MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia receiver Kevin White didn’t mind being off-limits to reporters during spring and summer. In fact, he said the prospect of dealing with the media was more daunting than learning Dana Holgorsen’s offense.

“Yeah, I was nervous. I was a little scared,” he said Friday. “But now I’m good to go.”

Fielding interview requests wasn’t part of the experience at Lackawanna (Pa.) College, where the 6-foot-3 White transformed himself from a nondescript player into a Division I prospect.

As the Mountaineers entered their second day of preseason camp, White seemed comfortable with the cameras and the realization he’s aiming to replace the 114 catches, 1,622 yards and nation-leading 25 touchdowns that Stedman Bailey compiled at outside receiver last season.

“It’s like, can I do that next? Will my numbers be better or worse?” White said. “I compare me and Sted, and I think, ‘Well, I’m bigger, so can my numbers be better?'”

Before chasing the Biletnikoff, White understands he’s simply chasing a spot in WVU’s rotation, whereby position coach Lonnie Galloway is seeking to designate his best six receivers. White owned up to some confusing moments during spring practice, but said he now comprehends the routes, reads and responsibilities of the offense.

“Now, when I get the calls, I’m ready to go,” he said.

White is relishing the athletic resources of a program like West Virginia, which stand as quite a leap from the low-budget anonymity of the junior college ranks,

“A lot of people don’t make it in juco—it’s a struggle,” he said. “You don’t get the free gear, you don’t get the film room or the eating for free. Nothing like that. It’s just a grind up there.

“The Lackawanna boys are my brothers, but everyone’s for theirself there, because you’ve got to get out and everyone’s trying to go D-I.”

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  • john

    This team will go as far as the QB and O line can take them because the dline is sound, the linebackers are ok, dbs are ok, rb's very good, wr's solid.

    • Hillboy wv

      John i worry about the corners. I think Joseph and cook will be fine.

  • jake_d

    I think a lot of people will be surprised at how good our entire team will be.

    • chad

      not I

  • rekterx

    I think some people are going to be surprised at how good our offense will be.

    • chad

      not me

  • Brian

    Dream on, bro. You should just be hoping to make a name for yourself. There is Studman, then there is a long pause, then the other great WRs in WVU history. I include Tavon in that other group of greats.

  • Carson

    What a negative Nancy above me here, love to see these kind of aspirations from a JUCO guy.. When you know you only have 2 years to make your mark on a program rather than guys who have a full 4, it's great to see he wants to do big things in Morgantown and I'll be pulling for him to start..

  • Maxxajay

    With the offense that West Virginia runs I think White fits in real good.. Who ever is our quarterback we are going to have a lot of yardage and the receivers will put up big numbers we have a excellent coach and I cannot worry about anything, Except our offense line,not much difference since last year's graduation...

  • richard

    i like this kid. he is going to be good. from what i have read and his highlight reel is impressive. btw PnN2....pat white was an unknown in many ways before he took his first snap.......geno had the rep but was just out of high school before his name got big----same for any new player....your reasoning has no merit and when you say these things, it makes you look stupid. that just tells me you root for Marshall!!!!.....what a loser....loser.

  • PnN2TheWind

    But Mr. White, Bailey had an NFL caliber QB throwing footballs to him. Who will you have? A Fl. St. reject who looks like a castaway on a deserted island, a guy who had only one Div-1 scholarship offer (WVU), and a red-shirt freshman with bad judgement (DUI). Might need to take that into consideration Mr. White.

    • Justin

      Geno ws good not great, pretty much anyone under the Leach and Dana's offense is "NFL Caliber" that being said doesn't make em last in the NFL.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, pointless blabber. You really gonna continue beating this kid up over a DUI that happened so long ago??? When you come down off your soap box, you can post again. Wow.

    • rekterx

      Too much wind. Way too much wind.

  • Shawn

    Smart kid who is focused on putting up big numbers and helping the new guys adjust. This is going to be a very deep and talented receiving corp.