CHARLESTON, W.Va — A frantic call from the wife of attorney Mark Bramble touched off an intense situation for police Monday in the affluent South Hills neighborhood.

She told 911 operators her husband was heavily armed, distraught and shooting around the house.

“While she’s talking, there are gunshots going off,” said Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster.

When officers arrived, they saw the 49-year-old Bramble firing from a window.

Bramble’s resignation was pending from the state attorney general’s office.

“First officers on the scene heard gunfire and tried to approach the house,” said Webster. “They saw him shooting out into the street. We formed a perimeter and called in the SWAT team and additional units to the scene.”

Webster said there were a few initial shots reported, then a barrage of gunfire when police arrived, and later came sporadic shots as a police negotiator attempted to make contact with Bramble. Only once did police return fire.

“He raised a long rifle and broke out the window and came outside with his weapon,” Webster said. “One officer returned fire with an AR15, but it wasn’t clear if he hit him.”

When the gunfire subsided, police sent a camera-equipped robot into the house. The robot spotted Bramble lying in the floor, moving but with a wound to the head. Moments later police rushed the house aiming to end the standoff and to get medical attention for Bramble.

“He did resist us. He did not want handcuffed. He did not want us in there,” Webster said. “But we did get him handcuffed and we did get him medical attention and he’s now in surgery.”

Webster could not confirm how many rounds were fired by Bramble. Police were interviewing a number of people connected to the incident, among them a Charleston Fire Department paramedic who told investigators Bramble indicated on his way to the hospital he had shot himself.

The investigation continues into the incident, which Webster said did not result in any injuries except for Bramble.


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  • Beckie

    These comments do make one wonder about humanity. This is a sad case indeed. I pray for his family's peace and that they all receive the help and compassion they need.

  • Sherry

    Most of these comments are disgusting. Is there no humanity left in the responders to this news service?

  • Charlie

    What a cruel bunch you are.

  • Fentanyl Bomb

    In Clay County, an old man was shot and killed in a Straw House.

    In Nicholas County, an old man was shot and killed in a Wood House.

    Thank heavens this man had a Brick House.

    Instead of huffing and puffing, they sent a robot in. Zip codes matter.

    • Larry

      They also sent a robot in in Nicholas county, the old man shot it.

      • ConservativeRealist

        I'm sure the robot will get an attorney and sue...Pat Joacobs - based on his commercials - will get the machine Worker's Comp...maybe even disability...then an Obamaphone so he can call all his tech friends...

    • MaryL

      yes, zip codes do matter. Because in this one there's a tax base, with infrastructure that supports tools such as a SWAT team and a robot. People forget that property values and the resulting taxes support this kind of law enforcement activity and protection.

  • Carmen

    The anonymous snarky comments are disgusting. A simple google search will show you that in 2000 he was separated from his wife at the time and her boyfriend killed their 2yo son. He's had some depression and other issues since then. There are problems money can't solve and people should not get to score cheap points bc they think someone has money.

    • Grant

      If this is true about his son, then I couldn't imagine his pain. That level of grief can drive you to very deep depression.

  • Larry

    Hope no foreign luxury sedans were inadvertently hit by the gun fire.

  • Gus

    He was a partner at Kesner, Kesner, and Bramble prior to working for the AG.

    • BigDave

      He was a well known attorney in the legal community. The firm he worked for was a huge insurance defense firm and they made a ton of money. Bramble could have easily have paid for that house years ago.

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    He could have bought the house prior to accepting the state position. He probably had a successful career in order to be given the job. His wife could have had a part in it, you don't know. Maybe his family has wealth. Too many variables to be considered puzzling, but it is a good question!

    • Fox News Cnannel Personality

      Obama paid for it with your tax money!

      • briglee

        I assure you Obama had nothing to do with Mark Bramble's home. From my memories of him, I would say he earned everything he owns.

      • Larry

        What's a Cnannel?

        • wvtd

          that is the spelling you get from a liberal education.

  • Brad

    From other reports we read that this guy was "off his medicine." How he could afford a $500,000+ house on a modest state salary is puzzling, however.

  • West Virginian

    Wow, even the "Professionals" are armed and going 'crazy'.

  • Damion45

    Could have been a lot worse. Glad no one else was injured.