CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County school employees now have less time to turn in a doctor’s note for an absence.

During a special meeting Monday, members of the Kanawha County Board of Education approved revisions to its employee attendance policy, which shortens the period employees have to turn in a doctor’s note regarding an absence.

“You have six days to bring in a signed excuse from the doctor which will allow you to have an excused absence,” board president Pete Thaw said.

If employees fail to meet the six-day deadline, the absence then becomes one of six unexcused absences allowed a year. If employees go over the allowed six unexcused absences, they may be subject to discipline by the board.

Before Monday’s revision, employees had no deadline for providing a doctor’s note. Thaw said it created problems.

“When you allow people to bring in excuses signed by the doctor for illnesses they tend to bring in months at a time and it really fouls up the bookkeeping,” Thaw said.

The goal is for the revision to take care of that and maybe help cut back on some absences. Kanawha County Schools has had issues with teacher absenteeism over the years.

Other amendments were suggested to the policy, but were not approved.


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  • Luke

    I have no sympathy for Unions, but most adults don't need a doctor to tell them to stay home if they have a cold. I know I don't appreciate people showing up for work where I am and spreading their germs around to other employees.

    Likewise, I don't think parents need to be hassled for keeping their children home from school when they are sick. Having done away with assigned desks which are fixed in place in a row, the schools have created an environment where diseases are easily passed from one student to another.

    For those who take advantage of the system, perhaps they need to reduce the number of paid sick days and not allow them to be accumulated from year to year like most employers.

  • Joe

    Unbelievable. It just never stops. How any of them could survive outside of the WVEA/AFT cocoon (you know, the real world) is beyond me.

    After 6 unexcused absences the teacher "MIGHT be referred for discipline".

    But, you have to understand they masters degrees, and actually bring work home with them and on weekends. What other professions, private or state, do that? I know this, increasing salaries will solve this problem. I mean, absentee abuse cost only Kanawha 5 million last year, but I know a 6 percent salary increase with no requirement for performance appraisals will definitely be the right course to take.

  • ConservativeRealist

    We now await the hue and cry from the WVEA as to why this is an onerous burden and how it will impact how the teachers can serve the por helpless children that they care so much about...becasue, as they have said all along, it is about the children...