WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – IMG College announced Tony Caridi will return as radio play-by-play announcer for West Virginia University football and men’s basketball games and will host coaches’ shows for both sports.

Caridi also will host a WVU sports television show that is being developed.

Under terms of Caridi’s agreement, he will continue to appear on “Northside Automotive Statewide Sportsline,” a radio show airing weeknights from 6-7 p.m. Eastern on the West Virginia Radio Corp. network. WVRC has pending lawsuits against 10 members of the WVU administration—including athletics director Oliver Luck and two board of governors members—contesting the bidding of third-tier rights to IMG and two other financial arrangements of the past decade.

West Virginia University and IMG College recently formed a 12-year multimedia rights and sponsorship partnership including exclusive representation and management of game broadcasts and coaches’ shows beginning in the 2013-14 season.

“I’m excited to continue my relationship with the Mountaineer Sports Network from IMG and the wonderful and passionate fans that love the Mountaineers,” Caridi said. “It’s an honor and privilege to be associated with a network that’s always been respected as one of the nation’s best, particularly as coverage of Mountaineer sports now expands.”

Joe Potter, IMG College’s senior vice president of operations, said bringing Caridi back to the booth was a high priority. “We’re absolutely thrilled Tony has committed to our broadcasts.”

Caridi is a multiple winner of the state’s Sportscaster of the Year Award. He began working with the former Mountaineer Sports Network in 1987 as a television play-by-play announcer and feature reporter. He assumed play-by-play duties for WVU’s sports network in 1997. A native of Lockport, N.Y., Caridi is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.



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  • Clay

    Glad to see Tony will be back in the booth. When I'm searching for radio stations this fall, I'll know I've found the Mountaineers when I hear his familiar voice. In response to his being born in New York, no one can help where they were born so I won't hold his being from terrible New York against him. He's seen the light and is now a West Virginian for life. After all, once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer, wherever you may be.

    • William

      @Clay - Dana "You Know" Holgerson will NEVER ALWAYS BE A MOUNTAINEER!

  • joecolts18

    Tony has been and needs to continue being a part of Mountaineer Nation! So glad he is going to continue!

  • cutty77

    I could Take Tony or leave Him.Nobody in this world is irreplaceable. Hope they get Jay Jacobs too, because i like Jay better Than Tony. I trust a West Virginian over a New Yorker everyday.

    • Pete

      Sorry, but Jay needs to go. He has made the Bob Huggins show unlistenable. Someone needs to tell him it is "the Bob Huggins show" not "the Jay Jacobs show"

  • Hop'sHip

    Where did you hear about WCLG? I haven't seen any Morgantown stations announced. There are no R____ sattions included, correct? Is this payback or is R____ refusing to participate? (Forgot originally about the forbidden name rule)

    • Mac

      I heard WCLG from someone in high places. I (incorrectly) assumed they were correct. Perhaps WCLG is the targeted station in Morgantown and the deal simply isn't in place, but until it is I'd rather not assume they are. So my apologies for that.

      I'm not certain about the no R___ stations, but I had heard that IMG was refusing to carry any of those stations, for whatever reason. I'm a tad too lazy to research it now, but I probably will later.

  • Sam

    Happy to have Tony return. He's a solid announcer, and with all of the change, it will be nice to have a familar voice.

  • ffejbboc

    Allan - Will Tony continue his work at Pikewood Creative? That company is also owned by WVRC, if I'm not mistaken.

    • Allan Taylor

      @ffejbboc: Yes, Tony will continue at Pikewood Creative, an agency he was instrumental in building.

      • Bobby M

        No offense because I'm a huge Tony-fan but maybe you could suggest a new name? Pikewood creative sounds like some rag-tag car audio store. He should come up with some more new, hip, and Apple-like. I dunno. Name it like "New Horizons Creative" or B31 Creative Solutions. Something. Pikewood sounds cheap.

  • Kevin

    Awesome!! I love hearing Tony broadcast the Games!!

  • PnN2TheWind

    Boooooooo. Hissss. Send the bum back to Syracuse. Had the opportunity to get some real professionalism in the booth and WVU passes up the chance. What's next? Renewing the boring drone-voiced Coach Wallace?
    Not a good day to be a mountaineer, if you listen to the radio for the games.

    • big tom

      wallace needs to take a long long vacation,, see ya on the other side.

    • Red Dwarf

      PnN2TheWind, I have to agree with you. We have to continuously listen to an announcer that drops the '-g' ("runnin'', "passin'", etc), and announces "live from Mountaineer Filled [sic]" or "a long completion will bell [sic] us out of this bad situation". I won't listen to the games because of Caridi and his amateurish 'hootin' up a holler' enunciation.

      • BH

        Maybe you guys should listen to Ivy League games instead. Perhaps IMG could hire Thurston Howell III.

      • Michael

        Red Dwarf and Peein In2 the two are dorks!! Now that's unprofessionalism....but look at your code names.....not any better!

    • Hop'sHip

      When did Tony demonstrate a lack of professionalism? He is definitely a "homer", but I think that is acceptable, even desireable, for someone in his role.

      • Mac

        Agreed. I don't think I ever heard a bigger homer on air than Jack Flemming, but as long as he was on air the TV volume went down and the radio was turned up.

    • Mac

      You're probably not going to listen to the games anymore anyway. 14 stations throughout WV...

      • Rocko

        Up to 20 today.

        • Mac

          Source? I was going by WVU's official website.

          • Mac

            OK, must have had a cached version. I see 20, but WCLG isn't one of them?? Actually, they have no Morgantown affiliate as of now. Even with this I see holes forming. If WCLG is indeed the Morgantown affiliate there is going to be a nice sized gap between Morgantown and Fairmont. Both stations are far too weak to cover the area, even with WKMM thrown in.

  • mntrbob

    Great news.

  • wvmom

    That is great news

  • Hop'sHip

    Good! No word on who else will be in the booth?

    • Mac

      Well, pretty obvious that Hoppy won't be involved in the broadcasts. Since Hoppy works for Metronews, IMG treats him as a plague-bearer.

      My hreater concern is that no one is going to hear the radio broadcasts anyway. IMG has a whopping 14 stations... The coverage area is going to be pathetic. I mean these guys swapped WVAQ foe WCLG... WVAQ reaches Pittsburgh. WCLG? Well, I used to lose it driving to Fairmont...

      • Mitch

        Are you really that clueless as to think that 14 is all they will ever acquire?

        • Mac

          I'm sure they'll get more, but it's also the quality. I don't know about most of the stations signed on, but the swap from WVAQ to WCLG causes them to lose a huge listening area. WVAQ can be heard from Sutton to Pittsburgh. WCLG is lucky if they reach from Fairmont to Waynesburg. I just see a problem with coverage coming and the ones left out in the cold are going to be people in more rural areas that don't have broadband to stream and aren't close enough to a city to get an IMG affiliate radio station.

      • WVU 74

        Radio? You don't need radio. You can stream most IMG sports coverage in either real-time, or delayed.

        There are aps available.

      • Mac

        Sorry about the spelling. (Damned flu)

        • Bobby M

          A flu THIS LATE in the flu season???? My God Almighty. You better schedule an appt with your doctor ASAP! You might have a comprimised immune system or immunity imbalance. I ain't heard of anyone getting sick from the flu this late. Could it be that new parasite? Have you been checked for parasites?

        • Larry

          You may want to consider getting the flu shot.

          • Bobby M

            Sorry friend but getting a flu shot during or after the flu ain't gonna do much. Heck it might even make you puke your guts out. Generally speaking people tend to get the flu shots to PREVENT the flu. His only hope at this point is to rest it out and have his family doctor check him for parasites. Its uncommon to get the flu virus this late.

        • Allan Taylor

          Stay hydrated and sweat it out, Mac.

  • big tom

    i can take him or leave him,,,, i am sure ifhe said no that a personality would step in that is just as good or better,,, no biggie

    • Ricardo

      Good Heavens Big Tom...Do you read your own posts? If you really lead such a negative outlook on life, I feel sorry for you man. That has to be tough making it through each day...Prayers

    • Shawn

      I wouldn't expect any other response from you! At least your consistent.

      • Maxxajay

        Way to go Shawn...Iam with you

  • Barry

    Great news!

    • BH

      Great news, indeed!

  • John weaver

    That's right easy decision to make. He had to replace a hall of fame voice and personality and has done well.

  • Shawn

    It was a no-brainer!