MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Because West Virginia’s offense last season was top-heavy with NFL-caliber talent, it disguised a roster that ran thin on reliable backups.

With two practices complete and all anticipated offensive newcomers in camp, offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson said WVU’s current team has enough talent stockpiled to foster position battles.

“This is the deepest team I’ve ever been on—it ain’t even close,” Dawson said Saturday. “We weren’t deep last year. Really we were one-deep at receiver at every position.

“Stedman was playing 90 plays a game and running down on kickoffs. Do you want that? No, but were we going to take him out? You’ve got to trust the next person enough to put him in the game.”

In the video above, Dawson expounds on Ivan McCartney returning, Vernon Davis switching sides and the not-so-taxing adjustments facing transfers Charles Sims and Clint Trickett.

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  • PnN2TheWind

    “This is the deepest team I’ve ever been on—it ain’t even close,”

    Something else is the deepest I've ever seen. The BS coach-speak. Time to get the chest-waders on. It is gettin' deep.

  • PnN2TheWind

    Coach Dawson, WVU Hospitals has a cracker-jack pyschiatric unit, I hear. Please check yourself in. You are having delusions of granduer. The offensive line is a sieve. You have no QB. No experienced WR's to throw to. Set yourself up a Kool-Aid stand. Many on here are ready for a big ole glass of the Holgorsen Kool-aid. Not me. I'll have a $10 Ollie Beer.

  • Art in Ohio


    We are not as great as we think nor are we as bad as we fear.

    Defense will be better due to changes in coaches and the offense will be solid but not as flashy.

    This will be a hard nose blue collar team that is going into this season with a chip on their shoulder.

  • wvrefugee

    Well shoot, you've recruited nothing but Offensive players and then make this comment???????? Duh!!!

  • Redford

    I think this team can be a little bit better than predicted. I hope so.
    Last year the defense was an embarrassment. However, I remember the offense had some struggles at times as well.
    If this team comes to play each and every game on all three sides of the ball, they will have a winning season. 8-4
    GO 'EERS!

  • wvajoker

    Don't you just love these doomsayer, so called Mountaineer fans that just wait for them to fail so they can sit back with their feathers all puffed up and say "I told you so", and if that don't happen join right in there and say "I knew all along they would be good". The type of fans that if WV is not ahead at halftime in a close game will leave their seat empty in the second half. Fans that are so quick to jump off the bandwagon. Well Bobby M and Magic Mike, I am glad that those 102 young men on the WVU football squad will not be playing for you come Aug. 31. They will be playing for the people of WV that stand behind their team the the sunshine and the snow, never grumbling about the things that weren't but the things that were. I hope that you will enjoy your gameday at Huntington, as much as us WVU fans will enjoy our game day at Morgantown. As true Mountaineer fans would say "GO 'EERS".

  • Barry

    I see 8 wins

  • Jon D

    We shall see what happens, could be a better year than most think

  • Magic Mike

    Not much mentioned about the defense. WVU is in big trouble. How did our defense get so bad so fast? We will win only 2 games this year.

    • PnN2TheWind

      Holgorsen ran Jeff Casteele out of town on rail. And then Holgorsen brought in his drinking fraternity brothers to coach the defense. That is how the defense got so bad so quickly.

      • Shawn

        Ignorance breeds ignorance with you two. Go away. All you've come here to do is bash our coaching staff, you don't seem to be actual FANS of anything other than being a bunch of pessimists. Your negativity is not wanted here.

    • cutty77

      Now we have two Herd Homers on Here.

      • Bobby M

        Dear God! Just because we refuse to drink Kool aid means we're not fans? Just because after a VERY disappointing season i'll wait until I ACTUALLY WATCH THEM PLAY A GAME before I declare them champions of the universe means I'm not a fan? Come on fella! I know your all excited and everything but geesh! Some don't see it the same way. If you ask me - words from coaches mean NOTHING. Results on the field are what matters. Nothing else. Make me a believer from what you show me on the field and i'll give you my money. Thats all I'm saying! I'm just saying PROVE IT!

        • Colorado EER Fan

          Kool-Aid is a delicious and satisfying drink, especially during the hot dog days of late summer. It is inexpensive, easy to make and comes in a variety of flavors. Of course if you forget to add sugar it's as bitter. I believe maybe you should take some of that cash you speak of and buy a 5 pound bag. If you go back and dig up some old news articles and video/audio you will be surprised. The coaching staff pointed out lack of depth and youth at key positions long before the pundits and national media started the hype machine rolling. DH warned many that the B12 was a different animal and without said depth the season would be long and wrought with peril. It was a hard fall from atop the pedestal WVU Football was placed. This IS the time when hope springs eternal for teams at all levels in the game we are all so passionate about. Is it a possibility that WVU goes 0-9 in league play of course. However, to deny others the glimmer of hope at the possibility of a better season than the "experts" call for is asking for them to brand you a fair weather fan. Whether you choose to drink your Kool-Aid sweet or bitter is a personal preference. I like mine extra sweet.

          • Bobby M

            Fella I respect your opinion but hear me out. The only thing Holgorsen has proven up to this point is that he's a great OC (Casteel saved his rear in the first season). Wanna know something? I was listening to Texas Tech interviews on TT radio network before kickoff last year (doing recon on the enemy). What concerned the heck outta me was when I heard their QB say about our defense "We've watched their tape and what they do and we've seen some things that make us REALLY EXCITED to play them." Now let me ask you, how could our own coaches not see what these other coaches and players saw? How can an opposing QB be so darn happy to play against our d? When I heard that over my radio I became sick. It's one of many examples how Holgorsen is a great OC but hasn't proven anything about being a head coach! I don't even blame deforest. Wasn't his fault anymore than would have been my son's fault if I had let him coach defense. That was Holgorsen's fault 100%. And that display of defense was an embarrasment to every mountaineer to ever wear the uniform.

            Like I been saying - you want me to open up my wallet and hand you cash? Fine, prove to me you deserve it because that stink you put on the field last year didn't deserve a dollar!

          • PnN2TheWind

            Proof that halucinagenic drugs are legally for sale in Colorado. Light up a fatty CO EER.

  • Paul D

    We are definity under the radar. Our Defense will be much better with our need juco DE and our kicking and putting will be much better. now add in a big running back to finish off the game once we go up and you win a couple more games that we could not win. Just figure this up by 7 5 minutes left an we pound it over and over with Dreamius and Simms. when they load the box we go short route to pickup first with White on the outside. I am excited about this team they will surprise.

  • EGD one said great. Just a look at last year this time, if you recall we were short at a lot of positions. A few made us look like we were better than we were. How far back have we been this deep at running back?...say last ten years? Can't think of any year. QB comp will bring cream to the top...OL have something to work with, well the start of depth for the future. OL has been very thin if you recall. Receiver, we have a few with promise. Defense can only get better...everyone wants the big boys up front on defense...that will make you right there along with great linebackers. we get recruits at those start to come in...then I will say we have potential to be the best. Not there yet, but getting pieces to the puzzle. Stewart, great guy, great motivator, voice became old quickly because he didn't know the direction to to articulate it. we fell from the perch following that. Takes time, players, coaches, support...Go Mountaineers!

    • Bobby M

      Mr EDG

      MY goodness you have made a believer out of me sir! Your right my friend. How could I have been so blind? We are gonna sock it to em this year! National Championship here we come! Where can I find tickets?

      I have always been and will always be a bleeding Blue and Old Gold Mountaineer fan. So I dont care who accuses me of what. Talk away. My only point is we may love WVU football but we're all stakeholders in this company. We are the ones buying the stock (tickets). If money didnt matter we could have the cheapest coach in the country and sell out the stadium every week and win 1 game per year. But the truth is the administration makes decisions based on money. Period. And sales are our vehicles to telling the administration what we think. So as of right now based on the God-awful terrible defense from last year (national embarassment) and how this team simply quit in games (Syracuse anyone?) I am a dissatisfied stakeholder! You want me to buy tickets Mr Luck or Mr Shannon Dawson? Fine. Put a better team on the field and I'll hand over my hard-earned cash. But until then you dont' get or deserve MY MONEY!

      • shawn

        That's fine don't buy tickets WVU will be find without you.

    • Bobby M

      Are you kidding me? I guess its kool aid season because you seem to be drinking it. A few made us look better than last year? A few??? The whole darn country had us ranked high and mighty. Everyone! EVERYONE!

      We can only get better on defense? Well pat me on the back and call me Alice! Of course the defense can only get better! Hello!?!? That was the worst defense in the history of the program! Geesh almighty!

      Its all peaches and gravy right now but after the first few loses the coaches will be telling us the truth like they always do! Until then I aint buying it. Prove on the field you can play defense. Prove on the field how big and bad you are up front. Prove on the field we can actually run the ball. Prove it and I'll believe it. Until then we are a 6-win team at best!

      • shawn

        Does you TV have other channels how about watching someone else if you don't like it.

      • Tom

        See above.

      • Pudge

        Some people like to root for the home team.
        Some people can't wait to kick them.

  • Bobby M

    Don't look now but we've got the best team in the country!


    Every year is the same. Preseason coaches need us to buy tickets so their job is to generate excitement. Midseason is a different story. After a couple losses they'll be telling us all of the real problems. But right now it's all peaches and gravy!

    • Tom

      What the heck is peaches and gravy? Is that something they eat in Huntington? It makes no sense. Try peaches and cream maybe.

      • Shawn

        Haha I was wondering the same thing.

    • cutty77

      Stay down in Huntington Booby M.. Thats right i said Booby M.

  • Wemakerain

    I love what I am hearing. I look back to the Texas game where Alston didn't even make the trip because he wasn't healthy, only Garrison and Buie touched the ball, and both were spent at the end of that game. Depth is what the big boys have and the others are all seeking, nice to finally have some

  • Maxxajay

    Well that sure is good news I am getting more excited every day we got a good team coming up people. I say we are under everybody's radar look out Oklahoma,Oklahoma State, Texas,TCU, West Virginia is going to be a great team to watch this year.