FAIRMONT, W.Va. — A former freshmen cheerleading coach at North Marion High School was placed on home confinement after  pleading guilty to having sex with teenage boys.

A Marion County circuit judge sentenced 31-year-old Amanda Jo Barker, of Mannington, to 12 to 30 years in prison after previous guilty pleas to two counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian and one count of soliciting a minor via computer.

Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson said the judge ordered alternative sentencing by putting Barker on “total lockdown home confinement.”

Wilson said Barker faces several years before getting a chance at parole.

“At this point it’s home confinement for a 10-to-20 and a 2-to-10 sentence—so it would be quite some time,” he said.

Investigators said Barker had oral sex with boys who were 16- and 17-years-old.

Troopers with the State Police Crimes Against Children Task Force arrested her last October on sexual abuse charges and then arrested her on additional charges in December.

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  • DLupton

    It would seem Fairmont is having some issues.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Was the teacher hott? My only question.

  • WAP

    Funny Stuff, She should be happy with that sentence. Isn't home where she conducted all the acts to begin with.

    • Mac

      Yes, and what I find funny is that since she's no longer employed by the school it's no longer a crime.

      • WAP

        Guess we should just forget she is a Pedophile. Sick people.

        • Claire53

          Correct use of the term pedophile: According to the DSM-5, it is applicable to an individual whose primary attraction is to pre-pubescent persons. Individuals attracted to people in their teens are not pedophiles. Their is an occasional term used for teenage attraction, "hebephile," but it has not become a widely accepted term. Let's remember that a hundred years ago, the union of a 30 year old with someone in their late teens. Times and cultures change, but we should at least get the vocabulary correct.

        • WAP

          I believe the current justice system would sentence a pedophile to community service at a daycare center!

  • Fubar

    I was never sexually exploited by any hot female teachers. Guess I missed out on that opportunity - dang!

  • Ron

    It looks transgender in the pic.
    Anyone know her background.

  • Yup

    Ya know this went on all the time when I graduated in 2001 and it wasn't that big of deal. Heck for us guys it was earning a merit badge so to speak. I agree with 16, it's the age of consent.

  • scott

    a 16 can have sex with a male/female is 81 so how is this against the law.

  • Wixcheew

    John a teacher can not have relations with students It is highly
    illegal Even if they think you are or even look the wrong way in their
    eyes they will ream you good and
    ruin your life. That is if you are male. An adult is not to have sex with any one under 18 It is illegal
    The sentence is a joke She will
    leave her house anyway. Women offenders are harder to catch because the victims are well chosen and easily seduced by a conniving individual. In a Muslim
    country she would have been beheaded.

  • wvrefugee

    This state is ridiculous!! As a former educator, I am appalled at the lack of justice served in this case!!! Thank goodness I can still use the word "former!"

  • john

    I thought age of consent was 16

    • Mac

      She was a coach, which makes her a "guardian". She is considered a school employee, just like a teacher.

  • Guardian

    I agree. Male defendant with female students, he gets the pen. Female defendant with male students, lockdown home confinement.

    Anyone thinking what I'm thinking about how she earns income while confined at home?

    • RogerD

      Think about it. The story says she used her computer to solicit the students. There was no mention of her being prohibited from it's future use AND she is being confined in the actual location where the crimes were committed. This is just another example of the farce we call our judicial system.

      • Mac

        If she's on home confinement use of a computer is almost a must... Yeah, seems like a judge forgot to use his big head during sentencing.

        • Mac

          Oh, but even better. Now that she's not a school employee she can lure 16 and 17 year old boys to her house... and it's legal!! *facepalm*

  • Medman

    No question. If it were a male teacher, he would have won a trip.

  • jm

    typical...............if she had been a male coach with female students..... it would have been the pen........... so much for equal justice under the law.


      Exactly correct. Now they can visit her at home and in privacy.

  • RogerD

    What is it with all these women convicts getting sentenced to home confinement? Is there a "no vacancy" sign at the prison?

  • AX MAN

    It appears sex education is working. It good we have hands on training.