MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen met with the media Monday and discussed how players spent their “off day” on Sunday, which didn’t involve a practice but included plenty of mental reps in group meetings.

With practices about to turn far more physical, Holgorsen warned that the depth chart—which he labeled as “temporary”—is subject to change.

The coach also said he’s tired of discussing targeting, which is unfortunate considering Big 12 officials were scheduled to explain their emphasis in a presentation before Monday afternoon’s practice. Holgorsen probably meant he was more weary of all the preseason speculation about targeting ejections, which he feels is overhyped. He predicted the impact on the game will be “minimal.”

He also updated the statuses of three missing signees, by saying there was no update. Junior college linebacker d’Vante Henry (personal issues) and high school recruits Darrien Howard and Isaac McDonald (awaiting NCAA clearance) remain players in waiting.

Check out the complete news conference above.

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  • bva24

    At least they'll look nice in the new unis this year...

  • Yup

    Guess I'm new school but I love the all gold top to bottom

  • big tom

    wow, those yellow helmets really suck

    • Joe

      Dynamite drop-in, Big Tom. That broadcast school is really paying off.

  • Art in Ohio

    Allen,,,,,Is Darrien Howard on the team. I don't see his name mentioned anywhere.

    • Allan Taylor

      @Art: Howard is one of three signees yet to qualify, though Holgorsen said recently "We haven't ruled anyone out."

  • Mountainman

    Allen, please, stop with the drama..... and don't attempt to interpret what Coach Holgorsen means when he says something....... Hell, I'm tired of hearing and reading about "targeting", it's for writers that can't find anything else to write about.

    Geeeeeezzzzzzzz, enough already.

    • Allan Taylor

      Mountainman: You think this is generated by writers?
      I sat in Dallas for a weekend with 400 officials from five leagues and targeting was their top priority. Geeeeeeeezzzzz!
      And the ejection element was implemented by coaches, ADs and commissioners on the football rules committee. Geeeeeeeezzzzz!
      One league's supervisor officials called it the biggest rule change in 20 years. Geeeeeeeezzzzz!

  • chasmo

    wonder if the THREE will ever show up ? speaking of NO SHOWS, what's the latest with Coach Huggins' " NO SHOWS " ????

    • JR Phelps

      They have been spotted with all the Football no shows that Marshall had.

    • Wemakerain

      Henry was on campus earlier this summer for voluntary workouts, but is doing personal stuff, Howard says on twitter he is good to go, but that's from a kid not anything official. Nothing on McDonald. On basketball side I heard Macon is trying to get his classes replaced with summer classes he retook. Other guys I haven't heard

  • Maxxajay

    Wow great report ..3 deep on D line and 3 deep on O line..When was the last time at WVU we have been 3 deep on both lines ?... I love it. Sounds like a winner to me...

    • rekterx

      Yeah. But I'm concerned that the center position sounds like one huge toss-up with less than ready guys.