MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — While Kevin White is acclimating to Division I football, he’s also watching video in hopes of emulating three top-notch NFL receivers: Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall.

Andrew Cousins/MetroNews

Junior college transfer Kevin White is vying for a spot at outside receiver, where Stedman Bailey and J.D. Woods played last year.

A junior college transfer who dazzled fans with a 46-yard catch-and-run touchdown during WVU’s spring game, White said he appreciates elements of each big-name player:

On Jones: “Julio’s real aggressive, real quick. He gets in and out of his break. He’s not all swagged up—he’s just a dog out there. That’s what I try to do, just be a dog. I don’t need too much swag or any extra equipment to make me look real good.”

On Fitzgerald: “His hands are real good and I like the way he attacks the ball.”

On Marshall: “I like his YAC (yards after catch). When he gets the ball he’s always juking or running someone over or stiff-arming them.”

Added White, who’s competing to replace Stedman Bailey and J.D. Woods at the outside receiver spots: “If I could combine those three I’d be a monster.”

So how does he feel about the nickname Julio FitzMarshall? “Yeah, I like that,” he said. “Let’s go with it.”

Yet even as he sets a Pro Bowl standard for himself, White occasionally struggles with confidence.

“He’s more than capable physically, but he needs to get the mindset that he’s THE guy,” said West Virginia offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson. “He doesn’t have a clue how good he could be.

“He needs to gain confidence, because when he plays confident, he’s tough. But there’s times when he doesn’t. There’s a different approach to being ‘the man’ versus being just one of the guys.”

White admitted to drawing Lonnie Galloway’s ire at times, but then again, the receivers coach has been extremely vocal when his guys get sloppy during drills.

“I think he likes doing it to be honest with you,” White said. “But he makes me better, though. I know I just can’t go out there and do whatever I want. I’ve got to go hard every play, and if don’t, I may move down the depth chart.”

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  • wsv

    Mountaineers 8 and 5, possibly 9 wins.

  • jlee

    WVU top notch schedule! William and Mary and Georgia State, what are you WVU fans thinking! This should be an embarrassment to any WVU football fan for playing two teams like this. At the end of the season, take these two teams off the win-loss record and see what you get. Marshall fans, don't start on this beating WVU, never happened and never will.
    All you guys probably thought you were going to win the lottery, too...

  • Phil M.

    Offensively we should be fine. Look for a lot more running than last year due to the depth at RB and a lot of play action passing.

    The key to this team is will we be able to stop anybody. What's the old saying you win championships with a good defense. Well you win games with a good defense.

  • BigBadJohnHenry

    2013 records:
    WVU: 5-7 No bowling for $$$.
    MU: 11-3 Win their div., conference title, and a bowl game.
    Book it Danno.

    • hailey

      0-12, versus the Flagship University (fact)... How in the world can you find 3 losses on MU's pitiful schedule? Name the losses, you can't, you simply expect MU to lose games, what kind of fan are you?

      • Hillboy wv

        Heck the toughest team they play is vt and lets face it they suck too. If marshall loses three games in the watered down conf usa they should shut the program down.

  • jake_d

    well just for the record i didn't say this guy was more important than the defense or the offensive line or anything like that - I simply said more than any other single player his performance is going to make or break or offense. I think our O Line is okay. I think Holgorsen will have a game plan to get the ball out of the QB as quickly as possible and I think we are going to get roughly the same production regardless of who is there. But I can see the point that QB would be more significant than White's performance. And there are others at WR - Alford, Thompson, Arlia, etc but who else has the talent level of White. I don't see it.

  • Helen5844

    It really starts with are the players a team or are they ME ME ME types. We need a TEAM.
    I really believe we have that this year. The everybody team. LETS GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS

  • Big joe

    Love my eers we will do better then everybody thinks.

  • big tom

    let's me see here,,, marsha has been going to beat wvu for seven straight yrs. right?
    let's look at this again,,,, over that stretch, wvu kinda holds the edge,,,7-0

    LOL ,,, do we really have to revisit this thing again?
    i mean marsha has proven they are second rate,, just like BB..
    so,, it would be nice to play them,,ga. state would be more competitive as well and wm , but who cares...
    i think the overall series is 12-0,,, LOL,,,

  • big tom

    let's face it, we have two inexperienced qb.s and another who has never played in this system.
    so for God's sake, leave them alone , no matter who gets the job, give them time.
    the off. line will or will not give him time to pass, open holes for RB's to keep the def honest... if the ol doesn't prove to be capable, then this season is a wash... if they come together quickly and are at least average, we could surprise e veryone and win 6 games.
    and this depends on our recievers living up to hype, and RB's the same..
    too many if's on this team,,, wait till 2015 and we might b e ready
    too bad we didn't play marsha this yr, it would be a goodtune up for the real think.

    • Big Larry

      Marshall is loaded this year and would beat WVU, Be glad you are not playing them.

      At best the Mountaineers go 5-7...What we are hearing now is all the pre-season hype and nobody does it better than the West Virginia Sportswriters.

      • Anthony

        It's just so sad. 0-12 against us and they still cling to "if we played you now" arguments. Marshall will forever be winless against us on the gridiron :)

      • Shawn

        If our Conference games were against teams like FAU, UTSA, UAB, etc. then I guess we would have a better chance of going 12-0. But we play in the big boy league and we dropped Marshall because we are trying to get a Non-Conference schedule that consists of top notch DI schools.

        Oh and by the way...didn't Marshall go something like 5-7 last year in that weak conference?

      • Yogi Wahoo

        Gomer Larry marshall will have more players arrested than wins


          And Huntington will have more murders than touchdowns

      • Wvcouch49

        Another year same result. Marshall would lose like always. Stop with the jokes!

      • unclec

        What is marshall going to do?

  • unclec

    Can't wait to see some football. I think we will be better and play as a team. Players and coaches will get along better. Go eers

  • Allan

    On the above, if the defense sucks this year then all that I said above is a waste of time and breath.

  • Allan

    I agree with Chad. Since our QB group has little or no experience except for Trickett, the running game will have to be mucho better than it has in the past to give the QB some time to catch up. Saying this, I think and I hope the OL crew will be great this year....if they aren't we might have a losing season. I think we will shock some expert commentators this year and we always seem to play better when we are the underdog. Last year was somewhat of a disappointment, this year with less expectations I think mountaineer fans will be surprised.

  • Maxxajay

    Sounds like time will make him better.. These young men are not pros yet , they need to be with the team , know each other on an off the field play on the same page....I thank he can do what he sets his mine to...TIME will tell. ...

  • jake_d

    I think our offense sinks or swims based more on this guy than any other one player. If he can stretch the field and get some YAC, it will open up things for a running game that could be special this year. I just don't see a lot of talent in the WR ranks. So we need him and Arlia to step up big time. We will be fine at QB not matter who's the guy IMO.

    • DH

      Sorry jake... i respectfully disagree with you, i think wr is the one position where there is a lot of talent.

    • Bobby M

      Wrong my friend! DEFENSE wins championships! Always has and always will be! If this team does any worse on defense than last year's than we are up the crick without a paddle! No offense (except Brady and Patriots) can keep up with the opposition's touchdowns! This year is about ONE thing - defense!

    • mattwv

      white may be dangerous and i love we are challenging him to be a leader but trust me we have some very talented recievers this yr. and i think the run game will also help get our guys free. GO Mountaineers!!!!!

    • chad

      I think you got that a litle backwards. Our O will sink or swim with the QB. Recievers are a dime a dozen. OB was, is, and always will be the most important positon on any football field

      • big tom


        • rekterx

          It starts with the O line, especially the center.

      • Bob

        I think your both wrong. It all starts with the O-Line.

        • Bob

          I think you're both wrong. It all starts with the O-Line.