WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. – Hino Motors is rolling out more than two dozen trucks daily off its assembly line in Wood County.

Company spokesman Sandy Ring said that number will increase in Septmember, when Hino “will boost up production to about 29 trucks a day.”

That’s good news for a facility where temporary workers were laid off in January after a not-so-stellar fourth quarter of 2012. But Ring said the plant has added to its workforce in the past few months, climbing to 176 employees.

“We try to maintain stable production based on forecasts, but clearly, as you see in any number of industries, people react quickly to market conditions,” Ring explained. “They may feel confident and go buy and the for a couple weeks there’s a lack of consumer confidence and they delay purchases.”

Hino produces box trucks for commercial use. They opened the West Virginia operation back in 2007.

The facility plans to roll out it 2015 model trucks next February or March, he said.

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  • derek

    Why not give city and state gov and incentive to buy this Made in WV vehicle.

    • ConservativeRealist

      They do get incentives. The biggest issue is the weight rating on the trucks - it is a mid-weight capable commercial vehicle. Not really heavy enough for a big dump truck or a fire truck but a good quality truck none-the-less.

  • Curly Joe

    The community and state need to get behind this fledgling new company to support it in any way possible. These opportunities for manfacturing employment and growth do not present themselves very often in our state!