MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia receivers coach Lonnie Galloway is blessed with a rangy, galloping group of athletes, but two of those were sidelined Thursday when the team practiced in its indoor facility.

Dante Campbell’s right shoulder injury had been confirmed by Dana Holgorsen earlier in the day, but the team gave no word on Jordan Thompson, who wore a similar sling on his left arm. The sophomores, both of whom are anticipated to be in the two-deep rotation, stood away from the action in their red non-contact jerseys.

Holgorsen said he wasn’t certain about the long-term status of Campbell, who missed spring drills following surgery on the same shoulder. But if there’s a position where WVU can absorb some sprains and strains, it’s the receiving unit, which still had another 15 players taking reps.

Among them was freshman Shelton Gibson, who was making crisp cuts after a week of being slowed by a right knee injury.

“The depth chart’s changing every day,” said Galloway, who seems to be getting a charge out of the competition. “They all pretty much know what to do—now it’s just trying to do it at the tempo they need to.”

When Galloway spent the 2008-2010 seasons at West Virginia, those offenses were nowhere near the pass-catchers’ dream that Holgorsen has installed. But Galloway, in search of complete players, is impressing upon his guys they won’t earn playing time based solely on good hands.

“We wouldn’t have recruited you if you couldn’t catch a football, so now I need to see you blocking, running, chasing the football and doing all the things that make us a better team,” he said.

“You have to compete if you want to play. Either you’re going to show up or you’ll be on the scout team.”


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  • Big John

    I agree completely and those who disagree their comments are deleted or awaiting moderation. You can not express your comments if it is negatively affect WVRC. Do you feel it not strange that JR asks for an injunction against WVU and IMG- Do you think this will allow WVRC to get to broadcast games. The only way I see is for JR to buy a radio station that has the rights to the broadcast and use that to increase his revenue stream.

    • tw eagle

      start saving your nickels and dimes . . .I see wvrc being broken up and sold station by station in 18 months or less . . .and any station in W Va that isn't owned by jr will probably get an opportunity to broadcast sports from WVU . . .

  • Mike

    I am a firm believer in how you practice is how you will play... practice like your hair is on fire...

    Let's GOOOOO!! Mountaineeeeeeers!!!!!

  • Hop'sHip

    Now that Allan seems to be working full time on sports, where do we go for the latest legal news regarding the University. Seems I heard somewhere of additional legal finding and additional radio affiliates being announced, but I can't seem to confirm that here on the voice of West Virginia. Has the Voice been silenced?

    • Hop'sHip

      legal filings, not findings

  • big tom

    We've got quantity, but the verdict is still out as to how much quality we have.

    for God's sake, get rid of those yellow helmets,,, they are just pure ugly

    • Allan Taylor

      @big tom: Those 17 bodies at WR range from top talents to walk-ons, so we'll see how many keepers Galloway finds from the group.

      And I could do without the yellow, er gold, helmets myself. Today's the first time we saw them at practice.

      • Wemakerain

        The players like them, they are the ones working hard, so I can live with them. I actually like the change of pace, new conference, younger coaching staff, needed a fresh look

  • Beavers

    it's very encouraging to hear these coaches talking to these young men like that!!!

  • Maxxajay

    I like what the coaches are saying