

“Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning” was scheduled to premiere at 10 p.m. Thursday on The History Channel.

Richardson was a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • Jessica

    It's no wounder when "MONSEL"(sp) went"looking" for other Hatfields & Mccoys no one even wanted HEAR a word from his mouth!
    I'd be intetested in what REAL family members have to say..
    This is such a monumental part of American History! It ALMOST brought us back into a civil war.. And it is insane of the idea so many innocent lives lost because of two GROWN mens' fued!
    I did GREATLY ENJOY Kevin Costner & Bill Paxton movie portrayl of ACTUAL HISTORIC EVENTS... It was FANTASTIC!
    I'd really be interested on how they got all the research information.. And what families thought of this!!!
    I'm going to go on a limb, many of descendents had party to the movies accuracy...

  • Gary Blatt

    Credit where due, the show does a pretty good job of letting WV'ians appear like any other rural folk in the U.S. That is a good thing. But my biggest gripe is that from watching the first two episodes, it looks like the "McCoys" are from southern Wayne or northern Mingo counties and not from Pike Co. Kentucky as the show would imply. Shame on the producers and shame on the History Channel for perpetrating this lie.

    And what was the tell that made me look to see that the McCoys were from West Virginia and not Kentucky? The young McCoy was sitting at the table on the second episode wearing a camo colored WVU hat. In Pike County Kentucky, the locals bleed UK Blue. That made me look deeper and noticed that all the cars have WV state inspection stickers. Next I noticed that it was a Wayne Co. WV deputy that pulled over Mamaw McCoy in her shiny red 66 Mustang.

    Way to go History Channel. Really bad juju comes when you fake the borders between KY and WV.

    • Brandon McCoy

      I totally agree Gary, Pike County (Pikeville) KY isn't even shown once thus far, the closest they've come to Pike County was the clips they've shown of the flood walls in downtown Williamson. And when you're from Kentucky there's only one team, and that's the University Of Kentucky.

  • Karyn Hatfield

    I agree with John.

  • John

    Why do all these shows produced in West Virginia show the bad side of our citizens as there are many who do not fit this portrayal. Red Necks, uneducated, poor, down ridden degenerates is the theme in all these. No wonder the rest of the world thinks that we all live this lifestyle. There are so many good things that could be shown in our state, but I guess the viewing audience wants to see this type trash so here it is...

  • CarlosDangerfield


  • RLS


    • Larry

      I have to agree after watching it, wonder if the people are even Hatfields and McCoys, bad show.

  • Abbs

    Sad. Just one more lame, fake show--like a hillbilly version of the Kardashians or "real house ho's of_____" where everyone pretends to throw food and wrestle on the dinner table. PUKE. I can't believe how low the History channel continues to sink--it's got nothing to do with its original premise anymore. Certain shows are interesting--at least "Pawn Stars" kind of gives you real insight into certain historical items and such, but this kind of garbage where people pretend to get into fights i.e. "oh, gee, will they start a NEW feud now with the new reality show?" is really jumping the shark.

    • Larry

      Pawn Stars is bad too, very unrealistic. Pawn shops don't call in "experts" all the time like they do, and if I had some old, historical item that I thought was worth a lot of money, a pawn shop would be the last place I would try to sell it.

      • Jessica

        Larry, I don't know much about Pawn Shops.. But I do say everytime my husband watches that show. "why in the hell would ppl bring THIS/THAT...into a Pawn Shop?
        There have been (quite a few actually) items that SHOULD be in American History Museum or Smithsonianfor SURE!
        That I'll never get...
        Until now! Thanks for that insight! I thought I was the one crazy....

  • AX MAN

    The history channel, puts out as much garbage as CNN.

  • thornton

    The Producers obviously have no sense of shame.

    Another in a string...Mountain Monsters on Discovery being another recent WVa joke fest.

    • Larry

      Mountain Monsters is on Destination America, and it is terrible.

      • thornton

        Thanks...I stand corrected.

        The Santa Claus guy can be seen at a local flea market table near Marietta. Quite the group.

        • must go

          The whole thing is filmed in Pleasants Co. I have seen some of the filming. In the last episode The Lizard Man, it shows a fellow and the nice cabin that he owns. That cabin belongs to my friend; and that guy that the show portrays as owning the cabin IS NOT my friend who owns it!

          My friend was not even present when it was filmed. The main "character" is John Tice of Pleasants Co.

          I watch and laugh at the obsurdness and try to pick out land marks that I know are in Pleasants Co. It does not matter where the show SAYS they are...they are ALWAYS in Pleasants.

          • Larry

            Thanks for the info., quite possibly the worst show ever.

  • Dave R