CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An energy company said it anticipates three compressed natural gas fueling stations in West Virginia will be ready for customers by the end of the year.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at IGS Energy CNG Services fueling station on Spring Street in Charleston on Tuesday morning. IGS state nanager T.J. Meadows said he anticipates the refueling station will be up and operating by November

Another station in Bridgeport should be ready by next month, Meadows said, and one in Jane Lew by the end of the year. He said it’s good news for Interstate 79 motorists.

“The idea that someone would be able to drive from Charleston to Pittsburgh or vice-versa completely on compressed natural gas, when you talk about a savings from 30 to 50 percent, we think that’s a big deal,” Meadows said.

IGS is banking on the market for the fueling stations will increase once they are operational.

“A lot of people talk about the chicken-and-the-egg equation, but we’re stepping forward and putting this infrastructure in place because we think once it’s in place the market will rush in and adopt it very quickly,” Meadows said.

IGS already has a number of partners who plan to use compressed natural gas and Meadows said he expects the number to grow rapidly.


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  • Robert W

    For the average motorist this means nothing, but commercial and fleet vehicles that travel intrastate along I-79 will see benefits in switching to NG vehicles.

    The three locations, Charleston, Jane Lew and Bridgeport indicate that these facilities are basically being constructed for use by the oil and gas companies centered in these areas.

  • Ryan

    There is only one CNG originally manufactured that is available at this point. It is the Honda Civic GX sedan. Ford has announced that you will be able to purchase a Ford F150 originally manufactured as bifuel using CNG and Gasoline soon. If you do not want either of those you can covert a number of vehicles that have conversion kits for them. WV CNG does some conversions in Barboursville and there is an affiliate opening up in Morgantown as well.

    • Dr. Sarcasm

      F150 is out. Seen several

  • mamasita

    Where can I purchase a CNG auto? Do I have to do a conversion?

  • C.H

    Back some time ago I heard the govener say he wanted to study this , I thought to myself " Study What" We should be taking the ball and running with this. This is a WV product lets go. All State vehicles should have allready been convereted to CNG. As a State, lets lead the nation. Time for action!!!

  • wvman75

    How much range do you have before you have to refuel?

    • wvman75

      Seems like a pertinent question,

  • TLC

    Why did they not put something in between Charleston and Jane Lew? Then they put in one close to Jane Lew in Bridgeport.

  • Brian

    CNG is the immediate future.

  • TG

    Could one explain why this area was once saturated with natural gas fueling stations, in areas from Charleston to Pittsburgh during the early 1990s thru the early 2000's even when natural gas prices were low and affordable this practice never caught on with the public? You will see this energy resource/fuel cycle just as all of our states resources have and this practice will once again become obsolete just as it did 20 very short years ago.

    • Brian

      Because back then it didn't cost you almost 4 dollars a gal. to fil up your car.