HINTON, W.Va. — A Summers County man has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for setting fire to a house earlier this year in Hinton.

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Billy Gill

Billy Gill, 25, of Hinton, was sentenced Friday in Summers County Circuit Court after a July guilty plea to charges of first degree arson and attempted malicious assault.

Gill never said why he started the fire at the house on 5th Ave. in Hinton back in Feb. He said he couldn’t remember what happened.

Circuit Judge Robert Irons sentenced him Friday to 20 years on the arson conviction and 1-3 years on the attempted malicious assault. The sentences will run consecutively. With good time, Gill could have a chance for parole in as little as six years.

Gill had also originally been charged with setting another fire the same night that destroyed the Brick Row Apartments in Hinton and forced 30 people out of their homes.

Those charges were dropped in May because fire investigators could not determine what started that blaze.


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    Crispy critter? Stone?? Perhaps the initial police reports were not followed up on as should have been! Two men.... (2) were saw running from the brickrow apartments during the time that this assailant was hiding out and found! During also such time was two men sitting in the police cruiser and questioned yet let go! Now why you may ask were they let go or was this not divulged to the media??? Well let me spell it out, Hinton Police did not want to investigate further as this would have taken much more city funding and manpower than what was being willing to be given. It was easier to accept one man had been in 2 places at once and so be it?! BS, the state and community offered help in support and aide and Hinton was put on the map for a brief moment. If it weren't for this, this young man would have been able to make amends for his small mistake and the 2 that were responsible for the hugest disaster that night would be filling the shoes that this poor kid is having to wear. However I believe that God or Karma witch ever your fitting has bit, the one of the two in the patrol car that night is now dead the other well...... I hope he gets his!!! How can I say these things, well I saw the two men that night and well nothing was ever said again and my recollection never acknowledged.Because it was dark and in an alley and I could not say (EXACTLY) who it was they pinned it on the white kid!!!!!!! Bless the victims as they lost everything but I pray that in the end he can be forgiven and all realize that he was not the culprit in Brickrow!!! I pray for understanding and peace for all those and God have mercy on the police force , lawyers and the judge cause they all have bloodstain on their hands at this point!!!!!!

  • mauldawg

    DWL Great post. Could not have said it better. Liberal judges don't give a crap about the victims. Its all about taking care of the criminals. Lets not give them what they the jail time they need,lets take it easy on them. Just another kick in the head for the good guys. Scum like this need to be put away for life. This country takes it to easy on the trash that want to hurt others. This is what you get with the government we now have in office.

  • DWL

    7 and out! That’s the difference between consecutive and concurrent. Not bad for the destruction he wielded. Anyone care to inquire as to the judge’s political affiliation? I’ll wager he’s a liberal. It drink time at the bar association picnic! (how fitting a term for a gaggle of thieves, oh sorry – lawyers)

    • Mr T

      DWL. Did you want him to be executed? It's not like he killed anybody? Seven years will represent about 15-25 of his remaining life. That's fair for just burning something up.

      • DWL

        Might be a good thing to spark a few of these criminals instead of coddling them in the liberally loaded judiciary. I'd even volunteer to push the syringes. Of course, a firing squad is the cheapest way to get rid of these criminals. Hanging in the square also works for me. Or how about letting the victims stone them! In this case, tie him to a stake and crispy critter him. He destroyed their lives, why shouldn't his life be destroyed? Try to justify why not, without the normal liberal, tree hugging BS.