WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. — The triple murder trial of a Webster County husband and wife has been rescheduled for Sept. 17 after problems continued Monday with seating a jury.

Michael and Amanda York are charged with three counts of murder. The couple allegedly killed Dustin Brown, Lamar Allen and Denise Coates in June 2013. Two of the three bodies were found in the Yorks’ yard near Hacker Valley.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys began jury selection last week but couldn’t find the necessary number. Another group of potential jurors were brought in Monday and while progress was made, a jury still was not seated.

The judge rescheduled the trial for next month and ordered another 150 potential jurors to report to the courthouse in Webster Springs.


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  • Lorelei williams

    Has the baby sister of denise coates and sister in law of lamar allen i am very hurt and sick to my stomach about what happen to my sister i woul like these two be punished to the full extent of the law i i am with out my sister and brother in law whom i love so much she is my angel now and god knows i forgive them and i do feel sincerity for the five year old little girl god bless always nothing can bring them back and nothing can bring david back to his family it hurts really hurts denise and i are from the same mother same father.

  • Susan Baird

    Why don't U jus Use Frontier Justice break 'em outta jail then Lynch 'em